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Things To Do With Toddlers in Gulf Shores Alabama

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 Discover all the fun things to do with toddlers in Gulf Shores, Alabama. This does not include witnessing your toddler consuming sand directly from the shovel as if it was a bowl of calm chowder. The Gulf Shores beach vacation you have been waiting for all year has finally arrived, so it is time to make the most of it. 

Things To Do With Toddlers In Gulf Shores Alabama

Traveling with a toddler is quite different than traveling with older children or adults. It requires more prep than studying for a final exam to ensure a trip to the beach goes off without a hitch.

For those families hitting the Alabama Coast’s sunny shorelines, here are a few tips for taking a toddler on a fun beach vacation to Gulf Shores, Alabama. This post is in partnership with Visit AL Beaches to encourage you to #KeepOnSummering. All opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links. 

Things To Do With Toddlers In Gulf Shores

When Is The Best Time To Visit Gulf Shores With A Toddler

For those who have yet to experience the family-friendly atmosphere of Gulf Shores, you are in for a pleasant surprise. Gulf Shores is a town custom-built with families in mind, which is why many make a yearly pilgrimage. If you are looking to beat the crowds, enjoy the beach and save money, we recommend booking a visit to Gulf Shores in the fall.

The temperature is still warm enough for those fun days at the beach, while the tourists have emptied out, leaving locals to take back their town. Low season is ideal with a toddler in tow because wait times at restaurants are scarce, fewer crowds, and more affordable rates for accommodations. We have compiled a great list of Gulf Shores budget-friendly tips to save you money during your trip.

Find great affordable places to stay in Gulf Shores!

Things To Bring To The Beach For A Toddler

Tips and Hacks For Going To The Beach With A Toddler

If you only do one thing in Gulf Shores, it has to be spending time on the white sandy beaches. My two-year-old asks daily when we are going back to the beach.

Don’t get me wrong; I frequently have that same thought! Relaxing in a beach chair is not quite how we spend our time at the beach these days. It now involves packing enough bags that onlookers think we are setting up a summer camp on the beach. We did pick up a few tips to help make beach time with a toddler go smoother throughout our many beach adventures.

Embrace The Foot Shower

Quite honestly, this could be deemed the highlight of our recent beach excursion. The little shower that you use to rinse the sand off your feet is quite the event.

Our daughter spent a reasonable amount of time running in the sand and then running to the foot shower. Nevermind the gorgeous glistening ocean in the background. Use this newfound fascinating shower to your advantage as a way to leave the beach without a meltdown, a distraction, or to clean sandy feet.

Apply sunscreen before putting their bathing suits on

Not only will this ensure you cover every single inch of their bodies with sunscreen, it also gives it time to dry before you get to the beach. Applying sunscreen to a squirmy toddler could result in a missed spot that you know will burn immediately.

The rash guards are another fantastic item to consider when taking littles to the beach. These are the long-sleeved swimsuits. It is just another layer of protection from the sun and will eliminate the need to apply sunscreen frequently.

toddler beach gear

What To Pack To The Beach With A Toddler

  • Plenty of water and snacks. Bring a cooler to keep things cold.
  • Toddler beach chair. Not only is this super darling, but they always want their own chair!
  • Shade in some form. Whether it is in a beach tent or an umbrella, you will need a spot to retreat from the sun, especially if you do not stay on or near the beach.
  • Beach toys. I would hit up the local dollar store and get a few things for your little one to play with. Chances are you will be spending more time exploring and less time playing in the sand.

Take the stress out of packing for the beach with this awesome Family Beach Package that includes beach chairs, beach toys, and more that can be rented!


Where To Eat In Gulf Shores With A Toddler

The dreaded fear of eating out with a toddler can be overcome by visiting a few of these great restaurants that cater to the younger crowd. Each of the places below has a great outdoor play area, a fabulous kids menu,, and plenty of things to keep little ones busy.

Where to eat in Gulf Shores With A toddler

The Hang Out

One of the ultimate kid-friendly places to eat in Gulf Shores is the Hangout! Don’t miss out on some of the great activities happening around the clock; it is easy to spend an entire afternoon at the Hang Out.

From pirate and princess breakfasts, a DJ booth, competitions, and of course, their unique outdoor space, it is a kid’s dream come true. Parents can have a relaxing meal while the kids can explore the sandpit and participate in the courtyard games.

