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The Ultimate Guide To Restaurants Near Great Wolf Lodge Mason

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Great Wolf Lodge is an indoor water park full of water slides, a wave pool, and fun for the whole family. All that splashing, however, can work up an appetite. Feeding your wolf pack can be quite expensive at the Lodge, so we often head to restaurants near Great Wolf Lodge in Mason.

Restaurants Near Great Wolf Lodge in Mason
Great Wolf Lodge in Mason, Ohio

To help guide you through all the dining options at Great Wolf Lodge Mason, we will share a few tips on bringing your own food, what restaurants are inside the Lodge, and what restaurants are nearby.

Bringing Your Own Food

Each room at Great Wolf Lodge has a mini-fridge and a microwave, making bringing snacks and even meals easy. For those on a budget, this is a game changer.

Save money at Great Wolf lodge by bringing your own food.
Bring bagels and muffins for an easy breakfast in the room.

We bring bagels and cream cheese, oatmeal, cereal, and fruit for breakfast. Easy dinner options in the room include lunchmeat sandwiches, microwavable mac n cheese, or an entree that we can reheat in the microwave.

We even bring our own beer, wine, and soft drinks to keep costs low. Bring an insulated cup or use the coffee cups provided in the room to take your drinks around the Lodge.

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Resturants at The Great Wolf Lodge In Mason

Let’s be honest: sometimes you don’t feel like getting the entire family out of the water park, dressed, and out the door, especially if it is cold out. Great Wolf Lodge does have restaurants on-site, so you don’t have to leave.


One of the most popular restaurants in Great Wolf Lodge Mason is Dunkin. It is the one spot where guests can grab coffee that is not the run-of-the-mill sad hotel coffee and pick up a dozen donuts to take back to the room.

Dunkin is so efficient that they even have a QR code in each guest room so you can easily place a carry-out order. Expect a relatively long line if you attempt to venture down without pre-ordering.


If you don’t feel like leaving the waterpark, guests can grab a bite to eat at Buckets. With family favorites such as burgers, chicken tenders, and fresh salads, you can easily find something for everyone. Looking for a snack? Grab a soft pretzel or split an order of nachos.

Pretzel at Buckets
Pretzel at Buckets

Hungry as a Wolf

Pizza is always a good choice when kids are involved, so Hungry as a Wolf is a great dining option. Grab one of their pizzas to go, enjoy it inside, or take it to the water park. Full transparently, I thought the pizza was good. However, families needed multiple pizzas and could quickly rack up a hefty bill.

Hungry as a Wolf Pizza inside Great Wolf Lodge Mason
Hungry as a Wolf Pizza inside Great Wolf Lodge Mason

Budget Tip: Have pizza delivered to Great Wolf Lodge. I’ll be sharing more later, but this is an option.

Loose Moose

Another dining option at Great Wolf Lodge is the breakfast and dinner buffet at the Loose Moose. The breakfast buffet consists of all your breakfast standards, including waffles, french toast, breakfast meats, and more. It comes with a price tag of $19.99 per adult and $9.99 per child.

The dinner buffet includes freshly carved meats, a pasta station, mac & cheese, salads & more. The buffet runs $23.99 per adult and $9.99 per child.

Reservations are recommended for both the dinner and breakfast buffet.

Grizzly Rob’s Bar

A popular hangout among parents is Grizzly Rob’s Bar inside the waterpark. They are slinging cold tropical cocktails, ice-cold beers, and anything else to quench your thirst.

Lodge Wood Fired Grill

Families can grab a table at the Lodge Wood Fired Grill if a buffet setting is not your scene. The Lodge Wood-Fired Grill offers premium wood-fired steaks, seafood, and lodge-smoked ribs. Start your meal with unique family shareables, crisp market salads, and vegetables. 

Lodge Wood Fired Grill Nachos and Burger
Lodge Wood Fired Grill Nachos and Burger

Tip: Make a reservation, as this is a popular spot inside Great Wolf Lodge Mason.

Wood’s End Creamery

When the sweet tooth hits, head to Wood’s End Creamery for a scoop of ice cream. Other delectable desserts line the display case, tempting all that pass.

Restaurants inside Great Wolf Lodge
Ice Cream inside Great Wolf Lodge

The Freshwoods Market is also available for grab-and-go meals and snacks.

Restaurants Near Great Wolf Lodge Mason

The city of Mason is full of great dining options. With Kings Island nearby, fast food and many chain restaurants are abundant. Local eateries are scattered throughout, and a local brewery is only a short drive away.

