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5 Helpful Tips For Attending Savor Cincinnati

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Cincinnati offers a booming culinary scene, from craft breweries to lively food halls to upscale dining. To celebrate the city’s love of exceptional cuisine and talented chefs, Cincinnati Magazine developed an unforgettable dinner series, Savor Cincinnati.

Savor Cincinnati
Savor Cincinnati

Two renowned Cincinnati chefs create an incredible one-time-only menu each night for a remarkable dining experience that happens twice a year. Guests will indulge in five courses with thoughtfully selected wine pairings included. As your mouth starts to water at the thought of this delicious night out, let’s take a closer look at what your night at a Savor Cincinnati will look like.

What To Expect At Savor Cincinnati

Let’s begin by discussing what to wear to this upscale event. While the idea of sweatpants with a stretchy waistband may sound appealing after a five-course dining experience, the majority of Savor attendees dress in business casual. Ladies often wear chic dresses, while men wear slacks and a button-down (optional jacket).

Cincinnati Magazine's Chefs Spring Savor at the Hard Rock Casino
Cincinnati Magazine’s Chefs Spring Savor at the Hard Rock Casino

The Location Changes

There are many remarkable event venues throughout the Cincinnati area, with Savor always hosted at one of them. Whether it is overlooking the stunning Cincinnati skyline in The View at Mt. Adams, dining at the historic mansion at Pinecroft at Crosley Estate, or in the heart of it all at the Hard Rock Casino, Savor Cincinnati is always in a memorable location.

Pinecroft Mansion
Pinecroft Mansion

For the fall of 2023, the Savor Series will be held at the Hilton Netherland Plaza Hotel with its gorgeous art-deco interior.

Cocktail Hour At Savor Cincinnati

Don’t sleep on Savor’s Cocktail Hour! Grab a signature cocktail, nibble on the passed hors d’oeuvres, and mingle with the guests before dinner. The grazing table is a charcuterie masterpiece with an enticing assortment of cheeses, meats, fruits, nuts, and more.

Graving board during cocktail hour
Graving board during cocktail hour

Every Savor is slightly different, so be on the lookout for displays from sponsors; you never know what treasures are waiting!

Dinner At Savor Cincinnati

The doors will swing open at the designated hour, welcoming diners to the main event. Stampeding is not necessary, as guests are given a table number upon arrival. Roughly 10-12 guests are seated at each table, depending on individual tickets. Tickets purchased together will be placed at the same table.

Delicious course from Savor Cincinnati
Delicious course from Savor Cincinnati

The table is beautifully adorned with fresh-cut flowers, warm bread, and enough cutlery to boggle the mind. Remember, start from the outside and work your way in!

Before each course, live chef demos will detail how the dish was curated. The sommelier reviews the wine pairing, and the course will reach hungry patrons.

Tip: Go in with the expectation that many courses will be smaller leading up to the main entree.

Helpful Savor Tips

Preview The Menu

Prior to purchasing your tickets for Savor Cincinnati, we recommend previewing the different menus. With multiple nights to choose from, guests can preview the chefs and menus to find out which evening will serve dishes they would most likely enjoy.

Savor Cincinnati Menu
Savor Cincinnati Menu

As Cincinnati foodies, we frequently get our tickets based on our favorite chefs since we typically delight in all types of cuisines. However, with the ticket price being on the higher side, ensuring you like the menu will be vital to your overall experience.

Tickets to Savor Cincinnati can be purchased through Cincinnati Magazine. They utilize a program called Tickets Humanitix to send tickets directly to your inbox.

Buy Your Tickets Early

It is common for each evening of the Savor Cincinnati series to sell out. Guests who have signed up for Cincinnati Magazine’s email list will often be the first to know and book their preferred evening.

upscale food event in Cincinnati
Upscale culinary event in Cincinnati

Since the event is known to showcase the best chefs from different restaurants all over the Queen City, many purchase tickets for multiple evenings.

Save Room For Dinner

Don’t overindulge at the inclusive cocktail hour. While it is tempting to make frequent trips to the grazing table or sip on a few more cocktails, remember that there are five courses and five wine pairings ahead of you.

Passed appetizers
Passed appetizers

Purchase Wine For Charity

All guests will have the option to purchase bottles of wine from the wine pairing that evening. A portion of the proceeds will benefit a different charity each night. In each Savor series, the charities vary from children’s charities to mental health charities.

To identify which charity will benefit each evening, visit the Savor Cincinnati website.

Don’t Forget Your Swag Bag

What’s a swanky event without a bit of swag? Don’t forget to pick up your swag bag full of goodies from the event sponsors on your way out. Some sponsors often put something in the bag, including Fiji Water, La Brea Bakery, and Kinder Bueno.

Don't forget your swag!
Don’t forget your swag!

We found a mini bundt cake in our swag bag on multiple occasions!

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