Things To Do With Toddlers In Gulf Shores Alabama

GT’s On The Bay

Kids will love the giant pirate ship and sandpit play area that GT’s On The Bay offers. Parents can be spotted enjoying a relaxing meal on the patio while their little buckaroos play. Raining? GT’s giant fish pond located in the restaurant’s center is bound to fascinate both young and old. We recommend trying one of their brick oven pizzas or a fresh seafood dish. The kiddos can even watch them make the pizza!

Things To Do With Toddlers In Gulf Shores Alabama


Lulu’s is one of the top kid-friendly spots to visit in Gulf Shores. Where else can you hit a ropes course, visit an arcade, play in the sand, and grab a bite to eat?!

Those little ones with allergies can rest assured that Lulu’s will take special care to ensure their meal is prepared with special care. Live music starts at five every night, which will entice you to stay even longer.

Tacky Jacks in Gulf Shores

Tacky Jacks

A few Tacky Jacks are located throughout Gulf Shores, each offering the same great food and atmosphere. Visit the Gulf Shores location to find an outdoor play area.

Fair warning, it is by the water, so you will have to keep an eye on little ones tempted to go for a quick dip. Tacky Jacks is known to host many kid-friendly programs throughout the year as well.

Here is our complete list of 10 kid-friendly places to eat in Gulf Shores

Things To Do With Toddlers During A Gulf Shores Vacation 

Playgrounds are an ideal way to let your toddler explore, climb, and be a kid. We are always on the hunt for a great playground that is also age-appropriate. Parents of toddlers know the struggle of little ones wanting to be bigger than they really are.

Here are a few great parks that are worth adventuring to with a toddler in Gulf Shores.

Things to do in with toddlers in gulf shores alabama

Orange Beach Kids Park

Orange Beach Kids Park was one of our favorite parks, mainly because it had an area dedicated to toddlers. There is a massive play structure, a pier for fishing, and plenty of picnic shelters. Families can picnic and swim in Wolf Bay as the waters are more shallow and calm.

Covered play area in Gulf Shores The Tanger Outlet Mall

This covered playground is ideal for rainy days or a much-needed break from shopping. Located right outside the food court, this play area is the perfect way to keep little ones entertained during a shopping spree.

Other great parks to check out are Johnnie Sims Park Pavillion, Meyer Park, and Foley Kids Park.

More Things To With Toddlers In Gulf Shores Alabama

Gulf Coast Zoo

Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo

The “Little Zoo That Could” should be at the top of your list during any Gulf Shores visit. The zoo has transitioned to a new home a little further inland to maximize safety for the animal during hurricanes.

Be sure to follow along on their website to what new exhibits are coming. A family favorite is the exciting animal encounters that they offer.

Dolphin Cruise

Hop aboard one of Gulf Shores’ many family-friendly Dolphin Cruises. Little ones will delight in being aboard the boat alone! Our daughter loved the seagulls but keep looking out for dolphins after we saw a few! Many of the cruises offer plenty of fun entertainment aimed at little ones!

The Gulf State Interpretive Center and Gulf State Park

Acting as the gateway to the park, this educational center shows visitors how they preserve their coastal environment. With interactive displays, intriguing facts, and impressive design, the building utilizes natural elements to reduce energy demands.

The new pedestrian bridge allows visitors easy access to the park and is relatively close to the Nature Center, another great stop with a toddler in tow.

Fort Morgan

Fort Morgan

Toddlers may not appreciate this site’s history, but they will be intrigued and curious about the many rooms and spaces to explore.

This is a win-win attraction in my book because not only do parents get to take in a spectacular piece of Gulf Shores history; toddlers are entertained. A beach and hiking trails are located on the Fort Morgan Historic Site for even more exploration.

Waterville USA

Two words: WaWa World. This is a little toddler waterpark located within Waterville, USA. Little ones will enjoy the freedom to splash and cool off in an area just for them. This pirate ship also has slides dedicated to toddlers and little ones under 42″.

There are plenty of other attractions and rides located at Waterville, USA. Toddlers will particularly enjoy the train that they can ride.

Are you looking for more great places to Keep On Summering during your Gulf Shores vacation? Visit AL Beaches to get more ideas!

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Gulf Shores Vacation With A Toddler

Things To Do With Toddlers In Gulf Shores Alabama