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Double Dipping In Cincinnati On Ohio’s Ice Cream Trail

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Imagine the sparkle in my daughter’s eyes when I broke the news that our newest adventure would be exploring Ohio’s Ice Cream Trail! We have partnered up with Ohio. Find It Here to highlight two delicious stops right in our hometown of Cincinnati. 

Whether it is a classic scoop in a freshly baked waffle cone or a banana split with all the trimmings, there is something about ice cream that brings us happiness. Lucky for us, Ohio is home to a variety of ice cream shops, each serving its variation of this frozen delight.  

Ohio Ice Cream Trail
Ohio Ice Cream Trail Stops In Cincinnati

The Ohio Ice Cream Trail highlights twenty ice cream scoop shops spread throughout the state. We get the scoop at Graeter’s and Aglameises Brother’s, plus we “split” off the trail to take you to Terry’s Grocery and Pizza, where they are serving epic milkshakes. 

Graeter’s: Home of the Famous Black Raspberry Chip Ice Cream

It doesn’t matter if you are a local or visitor; a family outing in Cincinnati is often not complete without a visit to Graeter’s. The family-owned business has been serving Cincinnati for 150 years, making it a staple in the community. Graeter’s is one of the last ice cream makers still dedicated to this time-honored process of utilizing french pots to craft their ice cream.

Graeter's: Ohio Ice Cream Trail
Graeter’s Ice Cream

While Graeter’s ice cream flavors are all excellent, it is the Black Raspberry Chip that has won the hearts of many, making it a Cincinnati staple. Big chunks of dark chocolate chips paired with the sweet black raspberry flavors in a sweet cream make this irresistible. 

Graeter’s also offers a line of ice cream called Perfect Indulgence that is animal-free dairy/lactose-free.

Graeter's Black Raspberry Chip
Graeter’s Black Raspberry Chip

During the summer month’s Graeter’s releases a bonus flavor every few weeks. From a Black Raspberry Oreo to its Midnight Snack, full of peanut butter cups, chocolate-covered pretzels, and brownie pieces! The flavor is kept secret until its reveal, and when it’s gone, it’s gone! 

Ice cream isn’t the only thing Graeter’s is serving up. It is a great spot to grab a pastry and a cup of coffee in the morning since they have a full bakery!

Planning your Visit To Graeter’s Ice Cream

Graeter’s have tons of locations throughout the city, including shops in Cincinnati’s major attractions such as the Great American Ballpark, Cincinnati Zoo, and Kings Island. They have expanded into nearby cities, along with being available in local grocery stores.

Graeter's Play Area in Kenwood
Graeter’s Play Area in Kenwood

Two of Graeter’s locations, Kenwood and Anderson, now have indoor play areas for kids to enjoy. See-saw on a banana, slide through an ice cream cone, or imagine you are in an ice cream truck serving Graeter’s to your hungry customers. It is an excellent way for them to burn off that ice cream energy while you browse the merchandise and start stacking up the pints to take home.

Graeter's Play Area in Cincinnati, Ohio
Pretend to be an ice cream truck driver at the Graeter’s Play Area

While we would always encourage a return trip to Cincinnati, if you get a Graeter’s craving, have it shipped to your house with their nationwide shipping! 

Aglamesis Brother’s Ice Cream and Candy Company

A timeless ice cream parlor embellished with imported marble, exotic Tiffany lamps, alongside pink trim, is non-other than Aglamesis Brother’s. A premier destination in Cincinnati for fine chocolates and hand-dipped sundaes, Aglamesis Brother’s, has been satisfying sweet tooth cravings for nearly 113 years.

Aglamesis Brother's Ice Cream Parlor in along Ohio Ice Cream Trail
Aglamesis Brother’s Ice Cream Parlor

Grab a seat at this traditional soda fountain, then browse the menu for a wide selection of unique ice cream flavors to gourmet sundaes that look like they came out of a magazine. Scoops and sundaes are served in traditional silver dishes adding to the ambiance. 

My husband and I always split the two-step, an ice cream sundae for two, while my daughter will vary her flavors from banana to strawberry to cookie & cream. We haven’t tried the Italian Ice yet. However, rumors have it that it is heavenly. 

Rows upon rows of confectionary goodies will greet you near the register, making it practically impossible to leave empty-handed. Aglamesis Brother’s has delicious candy year-round but stop in during the holidays for a more extensive selection.

Aglamesis Brothers

Planning Your Visit To Aglamesis’s Brother’s 

There are two Aglamesis Brother’s locations, the original in Oakley and another in Montgomery. The location in Oakley has parking available in a nearby parking lot that is free for customers. A visit to Aglamesis Brother’s always pairs nicely with a visit to King Arthur’s Court, an independent toy store, which is right next door. King Arthur’s is full of unique gifts, toys, games, and an indoor play area called “The Dungeon.” 

Aglamesis Bros on Ohio Ice Cream Trail

The Montgomery location offers plenty of parking but has limited seating indoors with only a few benches outside. This location is near Montgomery Park, which is only a two-minute drive away. 

Epic Shakes At Terry’s Grocery and Pizza 

In the past year, many locals have been venturing off the beaten path in pursuit of outrageous milkshakes that appear to be something out of a child’s imagination. 
In Lynchburg, Ohio, Terry’s Grocery and Pizza create crazy milkshakes that contain ingredients on top, such as a whole slice of cake, cotton candy, cupcakes, and so much more.

Epic Shakes In Ohio
Crazy Shakes At Terry’s Grocery and Pizza

They are massive, messy, and divine. We got the S’More Milkshake, which was almost more breathtaking than Fallsville Falls, the nearby waterfall we visited. 

My advice, bring baby wipes, napkins, a plastic bag, and a change of clothes for the kids. These shakes are messy! 

Planning Your Visit To Terry’s Grocery and Pizza

Terry’s is about a forty-five-minute drive outside of Cincinnati. The big attraction near Terry’s is the Fallsville Falls Waterfall. Many families opt to hike the waterfall and the preserve, grab lunch, then cool off with a crazy shake. 
 Tip: Lines can get long during peak season, so call your pizza order in ahead of time. Then you can place your shake order when you arrive and enjoy the pizza while you wait.

Ohio Ice Cream Trail
Terry’s S’More Crazy Shake in Ohio

Are you looking for another nearby stop along Ohio’s Ice Cream Trail? Check out Young’s Dairy in Yellow Springs for delicious ice cream along with plenty of family fun activities. 

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Double Dipping In Cincinnati On Ohio ‘s Ice Cream Trail

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