Upcoming Adventures

Our next adventure is always just around the corner. We are hitting the pavement ready to explore new and exciting destinations.  In between our travels, we love being a tourist in our hometown of Cincinnati. Curious as to where we are headed next? Check out our itinerary below and we hope that you follow along, share your travel tips and get inspired! We will continue to add our adventures to the calendar as we schedule them.

Don’t see your destination on our calendar? Feel free to contact us at consistentlycurious@gmail.com  to start a conversation about a potential visit.


Our Upcoming Adventures For The Year 2020

Wow! 2020 has proven to be quite a year for not traveling!! Here are a few of our upcoming destinations


Living Room: We can’t wait for endless movie nights, pillow forts, and game nights.

Kitchen: The refrigerator has quickly become my new best friend.

Bedroom: Put on meditation music and drift off to sleep on clean sheets to dream about the faraway places you were supposed to visit but now can’t.