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We are an inquisitive family seeking to discover, create and inspire unique adventures and experiences. Our mission is to motivate families to collect moments and not things.  Our family travel blog explores places off the beaten path that will spark your curiosity and provide inspiration for families traveling with children.  We are not full-time travelers, just the everyday family that makes the most of each day off. When we are not traveling we enjoy being a tourist in our hometown of Cincinnati.  Ditch the cliques, join the journey and be inspired to create your own family adventures.

During our travels, we have visited 21 countries and 29 states.  With an unquenchable thirst for exploration, we hope to keep adding to our numbers year after year.  We are an official member of the North American Travel Journalist Association and A certified Tourism Ambassador for Cincinnati.


The travel tips, reviews, and recommendations that you see are based on personal experiences.  Regardless of who is footing the bill, only our honest opinion is reflected.

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I had the opportunity to be interviewed by World Is Wide. Read more about where my love of travel began here.

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