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The below are affiliate links so if you decide to purchase something, I get a few bucks to put toward this awesome website! Thanks! 


The following are a few of the resources I used to build my website.  I have also included some links to articles that I found useful as I tried and still am navigating building a successful blog.  I have such a new appreciation for web designers and the social media wizards out there.  Kudos!

I use Siteground to host my blog.  I can’t say enough positive things about them.  Needless to say I became good friends with some of their amazing support staff as I literally had no idea what I was doing. Well, you see the result!

My WordPress theme is Ashe Pro. I opted to go for the pro for one simple reason. I loved the Ashe theme and wanted all the features.  I wouldn’t think twice of spending $30 bucks on random crap from Target so why wouldn’t I spend it on my hobby?


I have a few different affiliate programs that I have joined besides the Amazon Affiliate program includes Share a Sale: and CJ Affiliate


Sharing is Caring: