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Who North America : The Spot For All Things Doctor Who

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Who North America Doctor Who fans will delight in knowing that tucked away in Hendricks County, Indiana is the one and only Who North America. Fans from all over the world have made a pilgrimage to this Doctor Who mecca. Who North America is the only dedicated retailer to the longest-running science fiction show, Doctor Who! They have an impressive museum that packed full of rare and unique memorabilia.  Here is a peek inside Who North America and a few tips to make the most of your visit.

Who North America Hours

There is no charge to visit WHO North America or the Museum. Everyone is welcome!

Monday, 11 AM – 4 PM

Tuesday-Thursday 11 AM-6 PM

(Call to set up later appointments)

Friday and Saturday 11 AM – 8 PM

Closed Sunday

They are located at 8901 S. State Road 67 (Kentucky Ave.)  Camby, Indiana 46113. You can’t miss their big amazing sign!


The History of Who North America

Doctor Who MuseumWho North America was the vision of Keith Bradbury, a long-time Doctor Who fan,  whose dream was “to make a place in the United States where Doctor Who fans could GO to be with other Doctor Who fans and EXPERIENCE the joy of being a fan of the world’s longest-running Science Fiction TV program.” After stepping foot in WHO North America, I think he not only accomplished that dream but exceed it.

Doctor Who is a British science-fiction TV show that began in 1963. The show tells of the adventures of a time-traveling “Doctor” who explores the universe in his TARDIS, a time-traveling space ship.  As many avid Doctor Who fans know this is just a vague description of what to expect during a show that is packed full of action, mystery, and excitement.

As the show was widely popular in Britain, it started to see a strong following in the US as well. However, for the longest time, Doctor Who merchandise was not available for purchase in states. Keith began researching and working with British manufacturers to bring the ever-popular merchandise to the states.  Before long, Who North America became one of the largest suppliers of Doctor Who merchandise in North America.


The Doctor Who Merchandise Museum

Upon entering the museum you are greeted by a life-size TARDIS and Dalek. It sets the tone for your visit, by invoking wonder and awe. Before long you will find yourself face to face with cases of rare, never before seen Doctor Who collectible merchandise and actual props from the production set.  We had a wonderful tour where Keith gave us the backstory on many of the prized pieces in the museum.

Doctor Who Museum Want to know the most unique item in the collection? A Dalek cookie jar. This cookie jar is the only one that made it to the US complete and not damaged. As far as they know it is the only one in the entire US. Other notable pieces are vintage games, snow from a production set and a commemorative plate. Don’t bypass the case which is full of impressive Doctor Who fan art. It’s not every day you see a Doctor Who Transformer or handmade dolls.

Remember that life-size Dalek, it is an original from the production set and is currently on loan from a collector in Ohio.  It is such an impressive piece, that it commands your attention immediately.  Ensure to ask for the backstory on it when you visit.


Who North America Store

Who North America One cannot enter into the store without browsing through the endless sea of Doctor Who merchandise that is for sale.  It is unbelievable that so much exists because it is rarely seen in mega-retailers or toy stores.  With merchandise coming in from all over the world it is no wonder so many Doctor Who fans shop  Who North America online and in-store.  They have everything from Doctor Who postcards to a Doctor Who wardrobe.  Don’t worry they have a few fun things thrown in the for the kids as well because they are aware not everyone in the family may be an adoring fan.

For the most unique shopping experience ask to shop with their robot cart. This fun robot cart will ease the burden by carrying all of your Doctor Who treasures throughout the store. Unfortunately, it can’t help you decide on which action figure to get. The answer is both!

Just when you thought you saw the entire store, you realize that there is even more. Tucked away in a backroom is a Doctor Who pinball machine and arcade game.  Play is always free, so try your hand at a few games.




DoctoberfestOnce a year Doctor Who fans gather together to celebrate what can only be known as the A Doctor Who-centric Celebration. Every October  Who North America puts together a one-day festival that includes a cosplay competition, Doctor Who Vendors, Music and more.  Learn more about Doctoberfest here.


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