23 Fun Spring Bucket List Ideas

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It’s time to throw open the windows, smell the tulips, and say goodbye to the blues of winter with this fun spring bucket list. There are plenty of fun things to do in spring to celebrate this beautiful season. We have created the ultimate spring bucket list to help you enjoy the nicer weather, the vibrant colors, and the simple joys that this time of year brings.

Spring Bucket List


Fun Spring Activities To Add To Your Spring Bucket List

1. Dance In The Rain

The saying,  “April showers bring May flowers” is entirely accurate as springtime is known for its rainy weather. Savor it by getting caught in the rain once or twice. Nothing can quite compare to the smell of rain in the crisp cool air.

For a fun impromptu activity, grab your partner or kids and run out the door barefoot and dance in the rain. Take it up a notch by taking Pina Coladas (regular or virgin) with you in the rain to relive the popular song.

2. Fly A Kite

A top spring bucket list item is to fly a kite on a windy spring day. A kite is a great gift to give those with spring birthdays or to place in an Easter basket. Head to the nearest field or beach to let your kite soar!

3. Make A Fairy Gardenspring time ideas

Add a little wonder and fantasy to your spring by creating a fun fairy garden for the springtime fairies to visit. Making Fairy Gardens are one fun spring activity that can continue throughout the year. Kids love finding springtime treasures during nature hikes to add to the garden.

Create your fairy garden by getting supplies from Micheals, the dollar store, or even online! Utilize things in your recycling bin, in your backyard, and small objects around the house. The possibilities are endless.

4. Take In The Power Of A Thunderstorm

While thunderstorms can be dangerous, there is something magnificent and powerful about them. Take a moment to appreciate them this spring, whether by watching from a safe distance or learning more about them.

Don’t forget to try to tell how far a thunderstorm is away by counting the seconds from when you see the lightning to when you hear the thunder. For every five seconds, the storm is one mile away.

5. Get A New Spring Outfit

Put a little spring in your step with a fresh, new spring outfit full of color. It’s time to shed the sweaters and dark shades of winter to reveal a new energetic you!

6. Get Your Hands In The Dirt

Gardening always tops the charts on every spring bucket list for a good reason. Gardens go in this time of year to get those tomatoes and other vegetables by summer. Don’t have room for a full-fledge garden? Consider planting an herb garden or a sensory garden full of flowers and herbs.

Kids will often enjoy plant a single seed in a pot and watch it grow in a windowsill.

7. Have A Champagne Picnic

Springtime is picnic time. While picnics can come in many different forms, one of my favorites is a champagne picnic. Grab a bottle of sparkly, a little charcuterie, a mini dessert, and you have a perfect springtime date! Don’t forget your picnic blanket, napkins, and utensils!

8. Make A Springtime Flower Arrangement

As flowers are blooming, now is the perfect time to make a beautiful springtime flower arrangement for your home. Whether you pick a bouquet of wildflowers or head to your local florist, gather the supplies you need to create your masterpiece.

9. Take A HikeSpring Bucket List Ideas

Enjoy the beautiful transformation of nature this time of year with a few hikes. Discover new parks, nature preserves, and gardens near you to explore. Botanical gardens are especially beautiful this time of year. Enjoy a nature scavenger hunt as you make your way through the woods or come back in a few weeks to see how much things have changed.

10. Cloud Gaze On A Blanket In The Grass

Another fun spring bucket list item is to throw a blanket down in the grass and watch the clouds. Enjoy the peaceful moment of relaxing while the clouds float by. Spark the imagination by envisioning what shapes or objects the clouds make.

11. Photograph Wildflowers

Hone your photography skills by practicing on the beautiful wildflowers that pop-up during spring. A wide array of wildflowers make their appearance every year. Try to photograph as many as you can in an attempt to catch all of the local wildflowers. Photographing wildflowers is also a great beginner activity for kids wanting to try their hand at photography because the subject doesn’t move! 

12. Blow A Few Dandelions

Fun Spring Activities Did you even celebrate spring if you didn’t blow a few dandelions?! Spring bonus points for those who make dandelion crowns and necklaces. 

13. Make A Bird Feeder

Our feather friends are all a flurry these days, building nests and laying eggs. Reward all their hard work by making a bird feeder for them to enjoy. There are tons of bird feeder ideas from the pinecone rolled in peanut butter to the squirrel resistant ones available to purchase in the stores. 

14. Enjoy Dinner Al Fresco

As the weather warms up, enjoy as many meals as possible outside. Dust off the patio furniture, head to a park or enjoy a glass of wine on an outdoor terrace. Even sitting outside to enjoy a cup of coffee on warmer mornings can brighten your mood. 

15. Have A Garden Tea Party

As the flowers start blooming, gather your friends for a garden tea party. It is the perfect springtime celebration as the warm sunshine, fresh flowers, and herbal teas create a memorable event. Garden tea parties can be as elaborate as a bridal shower to as simple as a teddy bear garden party with your little one of their stuffed friends. 

Don’t forget fresh fruit, cucumber sandwiches, and delicious baked goods to embrace the spring theme. 

16. Do A Little Spring Cleaning

Open the windows to let the fresh air pour in as you scrub out the grime and grit of winter. Organize closets, donate items no longer needed, and even add a fresh coat of paint to those walls that have so desperately needed it for the past two years. 

17. Take A Bike Ride

Another fun thing to do in spring is to take a bike ride. Our favorite seasons for bike rides are in the spring and fall, as the weather is cool and the trails become alive with color. Try out a tandem bike or hitch up a bike trailer to take the kids along for a springtime ride. 

18. Stomp In The Puddles and Mud

Spring bucket list fun ideasAt the top of every kid’s spring bucket list is to stomp in the puddles and the mud. My daughter will tell you this is her favorite part of spring. We love to put on our rain boots after a heavy rain to puddle jump. Remember that the mud will wash off, but those memories will last a lifetime. 

19. Create A Cocktail or Dish Using Fresh Herbs

As herbs start to come into season, utilize them in your everyday cooking. Create a fun cocktail with fresh basil or add other great fresh herbs into a chicken dish. Remember, you can always dry herbs to use later on. I was looking up fun new recipes to try this spring on Pinterest. 

20. Try Geo-Catching

A unique way to see your city during spring is by taking up geo-catching. Geo-Catching is like a treasure hunt that has you searching for hidden geo catches via an app. Young and old will enjoy taking part in this fun outdoor activity that will challenge your navigation skills. 

21. Bake with Lemon

Brighten up your day by baking with lemon. This cheery fruit may be a bit sour but can be transformed into springtime desserts that are bound to put a smile on your face. From delicious lemon bread to tangy lemon bars, there are plenty of lemon recipes that will remind you that spring has arrived.  

22. Plan A Summer Vacation 

After that first warm spring day, the wanderlust starts to creep in. Embrace it by planning a summer vacation or weekend getaway. Whether it is to a nearby campground or across the sea, enjoy the excitement of planning a fun vacation. It will also give you something to look forward to.  

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23. Play A Variety Of Classic Outdoor Games

Our final spring bucket list item is to bring out your inner child by playing classic outdoor games. Kids will love to have you play hopscotch, kick the can, freeze tag, red rover, and red light green light. Don’t forget to pull out the everyday staples like sidewalk chalk, jump ropes, bubbles, and kickballs. 


We hope that this spring bucket list helps make the springtime season more enjoyable. Each season brings new, exciting activities that we look forward to year after year. Look for more great springtime activities with kids in this article


Spring Bucket List 

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