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Everything You Need To Know About Traveling With Milk For A Toddler

These are my tips for how to travel with milk for a toddler that has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #RealMilkMoment #LoveWhatsReal #CollectiveBias

Our daughter adores her 2% milk. She enjoys a “big” milk every morning and a “tiny” milk every evening before bed. One of the many obstacles we face while traveling is finding and properly storing milk for our toddler.

Our little gal also enjoys her milk warm. This brings a fresh new challenge of finding ways to heat milk while on the road. However, there are plenty of ways to travel and provide your child with the nutrients they need. Here is everything you need to know about how to travel with milk for a toddler.

Why We LOVE Milk

My daughter is quite a picky eater so ensuring she gets her milk during our travels is important to us. Real milk has nine essential nutrients such as Vitamin A for a healthy immune system and bone-building nutrients like calcium, Vitamin D, and phosphorus per 8-oz serving.

We love dairy milk because it is a simple and wholesome beverage with no added sugar. It is also affordable! At just about a quarter per serving, milk delivers more nutritional value per penny than just about any other beverage.

Our love for milk extends into creamy Mac-N-Cheese, one meal our daughter will always approve of! While we have tried non-dairy milk alternatives, I was quite surprised at the ingredient list. Tons of gums I couldn’t pronounce, added sugars, salt, and more. While it might be a great alternative to those who are dairy-free my daughter didn’t care for the taste. Visit to learn more about the different types of real milk for you and your family.

How To Travel With Milk For A Toddler At The Airport

Go in assuming that milk won’t be available on the flight or at the airport. Depending on the type of milk that your child is drinking it may be difficult to find as airports often times have limited options.

Our daughter loved her whole-milk before we recently switched her to 2%. Throughout our travels, whole milk was seemingly more difficult to find at the airports. That is why we suggest packing your milk in reusable containers with an ice pack. By packing your own milk in reusable containers you also will be saving yourself the hefty cost of the airport mark-up.

Consider Shelf Stable Milk

Another great alternative to travel with is shelf-stable milk. This type of milk won’t require any cooling and since it is at room temperature there will be no need to warm it. Shelf-stable milk is often found in the baking aisle of your local grocery store.

Can I Bring  Milk On A Plane For A Toddler?

The good news is that you are able to bring your child’s milk (in reasonable quantities), icepacks, and a small cooler through TSA. This includes breast milk. The bad news is that they will have to do additional screening on them. This is a minor inconvenience that may seem like a hassle at the time but completely worth it when your child wants that sippy cup of milk mid-flight.

Keep in mind to make the process go as quickly as possible pull out your milk, ice packs, and any other liquids you are bringing and place them in a separate bin. Inform the TSA agent if you wish for the milk to not go through x-ray so that they take additional screening measures. TSA guidelines do change so be sure to head over to their website for the most recent procedures.

Heating Milk On A Flight

Depending on the airline and flight time, milk may not be offered on your flight. This is where bringing your own gives you that inner peace that everything will be ok. In the event your child needs their milk warmed during the flight ask the flight attendant for a half cup of warm water and put the bottle in it. Keep checking to see if the milk is warm enough at 30 seconds, then again at 45 seconds. Once it has reached its ideal temperature for your child you are all set to go.

How To Travel With Milk At The Hotel

How To Keep Milk Cold In A Hotel

Once you have arrived at your destination a stop at the nearby convenient or grocery store will have local fresh milk in your hands. The obstacle now is how to keep it cold.

While many hotels have fridges in each room there is a fair amount that doesn’t. Call ahead and request a fridge to be placed in your room prior to arrival. Many hotels have a few fridges that they can offer guests to store medications and milk for babies/toddlers. They are often on a first-come-first-serve basis so get your request in early!

No fridge, no worries. Utilize the ice bucket in your room. Fill the bucket with ice and place the milk in to help keep it cold. Replace ice as needed. We even stuffed the ice bucket into our portable cooler once to keep the milk cold for as long as possible.

Tip: Many hotels have 24-hour mini markets in them that will sell single-serve milk. Purchase the milk you need when you need it.

I also recommend getting friendly with the receptionists who may be able to come up with another creative solution.

How To Warm Milk In A Hotel

We are huge advocates for portable bottle warmers. There are plenty of great travel size warmers that even have car adapters. This is going to be the most convenient and quickest way to warm milk in the hotel room.

Another alternative is heating water in a coffee pot or microwave and then placing the milk cup or bottle in the warm water to heat. In the event, the coffee pot lid isn’t wide enough, utilize the coffee cups in the hotel room or even the trusty ice bucket to pour the hot water into. Do not warm bottles/cups directly in the microwave as the milk will not heat evenly and could potentially burn your child.

Filling the bathroom sink with hot water then sitting the milk in there to warm has been our most recent discovery. Remember to keep checking the temperature of the milk while it sits to ensure it does not get too hot.

The hotel staff is often very willing to be of assistance with anything you may need, especially when it is for their littlest guests. While pricy, we have even resorted to ordering room-service milk in the past.

How To Travel With Milk For A Toddler On A Road Trip

Taking a road trip with milk is much more simple than flying with it. Pack a cooler with your preferred milk and ice packs to ensure it is always within arms reach.

The beauty of taking a road trip is that there is always the opportunity to stop along your way at gas stations, convenience stores, restaurants in the event you need to purchase milk. A travel fun road trip tradition is that we always stop for chocolate milk. When we stop to fuel the car up before hitting the road we always grab cold chocolate milk to share. It has become a tradition that even our little gal enjoys.

Warming Milk On The Road

If you are taking a short trip get a thermos and fill it with warm milk. That way it should stay warm for when your little one requests it during your travels.

Our favorite way to warm milk up on the road is with a portable bottle warmer. Even though my daughter doesn’t take a bottle we heat it up in the warmer and pour it into her sippy cup. The portable bottle warmer has a car adapter that allows you to heat milk on the go.

No portable bottle warmer, no problem, many restaurants will be happy to assist in warming milk by offering cups of hot water. Many gas stations and convenience stores have hot water for the tea that you can purchase or you can run your bottle under the hot water in the bathroom.

Travel with milk for a toddler can be done. It might take a little more creativity and patience but in the long one, your little one will thank you!

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