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West Fork Park: A Place in Cincinnati For All Children

West Fork Park in Cincinnati, Ohio Hold on to your lollipops and follow the gumdrop trail to a park so sweet, it will have you coming back for more. West Fork Park appears to have leaped directly off the Candy Land game board. Discover why West Side Park is tempting all children to come out and play.

Located in Green Township, West Fork Park is truly a hidden gem on the west side of the city.  Access to the park is easy and is conveniently located right off I-74. (Locals think Mercy West/ Bridgetown exit).  Plug the address into your GPS and you will be there in no time!  4764 West Fork Rd. Cincinnati, OH 45247.


What Makes West Fork Park So Special

This park was designed to not only keep children engaged for more than thirty minutes but to be a place where all children could play, regardless if they had a disability or not.

Throughout the park, there are eight different areas that are designed specifically to increase engagement, meet the needs of children with disabilities and address any safety concerns.  This was the first park where I could actually play with my one-year-old daughter instead of hovering over her to keep her safe or from eating mulch.

For the record, there is no mulch or dirt in the play areas of the park, amen. The whole park is also completed fenced with a gate!


The Eight Areas of West Fork Park

Infant/ Toddler Area of West Fork Park
Infant/ Toddler Area

Area 1

This is an infant/toddler play area. This is where we spent a good amount of our time. There are two houses that are the ideal size for littles. Everything has been thought out with perfect precision. From music notes that ding to busy boards on every surface.  There were endless activities that sparked the imagination and curiosity in my little one.

Musical Instrument Area
Musical Instrument Area

Area 2

This is full of musical instruments that include chimes that loudly vibrate for deaf children to experience music. It is a unique opportunity for all children to enjoy making music and memories.

Sensory Maze
Sensory Maze

Area 3

It contains a sensory maze in which the panels are colorful and have a variety of raised textures. This was designed for children with sensory disabilities. My toddler loved the different textures and being chased through the maze. There are an entrance and an exit to the maze with minimal dead ends. So if you opt to let them navigate it alone know that they could come out at an end! Benches have been strategically positioned so you can see the majority of the park, but it could be difficult to keep an eye on two or more children at once.

west side park in Cincinnati
Tunnel in the tuft hill

Area 4

Includes a turf hill that has two metal slides and two tunnels. The metal slides were put in place for children with cochlear implants to enjoy. The tunnels are not only fun to crawl through, but also serve as an area where overstimulated children can take a break.

Area 5

West Fork Park
The “big” kid area

This is an enormous play area for older children. It is full of fun surprises that will keep kids entertained for an extended period of time. A woodland forest theme interweaves throughout the massive play area, which happens to include a huge tower and a bear that you climb up. How cool is that!

Area 6

The most popular area in the park is the zip line.  Children of all ages will be drawn to this unique attraction. There is a ramp that goes up to the zip line to make it easy to access. Sophie was a little small still, but she enjoyed watching the other children zip on by.

Area 7

Encompasses the swing sets. It includes a toddler swing and a therapeutic swing for children with disabilities.

Area 8

This is the accelerator swing that allows a child with a physical disability to either sit in the center of the swing or lie down. The accelerator swing is big enough to accommodate a few children at once.

Toddler in Sensory Maze at West Fork Park

  Other Amenities

To add to this exceptional park they also have the following:

  • A NICE clean bathroom complete with changing area
  • Shaded picnic areas
  • A shelter you can rent for special occasions
  • A good size parking lot. (Note: that it can fill up quickly)
  • Download the Biba App for more interactive things for children to do while at the park.
  • Did I mention there is no mulch?!?!

Regardless of where you live in the city or if you are in town visiting for the weekend be sure to bring your kids out to this spectacular park. It is worth the drive and your children will thank you for it.

Looking for another fun park? Try Highfield Discovery Center!


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West Fork Park In Cincinnati

West Fork Park A Cincinnati Favorite

Regardless of where you live in the city or if you are in town visiting for the weekend be sure to bring your kids out to this spectacular park. It is worth the drive and your children will thank you for it.

Looking for another fun park? Try Highfield Discovery Center!



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