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5 Reasons My 5-Year-Old Daughter Loves Kindi Kids Dolls

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We review the Kindi Kids Dress Up Magic Party Dolls and why our 5-year-old daughter loves them! 

Scanning the aisles of the toy section can be overwhelming with all the different options on the market. However, our daughter immediately liked the Kindi Kids Dress Up Magic Party when she learned that face paint could magically be revealed on them!

Kindi Kid Dolls
Kindi Kid Dolls

Since then, we have been adding to our collection of Kindi Kids since each one is unique, offering different accessories, clothing, and shoes. We reveal why we think that these toys are an excellent gift for any child!

Disclaimer: Compensation was provided by Moose Toys. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions of Moose Toys.

About Kindi Kids

Kindi Kids is a fun brand brought to us by Moose Toys. Known for their famous Shopkins; Moose Toys has been creating innovative toys to make children super happy! They are a family-run business out of Australia but have expanded globally.

Kindi Kid Dolls Dress up Magic Party

Moose Toys is some fun new toys in their line of interactive dolls called Kindi Kids. There are new Big Sisters, each with a matching Baby sister! They are dressed in unique costumes with face paint magic, ready to attend the Kindi Kids party!

Use The Shopkin Sponge To Reveal Magic Face Paint

My daughter loves to have her face painted. You can find us at face paint booths at festivals and activities when she isn’t using her own face paint. Imagine her delight when her doll magically had face paint too!

Great gift ideas for 5 year olds

The Kindi Kids Dress Up Magic Dolls come with a cute Shopkin sponge so she could magically reveal her face paint with a little ice-cold water. Immediately we had to put our face paint on to match the Angelina Wing’s doll.

Tip: The face paint is revealed with ice cold water, then will fade with warmer water.

The Secret Saddle Unicorn Has A Surprise

Naturally, every Kindi Kids Dress Up Magic Doll needs a magical unicorn to ride! Rainbow Star, the Dress Up Magic Unicorn, has a secret saddle. Turn her horn to reveal a fun surprise of unique hair accessories and more inside!

Kindi Kids

My daughter’s favorite part is brushing her rainbow mane and being a unicorn hair stylist.

Bonus: Rainbow Star has magic face paint that is revealed with ice water and her cute little Shopkin sponge.

Magic facepaint toys

You Can Put Make The Party Pets Move

A darling addition to any Kindi Kids Party is the Party Pets. Each pet has a different matching Kindi Kid so you can collect them all. The pets have a magical little item that makes them move! My daughter loved to wake up her sleepy Tropical Koala with its cup of tea.

Kindi Kids Party is the Party Pets

Having the Kindi Kid take care of her pet has been a fun way for my daughter to play. They hope on Rainbow Star and save her tropical Koala!

The Baby Sister Doll’s Diaper Comes Off

Hands down, the Baby Sister doll is the favorite of all the toys. She gets played with and without the big sister, as my daughter cares for it like her own baby. The pacifier comes out, and the Baby sister also has a magical face paint reveal for a fun surprise!

Baby Sister doll

My daughter likes to bathe the baby, then wipe her forehead with the Shopkin sponge for the reveal.

However, the most played with item is the diaper. The diaper is removable, so the baby is getting constant changes.

 The Baby Sister doll is small enough that we often take her on our road trips.

She Can Collect Them

Since all of the Kindi Kids Magic Dolls dress-up clothes, shoes, and accessories are changeable, you can collect them all. My daughter is all changing their clothes and recreating their outfits. The more outfits and accessories, the better! After everyone is dressed, then it makes for a fun tea party!

Kindi Kids Collection

The dolls are found at Walmart making collecting them easy.

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Kindi Kid Dress Up Magic Face Paint Reveal Dolls

Kindi Kids Magic Face Paint Reveal Dolls

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