road trip games for couples
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The Best Road Trip Games For Couples

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It is that time of year when adventure starts calling and the open road beckons to be explored. Spice up your journey with these road trip games for couples. 

 As with any road trip, before long podcasts will have lost their luster and these car ride games will help make your trip fly by faster than that maniac in the next lane.

road trip games for couples

People Watching: Road Trip Edition

One of my all-time favorite road trip games is people watching. This isn’t just watching the person in the next car belting out their favorite tunes or being in awe of the person shaving in morning traffic. This is coming up with a detailed story about the person in the car next to you.

Take a good look at who is in the car and collaborate on an imaginary backstory for each person. Let imaginations go wild as you base your story on how they look, what they drive, or the mere expression on their face. This is a one of the best things to do in the car even on short drives because epic people are everywhere.

Regional Food Master: Our Favorite Car Ride Games For Couples 

road trip gamesThis fun road trip game will have you eating like one of the locals in no time. At each pit stop, you have to find a local snack to bring back. This includes gas stations! You can only get one snack at each stop and it must be local, meaning it has to have been created in the region where you are currently stopped. 

Whoever has the most snacks when you arrive at your destination wins, not to mention everyone gets to share in a unique snack buffet. If stopping for a meal be sure to find a regional favorite! 

Don’t forget to pack road trip snacks.  These are Our Favorite Road Trip Snacks That Will Put An End To Hanger.

Alphabet Game

An oldie but a goodie. This classic road trip game keeps the mind sharp! Each person must find words, in alphabetical order on signs. License plates are not allowed and once you use a word, it cannot be repeated. The first person to reach the end of the alphabet wins. 

car ride games for couples

Would You Rather – Billboard Edition

This simple game is where participants are asked to choose between two things. With the Billboard Edition, you have to incorporate your question based on what is one or two billboards.

For example: Would you rather stay at that hotel with no change of clothes or eat at that restaurant with no stomach medicine. Would you spend the night in that cave or ride that rollercoaster ten times in a row. The possibilities are endless! When traveling with kids you might actually get an answer on what they would like to eat for lunch! 

car ride games for couples

Vanity Plate

The typical license plate game to find all the states becomes rather boring about ten minutes in. Level up your license plate game by pretending each plate is a vanity plate that stands for something.  Come with hilarious ideas for what those letters could stand for.  BND 342 could mean, “Ballerina in need of date. Area code 342”.

Bonus points for the one who spots an actual vanity plate!

What’s Missing

Misfortune happens to the best of us while on the open road, so we might as well turn it into a fun road trip game. Does the car that is driving by have all its parts or is something missing? Are all hubcaps accounted for, how about windows, you never know what you might see driving outside of your window?!  A point goes to each missing piece. Add to the fun by developing a fun story as to how the car lost its part. 

road trip games for couples

Radio Roulette

Think of name that tune, only no one has any say as to what is being played. Playing is simple. Scan the local radio stations during your travels.  Then try to be the first person to name the song that comes on. 

We hope that with these few road trip games in your arsenal that you will beat road burnout! 

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