Uncle Bucks Fishbowl: The Coolest Bowling Alley In Destin, FL

Uncle Bucks fishbowl destin fl

Nothing will prepare you for the pleasant surprise of stepping foot into an underwater-themed bowling alley. Where sea creatures adorn every wall and little scallywags can grab their bowling balls out of a shark’s mouth.  If you are on the hunt for a great indoor thing to do in Destin, FL Uncle Bucks Fishbowl is right up your alley!

After grabbing the topless mermaid door handles to enter this magical underwater playland we were surprised that it was not crowded. One of the perks of vacationing in the month of April which is a low tourist season for Destin.

The bowling alley is truly a nautical feast for the eyes. Take a few minutes to soak in all in, because it is a sight to behold.

Ready, Set, Bowl!

Fun things to do with kids in Destin, Fl

She told us the little ones tend to be done in about 20 minutes to a half-hour and she hit the nail on the head.  The novelty of bowling wore off around minute 23 and the wandering toddler came out.

Uncle Bucks Fishbowl was very clean and the lanes were practically sparkling. You have five minutes to get situated in your lane before the clock starts ticking.  If you have more than one child you will have to huff it to get everyone in shoes and bowling balls picked out.

Servers do come and take your order so you don’t have to worry about venturing to the bar to order food and drinks. Taking a seat at the bar is like pulling up a chair with King Neptune and they have every drink under the sea.

Uncle Bucks fishbowl destin fl

Tip: Bumpers are automatic and will only pop up for the players selected.  For toddlers, I would have everyone bowl with bumpers since they will be doing the majority of bowling.

Our first bowling attempt was a success, however, nothing could outshine the glory of a shark ball return.  Sophie only wanted to bowl so the ball would come back out from the shark’s mouth. To be fair, it is a pretty novel idea.

Where is Uncle Bucks Fishbowl in Destin, FL?

Fun things to do with kids in Destin, Fl

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Know Before You Go

  • Uncle Bucks fishbowl destin fl
  • In the event, you have to wait, the bowling alley is located in an outdoor mall. You can shop and eat before you bowl!
  • There are a restaurant and bar in the bowling alley. From reading reviews and then creeping on the food that I saw come out, I am glad we ate elsewhere before we came.  Since I did not sample to gourmet bowling alley specialties I can’t give a review, but I will say that I was not impressed with what I saw while there.
  • Don’t forget your socks! The charge is $3.50 per pair. They are soft and comfortable, but not the souvenir you want to take home.
  • Rent the lanes out in 30-minute increments.  We opted for only 30 minutes while the family next to us opted for two hours.  If you have a toddler I recommend only 30 minutes because then the novelty wears off and the chase begins.

The Cost To Bowl at Uncle Bucks Fishbowl in Destin

Fun things to do with kids in Destin, Fl

Shoes are $4.25

You rent the lane so there is no individual charge per person to bowl. Lanes can accommodate up to 8 people.

Weekdays it is $32/ hour or $16/ half hour

Weekend it is $37/hour or $18.50/half hour

Money-Saving Tip For Bowling In Destin

Uncle Bucks Fishbowl will often run Groupons. Be sure to check Groupon to see if one is currently running. It is also a great spot to catch other great deals for indoor activities.

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Uncle Bucks Fishbowl in Destin, FL

Uncle Bucks Fishbowl In Destin Florida

Things to do with kids in Destin Fl

Uncle Buck's Fishbowl Destin

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  1. This bowling alley looks so cool! My kids would love it. Good tips on remembering socks and finding a less crowded time to go. Kid would go crazy waiting two hours to bowl. Thanks for sharing this fun activity!

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