Downtown Loveland and the Loveland Castle
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Discover Downtown Loveland and It’s Famous Castle

The Loveland Castle near downtown Loveland, Ohio, has a remarkable history along with claims of being haunted. As one of the many castles to visit in Ohio, the Loveland Castle makes a fun stop while in the Cincinnati area or a unique adventure for locals.

Include a stop into the heart of downtown Loveland, Ohio, to round out your visit. With the Loveland-Miami bike trail, plenty of cafes, and the ever-popular Whippy Dip, it is easy to plan a fun day exploring this small town.

Where Is The Loveland Castle In Ohio 

The Loveland Castle, also known as Ch√Ęteau Laroche, is on the Little Miami River banks in Loveland, Ohio. Nearby signs can help guide visitors to the castle.

The street leading down to the castle is quite steep. During icy weather, the road may be impassible for cars without four-wheel drive.

There is a parking lot near the castle with ample parking. Currently, there is no fee to park.

Address: 12075 Shore Dr. Loveland Ohio, 45140

Loveland Castle In Loveland Ohio

Chateau Laroche

The history of how Chateau Laroche came to be is a fascinating one. It was the vision of boy scout troop leader, World War 1 veteran Harry D. Andrews. He named this castle, Chateau Laroche, after a military hospital in Chateau La Roche in France’s southwest. The meaning is “Rock Castle”.

Harry began work on his castle in 1920 after an offer from Cincinnati Enquirer gave those who purchased year-long subscription plots of land by the Little Miami River. He was able to obtain eleven plots to start putting his dream of building a castle in motion.

Construction of the castle took place over fifty years, with stones Harry retrieved from the Little Miami River. Additional bricks were crafted from cement and milk cartons. It is a marvel that the entire castle was built by hand by one man. Harry worked on his castle until his death at 91 years old.

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Loveland Castle In Ohio

Who Are The Knights Of The Golden Trail?

When Harry passed away in 1981 he left Chateau Laroche to the Knights of the Golden Trail (KOGT), who still maintains the castle.

Harry would meet with a group of local boys for Boy Scout and Sunday school activities. The group deemed themselves the Knights of the Golden Trail. The Golden Trail stands for the ten commandments. Harry instructed the boys to gather stones to build rock tents after wearing out the old army tents. It wasn’t until the tents took the shape of towers that Harry decided that the “knights” needed a proper castle. Construction soon began on Chateau Laroche.

Today anyone can come to be a part of the KOGT, so long as they work around the castle. Ranking still takes place as pages and squires become knights when they’re old enough. Potential members need sponsorship by an existing member or raised into the knighthood by a family member.

The KOGT continues to work on and improve the castle. Many upgrades, repairs, and improvements have been made throughout the years. Currently, there are close to 50 active members of the Knights of the Golden Trail.

Knights Of The Golden Trail

Tips For Visiting The Loveland Castle 


Admission into the castle is $5.00 per person. Kids 5 and under are free. The castle does take credit cards.

There are no official tours of the castle, only self-guided. However, the volunteer inside the castle is always happy to give a brief history of the castle.


Currently, the Loveland Castle is open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 10 am-5 pm.


There are two port-a-potties located on the property. The castle does not have public bathrooms.


The castle does not offer food or beverages for sale. However, there are plenty of picnic tables, gardens, and areas to enjoy a picnic near the castle.

Loveland Castle In Loveland Ohio

Inside The Castle 

  • Keep in mind that the stairs are steep. Little ones should be supervised at all times to prevent a fall.
  • Throughout the Loveland Castle and Museum, there are tons of artifacts, armor displays, and memorabilia.
  • There are a few off-limits rooms where visitors can peek in through the bars.
  • Don’t forget to visit the dungeon!
  • There is a small gift shop within the castle; therefore, ensure to stop by to grab a unique souvenir.

The Gardens 

One of the best times to visit the Loveland Castle is when the gardens are in bloom. Beautiful tiered gardens are gorgeous, offering guests shaded benches for relaxing. I recommend bringing a picnic to the gardens to enjoy a view of the river amidst the lovely blooms.

Loveland Castle Museum

Is The Loveland Castle Haunted?

It is said that some of the knights believe the Castle is haunted by Sir Harry Andrews ghost. Objects have been known to go missing or be moved. In addition to hearing voices and seeing a strange figure about the castle. The rumor is that the ghost is not malicious, however, very playful. It is known to hide the knight’s things throughout the castle.

Downtown Loveland Ohio

Explore Nearby Downtown Loveland, Ohio 

Not far from the Loveland Castle is the quaint, charming downtown of Loveland. The iconic Loveland Ohio Bike Trail runs through downtown, making it the perfect starting spot for a biking adventure. Here are a few other great places to discover during your visit to downtown Loveland.

Rent a Bike From Loveland Bike Rental 

The little town of Loveland is full of charm and character. The city is a central hub for those looking to access the Loveland Bike Trail/ Little Miami State Park.

The trail used to be the old Pennsylvania Railroad, and dedicated bikers can follow the trail up to Lake Erie! Since that lifestyle isn’t for me, I rent my bike and go for about an hour and then break for ice cream. There are bike rentals available at Loveland Bike Rental.

There are tons of cute shops, restaurants, and things to do around off the bike trail. Check out the Bike Trail Map and plan your trip today!

Bike Trail

Nisbet Park

A great starting place for an adventure in downtown Loveland, Ohio, is by starting at Nisbet Park. The park is central, with easy access to parking, the bike trail, and restaurants and boutiques.

Nisbet Park has a wonderful play structure, swings, tons of shaded picnic spots, an amphitheater along with our all-time favorite, a pathway down to the Little Miami River. Take the path to the river’s edge for a bit of rock-throwing and relaxation.

Nisbet Park

Do A Little Shopping 

Take a moment to pop into one of the local boutiques or candy shops during your visit. It will be hard to leave empty-handed with fashionable clothing, trendy accessories, and delectable sweets calling your name. However, a shopping trip to Downtown Loveland is worthy of its own day trip!

Another great small town to go shopping nearby is Downtown Milford, Ohio.

Downtown Loveland Ohio

Try One Of Downtown Loveland, Ohio Restaurants

The downtown restaurant scene in Loveland is difficult to beat. Dine with the locals at Paxton’s, enjoy pizza with the family at the Works, or indulge in an upscale meal at Bishop’s Quarter. Swing into Narrow Path Brewing for a refreshing beer or treat the kids to ice cream at Graters. However you look at it, there is something for everyone!

For a sweet ending to your day, head to one of the many local ice cream spots. With the Loveland Whippy Dip, Loveland Sweet Shoppe and a Graeter’s all within walking distance the hardest part of your day will be deciding which ice cream to indulge in!

Downtown Loveland and The Loveland Castle

 Ohio Castle Pin

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