Unique Places To Visit In Pittsburgh, PA

We felt like a pilgrim in an unholy land as we stepped foot in the beautiful city of Pittsburgh.  For you see, we are from Pittsburgh’s arch-nemesis and biggest sports rival, Cincinnati! With endless attractions, we honed in on these unique places to visit in Pittsburgh, PA.

Places To Visit in Pittsburgh PA

10 Unique Places To Visit In Pittsburgh 

1. Visit the Poetry Houses

Unique Places To Visit In Pittsburgh


2. Randyland



3. Ride the Duquesne  Incline

Behind The Scenes of the Incline

At the top of the hill, you can take the perfect Pittsburgh portrait, a fun selfie, try to figure out which of the million bridges you crossed, and pinpoint certain locations through the city.  Save $0.50 a person so that you can do the behind the scene tour of the incline.  It is a unique place to visit in Pittsburgh for those curious how the incline has operated all these years.


4.  Our Favorite Unique Place To Visit In Pittsburgh: Nationality Rooms in the Cathedral of Learning

Unique Places To Visit In Pittsburgh

Hidden throughout the halls of this Gothic monument you will find 32 classrooms that were designed to represent the culture of various ethnic groups that settled in the region.  The cost for a tour is $4.00 per person.

To begin your tour you will need to acquire keys and the map from a ground floor room that is labeled Nationality Rooms.  I would allocate at least one to two hours to see everything, especially with the audio guide. This was one of my favorite places to visit in Pittsburgh and highly recommend it.

Visit the University



5. Take a road trip out to relive The Night of Living Dead

Road Trip From Pittsburgh

Evans City Cemetery, Evans City, Pennsylvania 16033 once you arrive at the cemetery take a left on the first street by the little chapel, literally the first left. Drive little ways down the road and the notorious tombstones will be on your right.

Bonus: While you are visiting in Evans City swing by the slightly tacky, but informative Night of the Living Dead Museum. It is tiny, cheap and borderline sketchy, but has an Americana charm that the zombie-obsessed will like.

6. Grab a pastry at La Gourmandine

Need a quick breakfast, snack, lunch, or second lunch? Even if you aren’t hungry go to La Gourmadine and treat yourself a pastry. The almond bear claw will leave you questioning how you lived a life prior to enjoying this amazing, flaky, sweet manna from the gods.

Warning: You will want to come back multiple times during your trip. Please note there is no photo, because I was too busy double-fisting bear claws.

7. Visit Union Station 

Unique Things To Do In Pittsburgh

We visited both and the Grand Concourse is definitely worth a visit as well. If you are not in the mood for a pricey dinner in their elaborate dining room, belly up to the bar. The bar hosts tons of art deco features offer great happy hours specials and you can still peek inside the famous dining room for a glimpse of the gorgeous interior.


8.) Visit the Strip District and eat lunch at Gaucho Parilla

Get yourself to Gaucho Parilla at some point during your visit. Skip the line and get carryout or stay and order, the line moves faster than it looks. The divine aromas that fill the air will immediately have you salivating.

The first bite into your entree is pure bliss and instant satisfaction as food this authentic and delicious is rare.   The sandwiches are always an excellent choice and even the small platters are a good size portion for one person.

I highly recommend the skirt steak and make sure to try all four sauces! Each one is fresh and delicious. If you enjoy coffee and/or cigars get to the Leaf and Bean. Housed in an old garage with an eclectic interior this is the perfect place to spend a few hours relaxing.

9.) Go Up The Steepest Street In America

Go up the 33.3% gradient hill on Canton St for a terrifying, adrenaline-filled car ride.  You could also get out and test your physical strength by climbing the massive hill.

10.) Trundle Manor – A Truly Unique Place To Visit In Pittsburgh

Places To Visit In Pittsburgh PA


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Unique Places To Visit In  Pittsburgh, PA

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