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3 Unique Roadside Attractions In Indiana That Are Worth Visiting

Don’t miss out on these unique roadside attractions in Indiana while venturing through Anderson/ Madison County.  Billboards display an array of intriguing spectacles from oddities to well-known establishments, but it is these hidden Indiana gems that shouldn’t be passed by.

Driving through the picturesque countryside of Indiana the county of Madison is home to a few notable stops that are worth detouring for.  We discovered this great portion of central Indiana during our Northern Indiana Road Trip. This post is in partnership with Madison County. As always opinions are my own.

Unique Roadside Attractions In Indiana

The Worlds Largest Ball Of Paint

Worlds Largest Ball of PaintTucked away in Alexandria, Indiana hanging from an industrial size hook is the World’s Largest Ball of Paint. What once started as a humble baseball now has over 26,000 layers of paint and counting.

This paint monstrosity is the brainchild of Micheal Carmichael. It all began when he had his toddler son paint a baseball. What intended to be only 1,000 layers turned into a family endeavor to create and maintain this Guinness Book of World Record holder.

Visitors are welcomed into the custom-built garage that houses this roadside marvel. Guests are presented with the opportunity to add a historic paint layer to the monstrous new orb.

Micheal will get you all set up with a roller, paint, and instructions. While you paint he goes into detail about the history, how many people visit and the future of the World’s Largest Ball Of Paint. Afterward, everyone who paints receives a certificate stating their layer number.

The attraction is free to the public however you will need to call ahead and schedule a time. The World’s Largest Ball of Paint is at the Carmicheal home and is open by appointment only. A quick google search will yield the current phone number to contact to set up your tour.

Mounds State Park

Unique Indiana Roadside Attractions Known for its prehistoric Indian earthworks, Mounds State Park is home to ten unique mounds. It is believed that the Adena-Hopewell people constructed these back in 160 B.C. with the largest being the Great Mound. Beautiful hiking trails make their way through the shady forest to all the earthworks.

Be sure to visit the park’s top-notch Nature Center and Children’s Sensory Garden. It is a must with kids in tow.  Camping is available at Mounds State Park in addition to picnic shelters.

Good’s Candy Shop

Unique Indiana Roadside Attractions One sweet spot that shouldn’t be missed is a visit to Good’s Candy Shop located in Anderson, Indiana.  This locally owned family business is serving up decadent confections, homemade ice cream, and an array of goodies.

Call ahead to set up a tour of the candy factory to see what makes Good’s stand out from the competition. There is a nominal fee for tours. However, visitors are welcome to walk-in and do a self-guided tour during business hours.

The factory was closed during my visit, however, I had the opportunity to sample their famous icecream and browse the candy shop.  My recommendation is to take home an assortment of candies and grab one of their many intriguing snack mixes.

A second recommendation is to immediately hide all the candy that you purchased in a secret spot that only you know about for safekeeping.

Best Place To Eat In Anderson, Indiana

Unique Indiana Roadside Attractions During our travels, we try to abide by the rule to avoid chain restaurants when possible to support local establishments. We found a gem in Bobbers Cafe.  Bobber’s Cafe is located within the Bait and Tackle at Shadyside Park.

Its lakefront view is a favorite among locals.  Bobber’s Cafe serves up comfort classics, a killer breakfast, and a remarkable pork tenderloin sandwich.  The best part is after you eat venture over to the park or take a walk on a trail.

The town of Anderson, Indiana is home to a charming historic downtown full of boutiques and restaurants. Spend the afternoon strolling the streets window shopping. Catch a show at the theater or visit the local casino.

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Unique  Roadside Attractions In Indiana

Unique Indiana Roadside Attractions