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Experience The Candle Lab In Anderson, Ohio

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The Candle Lab in AndersonIt’s time to shine some light on the new Candle Lab that has recently opened in Anderson Township, Ohio.  Located in the Anderson Town Center this little shop is ideal for a date night, girl’s night, team building event or even for your own personal adventure!

After a fun night of candle-making, local cuisine, and plenty of laughs, you get to head home with your shiny new candle.  Here is what to expect during your visit to the Candle Lab.

Smell All The Scents At The Candle Lab

Anderson Candle LabBacon candles!!! The Candle Lab In Anderson, Ohio consists of multi-stages in building your custom candle. The first thing that you must do is identify which scents are appealing and appalling to you.

With 108 scents to choose from this can be a difficult task. Do you go with the fresh and clean candle or do you want something a little more tropical?

Either way, you are bound to have some chuckles at a few of the bizarre scents they offer! Even after you have made your selections, you will secretly ponder whether or not you should have gone with that bacon scent or the cannabis scent!

I opted for a Moscow Mule scented candle, which is bourbon, ginger ale, and mint. Don’t forget to pick out your candle jar from the wide assortment that is available.

How Much Does The Candle Lab Cost? 

The candle lab’s pricing is based on the type of candle you decide to make.  Candles start at $22 and can go up depending on the type of size and type of jar you choose. 

Belly Up To The Fragrance Bar

Fragrance Bar Experiment with Scent at the Candle LabAfter you have sniffed all 108 jars it is time to sit down at the fragrance bar and get to work. Narrowing it down to the top three can be challenging, but the good news is you have the experts there to guide you!

Once you have given a scent the stamp of approval you have to mix the oils.  After you have perfected your scent it is time for the wax! You will not be pouring hot wax, they do that for you.

You get the easy job of just mixing it with a spoon.  As soon as your candle is mixed it has to set for 90 minutes before it is ready to come home with you.

Grab A Bite To Eat At The Anderson Town Center 

Leyla Mediterranean While you wait for your candle, grab a bite to eat at one of the many local restaurants.  During my visit, Leyla Mediterranean, Dream Dinners, and the Juice Bar in Anderson catered our meal.

This allowed us time to socialize and bond. I can’t say enough good things about the food I devoured and the juice I drank. I am partial to the Mediterranean, therefore I deemed that Leyla’s is one of the best in the city. The owner even came over to ensure that everything was hot and delicious.

While the Mediterranean is not for everyone the Anderson Town Center is packed full of great places to eat and grab a drink.

Take Your Candle Lab Candle Home

Fall Scents are now at the Candle LabAfter you have spent 90 minutes eating, socializing, and enjoying life, your candle is ready to be picked up. Do not worry if you are unable to pick it up the same day as they will hold them for you for a set amount of time.  Find the perfect spot in your cozy home to place your candle, light it and enjoy the aroma.

The Candle Lab always welcomes parties and is very accommodating. Whether you have a party of three or a party of twelve they make each event special. I can’t wait to come back with a group of my friends for our monthly girl’s night out!  To learn more about the Candle Lab check out their website.

A special thank you to the Candle Lab In Anderson for hosting the Cincinnati Bloggers. As always opinions are my own.

Where Can I Buy Candle Lab Candles? 

Candle Lab Candles are available to purchase in the store. There are a few locations including an additional Cincinnati location in OTR and three Candle Labs in Columbus, Ohio. Another Candle Lab is located in Pittsburgh, PA. 


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The Candle Lab In Anderson, Ohio