How To Create A Disney World Experience In Your Own Home

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Life is full of uncertainties that can lead to canceling vacations, parties, and other special events. Take fun into your own hands by creating a “homecation,” a themed vacation in your own home. In this article, we give you ideas on how to create a Disney World experience in your own home. 

Disney World Experience In Your Own Home


Create A Disney World Experience In Your Own Home

A homecation is a great way to spend the day bonding as a family, trying new things while breaking-up the everyday routine. We kick off our new series of “homecations” with a visit to Disney World. While we can never replace a trip to Disney World, we can give you a taste without the crowds, heat, and lines. Not to mention, this is way cheaper!

From a character breakfast to riding rides, we will show you how to create a Visit to Disney World in your own home for all ages. Let your imagination be your guide.


Set The Stage

A little preparation will help ensure your homecation goes smoothly. However, the beauty of staying at home is you can do as little or as much as you want. Here are a few tips for preparing for your Disney World Homecation.

  • Consider getting new Disney shirts for the family to wear together at home. You can even make them together as a fun craft.
  • Look for fun Disney decorations, paper plates, balloons, etc.

Breakfast With Mickey And Friends

If there is one thing most visitors try to do while visiting Disney World, it is trying to have a meal with the characters. Whether it be Mickey or the princesses, kick-off your day with a special pancake breakfast in the morning. Gather your kid’s favorite characters and give them a seat at the table.

We opted to make Mickey Mouse pancakes, but the options are endless with the presses and cookie cutters available. Serve it up on special Disney themed flatware, have a fun Disney playlist playing in the background, and you have breakfast Disney style. We even had a reading of one of our favorite Disney stories, “The Little Mermaid” in the middle breakfast.

Themed days are tons of fun. Be sure to read our 11 Adventures To Have In Your Own Home for more ideas.

Hop-On Some Rides

Disney Rides At Home The iconic Disney World rides are what many look forward to riding. Never fear, many Youtubers have recorded every single ride in Disney World. A simple Youtube search will have you sitting in the front seat of Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad in no time.

Little ones will love simulating the rides in a laundry basket! Have them hop aboard the laundry express and move the basket to match the rollercoaster or ride. We got out the sit-in-spin for the teacups and the rocking horse for the carousel.


Visit The Bippity Boppity Boutique

Self-care is good for princesses and princes of all sizes. Become your child’s fairy godmother and treat them to a little spa day. Do their nails, hair, or whatever else would make them feel special. My daughter loves a cooling mask on her face! Consider surprising them with a costume or dress of their favorite character.

Adults, this goes for you too! Nothing says Bippity Boppity Boutique to me like a bath bomb, a facial mask, and a glass of wine. Even try out a fun new hairstyle and make-up to enhance your boutique experience.

Create Your Own Disney World

Create Your Own Cardboard Disney World Put cardboard boxes to use by creating your own Disney World. My daughter loved making her version of Disney World, complete with Monorail and a hotel. She ended up gathering all her little Disney figurines and abandoned the castles to play with the boxes of her own design.

It was fun watching how Disney World grew throughout the day. New rides and lands were added, some were destroyed by a volcano and imaginations were going wild.

Here is a great resource for free Disney Printables and ideas.

Story Time

Have a reading of your child’s favorite Disney story. Bonus points if you choose to dress up as a princess or better yet have a princess come to read to your family. You can add songs to add a little magic and enhance storytime.

Recreate Your Favorite Disney Treats

A visit to Disney World is never complete without a few special sweet treats. Mickey-shaped rice Krispy treats, a Dole whip, or a Mickey-shaped pretzel all round out a trip to Disney World for us. The good things there are many recipes out there that allow you to create your own at home!
Disney World has been slowly releasing their recipes during the quarantine which have been a blast to make at home.  Here is where you can find those great Disney World Recipes.
Many recipes claim to have perfected the Dole whip on Pinterest.  We found this recipe to be very good!

Have A Disney Parade

Round up the entire family for a fun Disney Parade! The parade music can be found with a quick Youtube search, or you can always play our favorite Disney Parade Music, ” When Can I See You Again” From Owl City. FYI: Alexa knows this one.

Get out the instruments, dress- up as your favorite character, and line up for the big parade. Sophie loved setting up floats with every single Disney thing we owned.

Don’t feel like being in a parade. Our friends over at YouTube has all the different Disney Parades from all the parks! The Toyko Disney Night Parade is one of our favorites in addition to the Festival of Fantasy Parade that is currently happening.

Dinner and A Movie Disney Style

Consider pairing a meal with a particular Disney movie such as make spaghetti and meatballs to enjoy while watching Lady and The Tramp. There are tons of different options like make ratatouille, then watch Ratatouille, enjoy circus treats while watching Dumbo, or serve up gumbo and beignets during a showing of Princess and the Frog.

The possibilities are endless with superhero subs during Spiderman or chocolate-dipped lightsabers for your Star Wars marathon!

Eat Your Way Around The World Epcot Style

Eat Your Way Around The World: IndiaHave a feast of the nations by gathering a variety of international delights. Sample sushi, dine of pad thai, and end with a pastry from France. We would carry-out a few small things from local restaurants or even attempt to make a few items at home. Even your local supermarket will have a variety of international foods. This activity is a great way to experience new foods as a family.

Adults Only: Drink your way around the world by sampling a variety of different cocktails, beers, and wines.

Disney Dance Party

Put on your dancing shoes and turn up the Disney hits and have a dance party. Move, groove, and shake those sillies out. Grab a few instruments to add even more jubilee to the event. For more inspiration or to have the dance party in your living room Youtube the Walt Disney World Move It Shake It MousekeDanceIt Street Party. 

Put On Your Own Disney Show

Why watch a Disney show on TV when you could put it on yourself. Kids will love the opportunity to showcase their acting skills by debuting their take on a popular Disney film. During our rendition, the show started as Rapunzel and ended with Ursula and Eric getting married! 

Get out the old Halloween costumes, costume jewelry, and whatever else you will need to complete your big performance. We set up an audience of stuffed animals who gave our show two thumbs up. 

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How to Create A Disney World Experience In Your Own Home

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Disney World Experience In Your Own Home