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Chuck E. Cheese: Where A Kid Can Still Be A Kid

Chuck E Cheese Sharonville The paper tickets, the blinking lights and most of all the delish aroma of cheese pizza took me instantly back to being a child at Chuck E. Cheese.  Reminiscing about my childhood I remember the sheer excitement and joy I got when learning we were going to Chuck E. Cheese, especially for a birthday party. Who doesn’t remember playing the games in hopes to gather enough tickets to take home the grand prize! As we are constantly on the lookout for great things to do with my daughter so it was time to take her to my old stomping ground, the Chuck E Cheese in Sharonville, OH.  They just had a gorgeous remodel which made it the perfect time to explore this classic kid favorite.  This post is sponsored by Chuck E Cheese.


The Newly Remodeled Chuck E Cheese In Sharonville, Ohio

Chuck E Cheese SharonvilleA fresh new look awaits guests they enter the newly remodeled  Chuck E. Cheese in Sharonville, Ohio. Located at 1429 E Kemper Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45246, this is one of Chuck E Cheese’s flagship restaurants that received a facelift on the inside and out. The new space is bright, fresh and clean and ready for those epic Birthday Parties.  The new design highlights the pizza-making process and introduces more of a restaurant atmosphere for mom and dad, while not taking away from the fun and games that has made Chuck E. Cheese the place where a kid can be a kid for 40 years.

The New Focus On Food

Chuck E Cheese PizzaWith delicious pizzas made from scratch daily at Chuck E. Cheese restaurants, the remodeled stores feature open kitchens, which allow guests to watch the pizza-making process.  In years past it was hard to focus on anything but their delicious pizza, however, their menu has grown.  Guests can now choose from a salad bar, subs, chicken wings and more. Don’t forget to save room for cake or one of their other fun desserts. From unicorn churros to cheesy bacon stuffed crust pizza it is easy to see why kids adore the menu here.

There is Something For Everyone

Play Games To appeal to parents, the restaurant features a more adult ambiance with warm wood, neutral tones and streamlined graphics to create a calmer, more inviting, and friendly environment. In addition, the Birthday Zone features varied seating options for larger parties, with party sections designated by characters in Chuck E.’s band featuring a bold wall graphic silhouette and character biography.  The animatronic characters and stage from years gone by have been retired leaving more space for an hourly dance party with Chuck E.

The interior also features a stunning, all-new light-up dance floor where the hourly live show and birthday show will take place.  This was a huge hit with my daughter and many other children. They loved running, rolling and stomping on the floor to make the lights swirls and sparkle.  Sophie pretended for at least an hour that she was Elsa while completely enamored by this dance floor.

New Ways To Play at The Chuck E. Cheese in Sharonville


All You Can Play At Chuck E Cheese Chuck E. Cheese has implemented a new programmable ‘tap-to-play’ Play Pass game card system. The classic golden tokens have faded away in lieu of a game card. This is perfect as the card can be loaded with a set amount of points or a set amount of time you can play. Adults and kids alike will enjoy playing all the new games and the classics in the newly remodeled Gameroom. Just tap your card and play!

All You Can Play!

picking out prizes All You Can Play lets parents be the hero by giving kids free reign of Chuck E. Cheese to play all games as many times as they want. With All You Can Play, your kids will enjoy free rein of Chuck E. Cheese to play all games they want in the timeframe you choose. This gives kids the opportunity to play more games and win more tickets. Which means that the grand prize is closer than they realize! I really like this concept as it gives structure to your visit, once your time is up, you are done. It is that easy.


After our visit, it is safe to say that Chuck E. Cheese is still the place where a kid can be a kid and even the place where parents can be kids as well. My daughter is already asking to go back to “The Cheese” and we can’t wait to take her.  If you are looking for more fun indoor things to do around the Cincinnati area discover our favorite Cincinnati indoor play areas here.


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