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11 Ways To Have An Adventure In Your Own Home

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Traveling is not required to have a memorable epic adventure. On the contrary, some of the best memories are made right in your home. We have come up with 11 ways to have an adventure in your own home. We guarantee entertainment, laughter, and possibly a few new staples to add in your family fun arsenal.

Cardboard Box City

Adventures to have at home with kids It’s time to put those Amazon boxes to good use by making a mini-city. Gather bigger cardboard boxes from local appliance stores, supermarkets, and retailers. Kids will love decorating and then playing in the mini-city that they created. Don’t forget every proper city may need a cardboard train, car and possibly a rocket ship. Let those imaginations soar by honing in on their creativity.

Iron Chef Family Challenge

Remember the cooking competition Iron Chef? It was a show in which all the contestants were given a secret ingredient to work with, and the chef who created the best dish won. Implement a little fun family competition by having a “cooking contest.” Depending on the level of skill and age, each family will have a different approach to this.

Adventures to have at home with kids Those with younger children can have a cupcake decorating contest or pizza-making contest, while those with older kids can fully take on the secret ingredient by creating their unique dishes. I recommend giving them the secret ingredient ahead of time so that they can start planning how they want to use it. I recommend having each person cook a different course so that not everyone is in the kitchen at once.

Another fun aspect of this challenge is to have everyone help in making a special trophy or trophies, depending on how many winners you want. We got an old trophy at a thrift store, took off the figurine at the top, and glued an old measuring cup to it. It is now a prized possession and comes with bragging rights.

Have A Toga Party-Family Style

Toga parties are no longer just for fraternities and sororities. It’s time to bust out those old bedsheets and put them to use. Once the family is adorned in their proper toga attire, it is time for the great Roman Games. We had a chariot race that consisted of pulling someone in a wheelbarrow or wagon. A fun family trivia game with Greek and Roman trivia, a Gladiator contest that included fun games like the person who kicked the soccer ball in the goal the most times, a relay race, and other fun outdoor mini-games.

We concluded our evening with a Mediterranean dinner and a special dinner of making sugar cookies with Roman Numerals on them. Pinterest is full of tons of great ideas to incorporate even more Roman ideas and food into your family toga party. 

Camp Out In Your Backyard

Camping is always a great family activity, so why not pop a tent in your backyard. Grab the sleeping bags, lanterns, and a few campfire snacks and let the fun begin. These No Prep Campfire Games are a great addition to ghost stories and s’ more making around the campfire.

We often include a camp out in our back yard during a staycation. Check out our Offbeat Cincinnati Staycation ideas.

Indoor Picnic

Adventures to have at home with kids When the weather is crummy, brighten up your day with an indoor picnic. Get the entire family involved in setting up this special meal. Have the kids make a big sun out of construction paper to hang up in the room where you have the picnic. Everyone can assist in putting together the meal, whether it is making sandwiches or washing grapes.

Spread out the blanket or tablecloth and pull out the picnic basket. Depending on your level of creativity and energy, you can go all for your indoor picnic by making trees out of construction paper and green streamers or bust out the paper plates and dig in.

Camp Out In The Living Room

Another great thing to do when the weather is not cooperating is camp out in another room of the house. Make forts and tents out of bedsheets, grab plenty of pillows, and make microwave smores. Throw up some glow in the dark stars, make a fake campfire, grab the flashlights, and you are ready for a night of adventure.

Nature Walk Outside

Nature WalkGetting outside always does the body and soul wonders. Every season has something beautiful and unique to showcase that makes for great learning opportunities for little explorers. Take time to walk around your neighborhood, pointing out different trees, animals, and flowers.

It is quite surprising what you can find in your backyard. Have the kids gather outdoor treasures such as pinecones, rocks, and acorns to make fun nature art when they get back inside.

Go on a lantern walk in the evening. Have the kids make lanterns out of an old mason jar, tissue paper, glue, string, and a flameless candle. Then take a walk as it starts to get dark.

A Variety Of Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger hunts come in all shapes in sizes. From Outdoor Nature Scavenger Hunts to Video Scavenger Hunts. Kids particular will enjoy a video scavenger hunt as it can often consist of them doing silly things on video for everyone to look at later. 

Here are a few great resources for scavenger hunt ideas: 

Awesome Scavenger Hunt Ideas 

Video Scavenger Hunt Ideas 

Celebrate Another Culture

Celebrating Cultures One of the best things about the world we live in is that there are so many amazing cultures. Embrace a new culture a month by highlighting its traditions, music, cuisine, and learning about what makes it so unique. One of our favorite spots for downloads related to different cultures is Build Your Own Masterpiece. Worth every penny. 

Here are a few ideas on how to celebrate another culture at home:

  • Download and play music from the country or culture you are focusing on. 
  • Find fun recipes that are authentic to the culture. Many times kids will love trying new flavors, not to mention they get to help in the kitchen.
  • Focus on the fun holidays and traditions that each culture celebrations. Make masks for Italy’s Carnival, do the chicken dance for Germany’s Oktoberfest or decorate paper skulls for Mexico’s Day of the Dead. The possibilities are endless. 
  • Get out a map to highlight where in the world you are focusing on.

Family Paint Night

Why go out to a fancy art studio to create a work of art when you can do it right in your own home. Get canvases at your local craft store or online, paintbrushes, paint, and you are in for a fun evening. I often look to oriental trading for a great deal on these items. Families can opt to paint whatever they want or try their hand at perfecting a particular scene. 

Another fun twist is to have the canvas move from family member to a family member, with each one having a few minutes to add to the masterpiece. 

Pair this paint party with cheese and crackers and sparkling juice! 

Dance Party

Get out that tub of Halloween costumes sitting in storage and turn up the tunes. Nothing beats boredom like a dance party! Ask Alexa to play dance party hits or be your family’s DJ for the night by downloading your own hits. Get a strobe light, disco light, or glow sticks to take your evening dance party up a notch. The entire family will have plenty of laughs dressing up and dancing the night away. For a fun twist, make a dance party punch that glows with light-up ice cubes! 


Pen Pal

Who doesn’t love getting mail? A new favorite in our house is mailing letters to our cousin who is out of town. Not only do you get the thrill of getting mail but it also teaches important lessons like how to write a letter, geography and how the mail system works. Set up a pen pal program with a friend, family member or playmate.






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11 Ways To Have An Adventure In Your Own Home

Adventures to have at home with kids


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