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17 Useful Travel Gifts For Dad

Dad’s love useful travel gifts, maybe even more so than moms. Just because he is Dad doesn’t mean he is sporting knee-high socks and a fanny pack on every family vacation. This list of useful travel gifts for dad is bound to put a smile on his face. 


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List Of Useful Travel Gifts For Dad 

He is rugged, he is tech-savvy, he is not wearing crocks or pleated khakis. He will never tell you this, but he has plenty of ties and mugs so try these useful travel gift ideas instead. This gift guide is Dad tested and Dad approved! This page contains affiliate links.

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones

When it comes to a superior product the Bose Headphones are the best in the market. These are an investment for the frequent traveler as price reflects the quality. While other noise-canceling headphones try to compare, they all fall short.

If you enjoy air travel without the roar of the engines in the background then one click of the headphones will transport you into a silent utopia.  My husband had these headphones first and after trying them we saved up and got me a pair as well.


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Ray-Ban Sunglasses

These sunglasses are iconic and have been for years. They are stylish, of good quality and last a long time.  There are many styles to choose from which often means Dad may end up with a few different pairs. I know this Dad over here has a few Ray-Ban in his collection.


useful travel gifts: Watch Case

Watch Travel Case

“These are a must for watch wearers so you don’t have to wrap your watches in a sock and stuff them in a shoe,” a direct quote from my husband.  If the Dad in your life enjoys wearing watches and traveling, then this is the gift for him! Watch Travel Cases keeps watches safe, secure, and scuff-free during travel. The perfect useful travel gift for dad!


useful travel gift ideas: Luggage scale

Luggage Scale

If you want to save Dad the embarrassment of pulling out underwear in the middle of the bag drop so he can make-weight and not pay $200 in overweight baggage fees; then this is the gift for him. No need for fancy digital ones that can be fussy. The classic analog scale will never steer Dad wrong.

power bank: gift ideas for men

Ravpower Bank

This is a portable battery that can charge all your essential items at once. Charge your phone, tablet, any portable electronics with ease. The power bank can be a lifesaver if you are stranded at an airport, during a power outage or if your phone is dying and there is no outlet in sight. We take our Ravpower Bank with us whenever we travel and tend always to find a need/ use for it.


International Wireless Hot Spot

a useful travel gift for dad is a  wireless hot spot. Nothing is more frustrating than being somewhere with terrible service. Having a mobile hotspot can ensure dad stays connected even in the most remote areas.  The easy-to-read digital display lets you know how much data you have left. The battery life is long, and it even has a USB port for charging portable devices.

useful travel gifts for dad

Travel Dopp Kit

Never have Dad put his toiletries in Target bag again. Simple and stylish this Dopp Kit has a lot more room than you think. The distressed brown leather is a Dad favorite, but there are other Travel Dopp Kits available.


Travel Watch For Dad

Seiko 5 Watch

This is a Dad must-have item because of its simplicity and durability. The band is fabric so that it can be washed after whatever activity Dad is doing. The watch is stylish and goes with most outfits which makes it travel must.


Door Alarm

If Dad is looking for a little bit of peace of mind, this cheap and effective alarm will ward off any unsuspecting intruder. Or at least give you enough warning to grab the lamp off the nightstand.

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IPad Air

Give Dad the gift of entertainment with the IPad Air. Dad can watch movies, read books, play games, and ultimately turn it over to the kids in exchange for a moment’s peace. Lightweight and very portable this device is a must for long flights, road trips, and traveling with children.

Luggage Strap

You could go and get Dad that funny luggage tag, but why do that when you can get him something way more functional.  The luggage strap makes identify luggage easier and keeps it from busting open after it has been abused by the airlines. After getting a suitcase back that had a side ripped off, we purchased these.  The other added benefit is that you never know when or what you will need to use those straps during your travels.


Starbucks Gift Card

Let’s be honest, the majority of Dads and Moms live off of caffeine in one way or another. It can almost go without saying that most airports and cities have a few Starbucks around.  Therefore, put two and two together, and BAM an easy and quick gift idea! This is one gift card that will get used. Pass on the coffee mug and get Dad the actual coffee to go in it!

Scratch Off Map

We love our Scratch Off Map. This a fun way to keep track of where you have been and start planning your next adventure. Fair warning: the scratch-off stuff comes off very easily so open the map cautiously as to not scratch the surface.  We keep our map in a glass frame to keep it from scratching and it has held up wonderfully.  We are always looking at which part of the world we should go to next!

Airline Cocktail Kit

Why pay $14 for a cocktail made with second-rate liquor at 30,000 ft?  Dad deserves a good drink, doesn’t he? For his next flight surprise him with this fun cocktail kit so that he can sit back, sip and enjoy. Note that the kit does not come with the little bottle of booze, so you can purchase Dad’s favorite spirit so he doesn’t have to sacrifice.


This one is a gift for everyone. Keep the hotel room from smelling like an outhouse with two simple squirts of this magic poo potion. Miraculously no one will ever know if Dad blew up the local men’s room, but they will wonder why it smells like ginger and lavender. Keep man poop at bay with this miracle spray.

Hangry Kit

Dad is strong, Dad is hardworking, Dad is always there.  Keep him from turning into one of the kids with the Hangry Snack  Kit.  The only worse than a hangry child is a hangry man-child. Stop hanger in its tracks by putting together a kit of all his favorite traveling snacks. 


gift guide for the wayfaring father
Sophie’s wonderful Dad sporting a few of his traveling favorites.

While there are plenty of travel gifts for dad another gift idea is an experience gift.  Maybe a weekend hitting the Bourbon Trail!

Useful Travel Gifts For Dad


Useful Travel Gifts For Dad

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