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Ten Road Trip Snacks That Will Put An End To Hanger

One of the things that we often forget to pack for a road trip is a bounty of snacks! Packing for a trip can be exhausting.  There is that constant nagging in the back of your mind that you have forgotten something, the puzzle of piecing the luggage into the car and then ensuring you don’t pull off without your children.

Road Trip Snacks

Without fail the minute your wheels touch the interstate someone is whining they are hungry or needs to go to the bathroom.  Finding a healthy and nutritious snack option at the 7/11 can be a difficult task.

Prevent hanger from attacking and put together a road trip snack basket to put hanger in its place. Here is a list of our favorite traveling snacks that you need to add to your cart.

Granola and Protein Bars

Granola bars are a staple in any road trip snack pack.  These bars are easy to stuff into a purse, diaper bag, or car console for a quick snack on the go.  With the huge variety available pick out a few of your favorite flavors and have an assortment.  We tend to learn towards RX bars or bars that have a protein punch to help curve hunger a little longer.

Fruit Cups

This particular snack is great for when you have a rest stop during your travels. Feeding a child a fruit cup in the car will likely result in a delicious, sticky, juicy, mess. As much as I like to think I will take out my knife and cut up the fresh fruit that we bring, the reality is that I won’t.

We prefer the ones with no sugar added or in coconut water.  Be sure to pack a spoon. Plastic spoons are easy to find at most gas stations and restaurants in the event it slips your mind.

Bananas and Cuties

Literally the golden children of fruit. The only fruit in my mind that travels well with a toddler. While all food inevitably ends up all over the car seat and in the car, the bananas and cuties you can portion out in small bites, feed it to them while driving, and won’t need a knife to cut up. They also don’t need to go in a cooler and be kept right up in the front of the car for easy accessibility.

Other Fruit

Each child is different and can handle certain fruit better than others. Peaches, grapes, blueberries, apples are all great traveling fruit. Don’t forget to pack a few pieces for yourself!

Bark Thins

Let’s face it when traveling you may need a little something sweet. Bark Thins are the ideal little chocolate bites I need to get me through the construction delays, aggressive drivers, and overall stresses of being on the road with kids.  With little pieces of almonds or pumpkin seeds, I deem this slightly healthier than a Kit-Kat Bar. This snack is for mommy only, and mommy doesn’t share. I will often transfer “mommy snacks” into a different, undesirable bag so little eyes have no idea what I’m noshing on.  “No children, these  are dried prunes.”

Traveling Snacks For Baby: Organic Gerber Lil Crunchies

Everyone gets a hankering for a little crunchy snack at times, which includes our toddlers.  Our daughter has fallen in love and will demand “Crunchies”.  There are many different flavors available.  We enjoy the green can, organic ones, as they are made out of navy beans rather than corn. These are easy to pour into a portable snack cup and let them graze at their own pace.  Naturally, I have tasted these and they are like Cheetos for babies.

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The ultimate in travel snacking. Toddlers, kids, and adults can eat a whole bag in one sitting.  The beauty of goldfish is that they come in multiple flavors and types. Kids can have the multigrain cheddar while daddy slams X-Treme Pizza Fish! It is the perfect tiny food for little hands. Don’t be fooled though, you will find a whole sea of fish in your car when you arrive at your destination.

Don’t Forget To Bring Road Trip Snacks For Adults

Kid’s shouldn’t have all the fun snacking while on the road.  There are tons of great Road Trip Food Ideas to enchance your road trip experience.  Coming prepared with plenty of food, is going to ensure a more enjoyable road trip!

Bring Something Crunchy

Everyone has their favorite salty snack and this is mine. Pack a salty snack that you would enjoy. I don’t feel as shameful after eating Veggie Straw then I do after I eat Cheetos.  The cheesy fingers and remnants are a reminder of the devouring that happened hours earlier.

Nut Butter Pouches

Need a protein punch or something to hold little tummies for a more than a few minutes?  Your favorite nut butter in squeezable form, no jar! It squeezes into little and big mouths with ease or on other snacks.

A friend of mine gave me a few different packs of these nuts mixes for a road trip and I have been addicted ever since. The flavor is outstanding and they are trail mix options as well.  If you haven’t tried them yet, you are missing out. Grab a bag the next time you are in the snack aisle or just order them here!

Crunchmaster Multi-Seed Crackers

These gluten-free crackers will change the way you snack forever. The seeds and crunch will leave you coming back for more. Check out the Protein Snack Crackers for those looking for something a little more substantial.

After you have bombarded the snack aisle and stocked up be sure to have a little basket or bag to keep them in for easy access on the road.  If you don’t feel like bringing the entire box or package of a snack, consider using smaller plastic containers or Ziploc bags. That way you are only bringing what you need and it saves space.  Assemble them in the basket and voila! Instant road trip snack pack!

Make Muffins

An easy to transport snack is muffins. Make a batch at home before hitting the road and seal them up in baggies or reusable Tupperware. I often choose ] Tupperware because we will tend to utilize it again and again during our trip for other items. While I admire those who make their muffins from scratch I tend to go with the easy bran muffin mix from the store.

Road Trip Snacks Accompaniments

Don’t forget to bring hand sanitizer, napkins, baby wipes, a few Ziploc bags, plastic utensils, and a grocery bag with you. The grocery bag acts as a wonderful trashcan.

Drinks are also important. Be sure to keep a few bottles of water in your car.

We are always on the hunt for more great road trip snacks! Share what your go-to travel snack is below in the comments!

Road Trip  Snacks

Road Trip Snacks