The Grand Valley Preserve Park

Grand Valley Preserve LakeTucked away in the charming little town of Camp Dennison is the Grand Valley Preserve. This park was a former gravel excavation site that was transformed into beautiful preservation. The preserve is currently in its restoration phase with a focus on restoring wildlife and the grounds back to its original beauty.

What to do at Grand Valley Preserve

Canoes at Grand Valley Preserve
Canoes and launching dock

Guests can enjoy canoeing, hiking, fishing and picnicking with the serene view of the strikingly blue lake. If you do not own a canoe the preserve has some complimentary that you can use complete with life jackets of all sizes.   The park currently opens at 6:00 a.m. and closes at 8:30 p.m.  Dogs are welcome, however only certain areas of the park allow for furry friends to be unleashed.  There are plenty of areas for families to explore around the lake, including lots of trails.  Since this was a former gravel excavation site there was gravel everywhere. Hence a favorite activity of my daughter’s was to go around and pick up all the rocks and gravel scattered throughout the entire park! Hours of entertainment.

There Is a Catch

Entrance to Grand Valley Preserve

Sounds too good to be true?  Maybe to a few this can be a regular spot to visit because like most recreation centers there are limits. Entrance to Grand Valley is restricted to residents of Indian Hill or residential customers to of the Indian Hill Water Works.   There is a gate at the entrance of the park that you will need an access card to operate.  Those who have an access pass are permitted to bring two guests with them each visit.

Qualify for a Card

For those who meet the requirement of living in Indian Hill or is a customer of the Indian Hill Water Works, you can pick up your free access card at the Indian Hill Administration Building on Drake Rd.  A second card is available for $10.00.  Limit two cards per family.  Be sure to bring your photo ID because they do check it.

Don’t Qualify, but want to visit the park

There are a few different options here:

  •  Ask to be a guest on someone’s pass
  • Become friends with someone who has a pass and then ask to be a guest! As a result, you will likely make a good friend too.


Learn more about the Grand Valley Preserve On Their Website.

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