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5 Reasons To Try Archery Dodgeball at the Archery Arena in Cincinnati

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Ever heard of Archery Dodgeball before? We dive into this unique experience to give you a closer look at what to expect in an exciting game of dodgeball archery at the Archery Arena in Cincinnati. 

While many people are familiar with the classic schoolyard game of dodgeball, the game of archery dodgeball is still unknown to many. You don’t dodge a ball in archery dodgeball, but rather an arrow!

Archery Arena in Cincinnati, Ohio
Archery Arena

Players compete in an indoor arena, trying to shoot foam-tipped arrows at their opponents skillfully to eliminate them from the game. Adults and kids will have an absolute blast participating in this fun combat archery experience.

Where Is The Archery Arena

The Archery Arena is in West Chester Township in Ohio. It is in an industrial part of town, around the corner from the Back Porch Saloon. It is easy to access from I-275.

Tip: Look for the Archery Arena sign to know you are in the correct building complex. 

Address: 4950 Provident Dr, West Chester Township, OH 45246

Archery Dodgeball
Archery Dodgeball Group Photo

How to Book A Session At The Archery Arena

The Archery Arena offers a public game option in which players can book their desired session online. A public game is open to ages ten and up and is a 60-minute session.

Guests can also book it as a private game, in which the entire arena is booked as a private event during your desired time slot. Private games can be up to 20 people ages eight and up.

Large group sessions are also available for corporate events, birthday parties, and bachelor/bachelorette parties. These private events can be up to 40 people competing in the archery games arena.

Tip: You can bring in your own food and drinks. Outside alcohol is permitted only during weekday hours for private events.

Archery Dodgeball Gear
Archery Dodgeball Gear

What Should First-Timers Expect

  • Fill out your waiver online before arrival to save time.
  • Arrive 10-15 minutes early.
  • Gear will be distributed, such as arm guards, helmets, and bows. Nerf guns and goggles will be handed out for Dart Wars.
  • One of the skilled staff will instruct and demonstrate how to use the bow and review game rules. It is typically 10 minutes of instruction prior to gameplay.
  • If you come late, you will not be allowed to join until after a staff member has given you instructions.
  • Each session starts with a warm-up to get familiar with your equipment.
  • Don’t worry if you fumble during gameplay; everyone is trying to figure it out simultaneously. A team member will always be there as the referee and to help.

Why You Need To Try Archery Dodgeball at the Archery Arena

You Don’t Need Previous Archery Experience

The good news is that you don’t need to be Robin Hood to have a fun time shooting arrows at opposing players. Prior experience will always come in handy in battle, but the key to winning is teamwork and strategy.

Instruction before game play
Instruction before game play

There Are No Painful Marks From The Foam-Tipped Arrows

After having bruises and marks from previous paintball battles, I was a little leary of getting hit with an arrow. However, the arrows are foam-padded, leaving no marks, bruises, or welts.

Once I knew it wasn’t painful, it made me more apt to try to catch the arrows. As in dodgeball, if you catch an arrow, the player who shot the arrow is out, and you get to bring a player on your team back in.

It’s A Workout

One thing that I wasn’t prepared for was what a workout it was going to be! I was having so much fun that I didn’t realize how much up and down, squatting, and running you do. Not to mention pulling back the arrows really works those shoulder muscles. You will feel it the following day, but it is worth it!

Archery Dodgeball
Archery Dodgeball

There Are A Variety Of Games You Get To Play

One of the coolest things is that there are many variations to play, from archery tag, Zombies, Team Deathmatch, Tribute, and more! We got to play Zombies, which was perfect for our group of moms who are all frequently undercaffeinated.

You Get To Do Something You Don’t Do Everyday

Archery Dodgeball is a fun new experience that you don’t get to do every day. When target practice includes trying to hit your friends and family, it is bound to leave you with stories to tell. Not to mention a little friendly competition will liven up the game. 

ARchery Arena Perfect for parties and large groups
Perfect for parties and large groups

Tip: Get awesome archery photos by posing against the white wall in back. Then edit it to be black and white for a dramatic effect. We took a pic of each person individual for our “Line Up” !

Archery Arena
Archery Arena

They Have NERF Wars

In addition to archery dodgeball, Archery Arena offers NERF Wars! The arena is transformed into a dart arena with more spots to hide behind and plenty of ammo strewn about. Don’t worry about bringing your NERF guns from home; they have plenty here!


We had a great time NERF WARS and it is so surprising to see how your friends will react during combat! Often times it is the wall flowers that are the little snippers in the corners or charging ahead to claim a victory!


 Regular sessions of NERF WARS is known as Dart Wars on the schedule and must be reserved online.

Nerf gun selection
Pick out your NERF Gun

There can be the option for private arena rentals to do both Dart Wars and Archery Dodgeball.

The Archery Arena is the perfect spot for a fun date night, special occasion, private groups, and company team building events. We recommend pairing it with lunch or dinner at the nearby Back Porch Saloon.

Tips For Archery Dodgeball
Be sure to take some awesome selfies!

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