Diving In With Goldfish Swim School In Anderson

Goldfish Swim School Anderson

A Little History

Goldfish Swim School Anderson

The First Class at Goldfish Anderson

First Class

To tell you the first class went off with a hitch would be a lie.  Sophie cried from the minute I handed her to the instructor to the minute I came back to get her. It was heartbreaking to see her struggle with mommy attachment, especially when I know just how much she is capable of doing.  Honestly, I cried a little too. It was hard.  Often times little acts of kindness go further than the person giving it can ever know.  To the staff member who came out to check on me and kindly reassured me that this is a common behavior they see frequently; Thank You. To the instructor, Ms. Jam,  who took my crying daughter into her arms and spent one-on-one time getting to know her; Thank You.  To the other instructors who swoop in flawlessly to take over the lesson for the other swimmers; Thank You.

After class, I scooped up my sobbing daughter and shuffled into the nearest changing room where I just held her until she calmed down. I contemplated whether this is something I want to continue to put her through. She went from back floating and jumping into the pool to acting like the water was made of molten lava.  Maybe she wasn’t ready to move up.  On our way out, I questioned the front desk as to if I needed to move back to Mini 2.  The lady was incredible and told me that kids often cry for upwards of six weeks before they finally break through the barrier. It gave me hope so I vowed I would give it six weeks, before reconsidering my options.

The Next Month

Goldfish Swim School

A Few Perks of Goldfish Swim School in Anderson

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Another great feature is that they have toys, books, coloring and a chalkboard to keep other little ones entertained while a sibling or friend is in class. Sophie especially loves the resident fish in their aquarium.  It is routine to greet them and bid them farewell every class. They also have a snack shack because let’s face it, swimming makes everyone hungry!

Class Number 6

Goldfish Anderson

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Making Strides

Goldfish Swim School in Anderson

Swim School in Cincinnati

A Few Housekeeping ItemsSwim School in Anderson

  • Swim Diapers: Goldfish requires a reusable swim diaper called for children who are not yet potty trained. They sell them at Goldfish in the event you forgot and need to purchase one. Tip: You get a 25% coupon when you enroll in lessons. Utilize this at their pro shop for goggles or a swim diaper!
  • Rescheduling a class: Life happens. Kids get sick, vacation rolls around, etc. Whatever reason you may have Goldfish is flexible in allowing your make up a total of 13 classes a year.  Just call ahead to reschedule.
  • The changing stalls are a good size and can accommodate a whole family usually.
  • Showers are available to use after swim class. They even have soap!
  • Goldfish Swim Schools are national. Find the one closest to you here!
  • For a little older swimmers looking into their Jump Start Clinics.


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