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Why Join Community Panel at MarketVision Research? 

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Community Panel is all about helping major companies develop and improve the products you use every day. They want to hear what you have to say and in exchange pay you for your opinions!

MarketVision Research
MarketVision Research

As a curious mother, I am always looking for unique and interesting things to do in the Cincinnati area that are beneficial to my family. When Sophie was a baby, I stumbled upon MarketVision Research which gives consumers the opportunity to voice their opinions and experiences about products, while getting paid! 

While I knew I would not qualify for every study, I signed up for a few of the baby studies which offered wonderful compensation for my time.  Fast forward five years and I am still participating in MarketVision Research studies for a variety of different products. 

I would like to thank MarketVision Research for sponsoring this post. As always opinions are my own. 

Who Is MarketVision Research? 

Community Panel is owned and operated by MarketVision Research, which invites participants to direct, in-person research studies. Each year they conduct research studies around the world, then in return, consumers are paid for their time and opinions. Their studies range from consumer and home goods, financial products and health care – just about all of the products and services you use every day.

Lobby of MarketVision Research
Lobby of MarketVision Research

If you are based in Cincinnati, Dayton, or Northern Kentucky, we encourage you to sign up to enter their participant database. Additionally, be sure to follow Community Panel on Instagram and “like” on Facebook for specific study sign-ups and giveaways! 

How Do I Join MarketVision’s Community Panel? 

Signing up is easy! Follow the link to their homepage to sign up. Community Panel will email or contact you by phone from time to time to see if you qualify to participate in one of their studies. If you qualify, you’ll attend one of their in-person research projects that typically take place at their local facility located in Blue Ash, Ohio or participate in an online study. You’ll share your opinions about the products and services you already use, and get paid as you walk out the door.

If you don’t get into a study don’t become disheartened. You will be contacted for future studies that you may be eligible for.

I’m In A Study, What’s Next?

The staff at MarketVision are so kind and helpful. Everything is well organized and labeled making participating a breeze. 

5151 Pfeiffer Rd, Blue Ash, OH 45242
5151 Pfeiffer Rd, Blue Ash, OH 45242

You will be given details about the exact study you are participating in. You may be required to pick up products to test for a few days, come in to test products, or take a survey about your experience.  

You will receive payment as you are walking out the door after the study is complete!  While I love to give my opinion, getting paid was always my favorite part. 

As a participant in many of MarketVision’s studies, I found it a great opportunity to make extra money while helping make change with my opinions. However, don’t just take my word, here are what other panelists are saying.

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