TIP: Many places will deliver to Great Wolf Lodge via GrubHub or Uber Eats. Having food delivered could be more affordable than paying for it at the Lodge.

Fast Food Options

When time is short, fast food comes to save the day. Swing through the drive-thru or order carry-out from any of these nearby restaurants.

  • Wendy’s
  •  McDonald’s
  •  Panera Bread
  •  Dunkin’Donuts
  •  Starbucks
  •  Penn Station
  •  Popeye’s
  •  Subway
  •  Taco Bell
  •  Chipotle
  •  Frisch’s
  •  Arby’s
  • Dairy Queen

Pizza Delivery

Many local pizzerias will deliver pizza to Great Wolf Lodge. Not only can it be budget-friendly, but it makes for a nice break in the day. Families can opt to bring pizza into the waterpark and enjoy it in the common areas or take it back to their rooms.

Pizza Delivery to Great Wolf Lodge
Have pizza delivered to the Lodge, or pick it up!

Here are a few spots that will deliver pizza to Great Wolf Lodge in Mason: 

  • Papa Johns
  •  Pizza Hut
  •  Domino’s
  •  Marcos
  •  LaRosas
  • ┬áJet’s Pizza

Breakfast Options

Many families love starting the day with a great breakfast or brunch. If you choose to forgo the dining options inside the Lodge, plenty of nearby areas are ideal for grabbing a sit-down breakfast or something quick.

  • Perkins
  •  Waffle House
  •  Dunkin Donuts
  •  Starbucks
  •  Panera Bread

Cincinnati Specialties

Locals and guests alike love experiencing the flavors of Cincinnati. Whether trying the iconic Cincinnati-style chili, grabbing a slice of LaRosa’s pizza, or indulging in a hot fudge cake from Frisch’s, plenty of Cincinnati staples are nearby.

  • Skyline– I recommend dining in for a better experience.
  •  LaRosa’s– They offer dine-in, delivery or carry-out. Guests utilizing the LaRosa’s Buddy Card will have to pick up their order to get the free cheese pizzas.
  •  Frisch’s– Dine-in, drive-through, or carry-out options are available.
Restaurants Near Great Wolf Lodge in Mason Ohio
Frisch’s is always a family favorite

Local Eateries

Cartridge Brewing– Wonder into Cartridge Brewing to witness a miraculous transformation. What once was a shell of the famous Peter Cartridge Factory is now a lively brewery along the Miami Bike Trail serving burgers, pizzas, salads, and more.

Beer flight From Cartridge Brewing
Beer flight From Cartridge Brewing

Two Cities Pizza

A wonderful pizza joint in downtown Mason is Two Cities Pizza. Serving both New York Style and Chicago Style, guests can order pizza however they want! The pizza is excellent, but it can get busy. Plan accordingly, or place an order to-go, bring it back to your room, and enjoy.

Another great pizza spot to check out in Mason is Big Dogs Pizza.

Other popular local restaurants near Great Wolf Lodge in Mason include:

  • Sapporo Hibachi Express
  •  Wok Indian Restaurant
  •  Beerhead Bar & Eatery
  •  Greenwich Pita and Grill
  •  Eli’s Sports Bar and Grill
  •  A1 Indian Restaurant & Bar

Sushi Near Great Wolf Lodge in Mason

Cincinnati is home to a thriving sushi scene, evident by the abundance of sushi restaurants near Great Wolf Lodge. From hand-crafted rolls to crispy tempura, these are the spots to get your sushi fix.

  • Sushi’O
  •  Tokoyo Grill and Sushi Buffet
  •  Tenji Sushi

Mexican Food Near Great Wolf Lodge In Mason

After an exhausting day at the waterpark, you sometimes only want a basket of chips and salsa with an ice-cold margarita. It’s a good thing there are two great Mexican restaurants nearby that are perfect for the family. Grab a burrito and some tacos, and remember the queso!

  • El Trompo Mexican Grill Mason
  •  El Rancho Nuevo – Mason

Classic Chains

Often, when dining out with families, having a staple that is reliable every time is a must. Whether a steak at Texas Roadhouse, a giant pretzel at Old Bag of Nails, or chicken wings at Wings and Rings, having a familiar menu takes the guesswork out of dinner.

  • Outback Steakhouse
  •  Texas Roadhouse
  •  Wings and Rings
  •  Old Bag of Nails

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