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5 Reasons You Need To Visit ChristmasTown At The Creation Museum

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Christmastime at the Creation MuseumWhat better way to get into the Christmas spirit than by remembering what the season is all about. As a Christian, the birth of our Saviour holds the meaning to this time of celebration. There isn’t a better place to feel the significance of Christmas than at the Creation Museum. Located only a few minutes west of the Cincinnati Airport in Northern Kentucky, ChristmasTown at the Creation Museum is drawing visitors from across the country.   Here are five reasons why the Creation Museum is bound to put you in the holiday spirit.

1.) The Garden of Lights

ChristmasTown At The Creation MuseumA highlight of the Creation Museum is their stunning botanical gardens.  The gardens are open year round to the public, but during Christmas time they are transformed into a spectacular winter wonderland. Strolling over wooden bridges, waterfalls and along the 3-acre lake, you will meet characters from the Bible who share their accounts of the birth of Christ.  Carollers songs ring through the air as you make your way through the glistening lights.  A live nativity declares the story of Jesus’s birth as actors portray what happened that glorious evening.  Children will love the playground that is located by the gardens and is similar to the one found at West Fork Park.  Warm up with a cup of hot chocolate as you make your way to the petting zoo.

2.) Stargazer’s Planetarium

Creation Museum in Northern KentuckyTake a journey through the universe and marvel at the stars and planets in the 30-foot-diameter dome. The, “What Was The Christmas Star?”, the show that runs during the holiday’s attempts to answer the questions regarding the Christmas Star that was depicted in the Bible.  If you really want to feel the magnitude of the universe don’t miss the “Created Cosmos” show.  Shows are generally 20-25 minutes long and the comfy seats fully recline so guests can see the entire dome.  This was a highlight of my visit and I highly recommend it.

3.) The Creation Museum

Creation Museum in Northern KentuckyThe Bible comes to life as vividly detailed exhibits transport guests back in history.  Starting in the lush Garden of Eden visitors are greeted by Adam naming the animals. This begins your chronological walk through the Bible. Each exhibit challenges and inspires the beliefs of Christians and skeptics alike.

Animatronic dinosaurs, fossils, interactive displays, and stunning videos engage visitors as they make their way through Genesis to Revelations.  The museum is a great faith-building attraction for Christians and addresses how God’s Word can answer some big-picture questions.  Many of the theories make for a lively conversation and can spark debate, therefore going in with an open mind may leave you learning new truths or strengthing current beliefs.

There are a few exhibits that I found to be fascinating. Be sure to swing into Dr. Crawly’s Insectorium to see this phenomenal collection of insects.  The entire collection was donated to the museum by avid scientist Dr. Geoff Crawly. Dragon Slayers is another exhibit that will have you thinking differently about you see Medieval art and contemplating the existence of dragons.

4.) The Eden Animal Experience

Live Nativity As you promenade through the beautiful gardens be sure to visit the Creation Museum’s most popular residents.  The Eden Animal Experience is home to camels, wallabies, alpaca, and many exotic animals.  This family-friendly zoo allows guests to have hands-on encounters with these amazing creatures. Bring a few quarters to feed for your new furry friends or $5 for a camel ride. Don’t forget to swing by the live nativity to see the donkeys and sheep.

5.) Fun Extras

Are you the daring type? Ziplines are available throughout the year, weather permitting. This includes ChristmasTown at the Museum.  If soaring through the air isn’t your thing be sure to try out the new 4D Special Effects Theater or take the kids to the new KidsZone that comes included with admission into the museum.

Know Before You Go

ChristmasTown ChristmasTown at the Museum is from 5:00 pm to 8:30 pm every night. They are closed Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and runs until December 30th.  Admission to ChristmasTown at the Museum is free after 5:00 pm. This does not include admission into the museum, only access to the light display at the botanical gardens, nativity and petting zoo.  There are additional charges for parking, camel rides, museum entry, and zip lines.

They are running a great holiday special for those who would like to see the museum. For $14.99 guests not only get to visit ChristmasTown, but they also get access to the Creation Museum, Unlimited Hot Chocolate, Access to the Fun Zone for kids and entry into the 4D Special Effects Theater.

Quick Facts

  • Parking is $5.00 per car, $10 for oversized vehicles.
  • Bring a stroller if you have a little one who may get tired. There is a fair amount of walking.
  • Noah’s Cafe is located inside the Creation Museum for those looking for a snack. They are offering a special turkey dinner during the holidays. A heated, covered patio overlooking the lights and lake is currently open for guests to dine on.
  • For those looking for a perfect Christain gift swing into the Dragon Hall Bookstore which is full of biblical resources, spiritual gifts, children’s books, and toys.Cafe in Creation Museum
  • Plan on spending an hour and a half to two hours to get through the Museum.
  • Plan on an hour and a half to get through the gardens, live nativity and petting zoo.
  • There is a shuttle bus that will take you from the parking lot to the entrance of the Creation Museum.
  • Visit on a weekday when there are not as many crowds.


Consider purchasing a combo ticket and spending an additional evening at their sister attraction, The Ark Encounter.


We would like to thank Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum for sponsoring this post.

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