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4 Reasons Why You Need To Visit Alpaca Paradise

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Alpaca Farm in Cincinnati, OH
“Did someone say adventure,  Alpaca bag?” 

Have you been to Alpaca Paradise yet?

Unbeknownst to many, a charming little Alpaca Farm is located right outside Cincinnati in Goshen, OH.  Alpaca Paradise is a family-owned and operated farm that specializes only in Alpaca.  It is an Alpaca lover’s dream.

They are usually open to public visitors on Fridays and Saturdays.  If your family is looking for a fun afternoon adventure, this is it. “Did someone say adventure,  Alpaca bag?”

Visiting Alpaca Paradise

Alpaca Paradise is conveniently located off Route 28 in Goshen, Ohio.  It is roughly a 40-minute drive from downtown Cincinnati. Pop the address in the google machine, and it will get you there in no time.

Before visiting the farm, you will need to reach out to the owner Anne to ensure that they will be at the farm during your visit. The normal hours are on Fridays and Saturdays from noon to six.

On occasion, they will be out doing special events, so it is best to email or call Anne to confirm. You can reach her at  anandaowens@hotmail.com  or call/ text her at 513 312-0432.  Anne is super sweet and very responsive. Feeding Alpaca carrots

There is no fee to enter this spectacular paradise.  Visitors are allowed to pet and feed the Alpaca with the carrots that are provided.  Be sure you have the proper footwear on because you will likely step in the not-so-cute part of raising Alpacas.


Alpaca family
Anne with her “children”

She is what makes this place so magical.  Anne introduced us to all her “children” and made us feel like one of the family by the time we left.

Her love and devotion to her Alpaca can be shown all throughout the tour.  These are some spoiled rotten Alpaca, and Anne wouldn’t have it any other way.

Honestly, neither would I!  Throughout the visit, you will learn about each Alpaca and its personality. Some get jealous and spit, others are rambunctious, and some just jostling for a carrot treat.

Who would have thought they acted just like toddlers?  Anne’s enthusiasm is contagious as she details how the farm began, how they care for the  Alpaca, and what products they make.

The AlpacaAlpaca Farm near Cincinnati

Once you step foot behind the gate, the Alpacas are roaming free.  Knowing visitors correspond with carrots, you may quickly meet your new furry friends.

They are very gentle for the most part, except for the little baby, who is a bit boisterous and often gets into mischief.  Our daughter was spellbound gazing at the Alpacas and adored petting them.

She delighted in watching them interact with each other and the farmyard dog.  The baby was nipping at our clothes and will jump up, so be prepared for some up-close Alpaca action.  Remember when you visit that they are animals and can be unpredictable so ensure that everyone stays together and listens to instructions.

Visit the StoreBlack and white alpaca

At the end of your visit, you can visit the gift store. The store has many handmade alpaca products, including hats, stuffed animals, and dryer balls.

We had to take home an alpaca key chain and a hat, which was affordable considering all the effort into making these products.  Anne can be spotted at local farmer’s markets,  including Madeira, Blue Ash, and Oakley. Look for her Alpaca Paradise booth and scope out the Alpaca goods.

You can order online and learn more about Alpaca Paradise here: https://www.apialpacas.com/

Holtman’s Donuts

Holtman donuts are located only minutes down the road from Alpaca Paradise. Be sure to stop in to get a few of the best donuts in the city at their flagship location.  My recommendation: A old fashion cake donut with a cup of coffee.

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Alpaca Farm in Ohio

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Alpaca Paradise

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    WWWHHHAA?!?! I had no idea there was an alpaca farm in Ohio! This sounds like such an awesome experience – especially the donut finish.