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Fallsville Falls: A Hidden Waterfall In Ohio

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Tucked away off the beaten path in Ohio is Fallsville Falls, a beautiful scenic waterfall. A brief hike will give visitors a sweeping view of the falls with the opportunity to venture into the gorge for a closer look. Here is what you need to know about venturing to Fallsville Falls. 

Fallsville Falls OH

Where Is Fallsville Falls

Entrance To Fallsville Falls
Entrance and Parking Lot to Fallsville Falls

Fallsville Falls is located in the Fallsville Wildlife Area in Clinton County, OH. The entrance to the falls can is off Careytown Rd. We used this address to help us find it: 10211 Careytown Rd, New Vienna, OH 45159. The directions will have you turning into a dirt/gravel road, which is the trailhead entrance and parking lot. 

There is a small gravel parking lot with an even smaller sign that says waterfall. The parking lot will likely only hold a handful of cars maximum, however after it was full, people were parking in the field next to the lot. 

Fun Fact: Fallsville Falls was named after a town that is no longer there. It was abandoned, all that stands is the remains of the old mill that can be found adjacent to the falls. Read all the rumors about the legends surrounding buried treasure and hauntings in Fallsville in this fascinating article.  

Fallsville Wildlife Area

Fallsville Wildlife Area is a 1,382-acre site primarily intended for public hunting and fishing. Fishing ponds, such as the one you pass on the trail, are stocked with largemouth bass and bluegill. A shotgun range and dog training area are available here. 

There are not any bathrooms here. Consider bringing a small portable potty for little ones who might not be able to make it to a nearby restaurant or gas station.


The Trail To The Falls 

Fallsville Wildlife AreaThe trail to the falls is a .07 mile out and back trail. After pulling into the parking lot the gravel road leading to Fallsville Falls, the road is blocked off only to allow foot traffic. The gravel road is roughly a quarter-mile long taking guests into the wooded area—the gravel road transitions to a proper hiking trail with plenty of mud and tree roots. The trail goes by a lovely fishing pond and is relatively easy to navigate.  

The sounds of the falls echoing through the woods remind visitors that good things are ahead. Keep in mind there is not a wooden observation deck or stairs to see the waterfalls. The overlook is on the cliff, so be sure to keep small children closeby.

Getting down to see the falls from ground level requires a steep descent into the gorge that I would deem moderate-difficult. If the trail is muddy, please use extra precaution as the slope down can be dangerous.  

The trail can be quite muddy so bring proper shoes and/or rain boots for kids.


Fallsville Falls 

The 15ft waterfall is a spectacular sight. The area around the falls is quite shallow, allowing visitors to get up close. Small children can wade by the waterfall, so bring water shoes for them. The creek is fun to explore and can be a separate adventure after viewing the falls. 

The best time to visit Fallsville Falls is after a rain or snowmelt as the water is flowing nicely. During the drier months, the waterfall will look more like a trickle. 


Nearby Ohio Waterfalls 

Are you looking to continue your Ohio waterfall adventure? While Fallsville Falls is quite secluded, there are other great falls to visit that are relatively nearby. Clifton Gorge will be one the closest, which is 40 miles to the northeast. There you can also visit nearby Glen Helen Nature Preserve in Yellow Springs, which has a few lovely waterfalls. 

Discover More Great Things In Yellow Springs, OH

Cedar Falls, located in the Hocking Hills region of Ohio, is another excellent waterfall to explore.


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Fallsville Falls, OH

fallsville falls oh