Roaring River Falls In Cookeville, Tennessee

An Easy Guide To Roaring River Falls: A Hidden Tennessee Waterfall

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Venturing off the beaten path often leads to the most beautiful destinations, such as Roaring River Falls in Cookeville, Tennessee. A gorgeous Tennessee waterfall only a short walk from the trailhead is always an excellent adventure for your itinerary.

Roaring River Falls In Cookeville, Tennessee
Roaring River Falls In Cookeville, Tennessee

This article will give an easy and quick rundown of everything you need to know about Roaring River Falls in Tennessee.

Where is Roaring River Falls

The first thing is that this is the Roaring River Falls in Cookeville, Tennessee. Not the Roaring River Falls found in the Kings Canyon National Park in California.

Roaring River Falls, also known as Crawford Mills Falls, is based on the old mill that used to stand here. It also goes by Hardy-Reagan Falls, which is from the name of the nearby bridge where TN136 crosses the river.

Parking lot of by Trailhead
Trailhead Parking For Roaring River Falls

The Trailhead is located at 1634 Standing Stone Hwy, Cookeville, TN, 38506. Roughly 20 minutes from Dale Hollow Lake and 10 minutes outside of Livingston, Tennessee, in Overton County.

Directions To The Falls:

  1. From the intersection of TN-293 and TN-136, head north on TN-136 for about 5 miles.
  2. You will come to a bridge; parking is on the left, just before the bridge.
  3. You’ll find a path on the left side of the road that quickly leads to the falls.

The trailhead is not labeled, and the parking lot is easy to miss as it is small. There isn’t any signage, so I recommend placing the address in your GPS and slowing down as you approach your destination to not miss the turn into the tiny parking lot.

Once in the parking lot, you will be able to hear the falls as soon as your exit your vehicle.

Roaring River Falls Trailhead

The trailhead is steps from the parking lot behind a barrier to keep vehicles out. Once on the trail, you begin your descent into the gorge. Visitors will find the path reasonably easy to navigate. Some portions are paved, and parts are gravel, along with some rocky areas leading down to the falls. About a five-minute walk will have you at the falls.

Trail for Roaring River Falls in TN
Trail For Roaring River Falls In TN

The trailhead will take you to the top of the falls overlooking the impressive cliff of dozens of different bedrock strata. It is easy to access the top of the falls from this location. However, the falls have a 13 ft drop, so explore responsibility.

Trail going to waterfall for Roaring River falls
Trail For Roaring River Falls

Tip: A trail takes guests to the waterfall’s base for those not wanting to climb the boulders down.

A Gorgeous Tennessee Waterfall

The best times to visit waterfalls are in the spring or after a good rainfall. We visited the falls after a night of showers, so it flowed nicely in the middle of July. The falls have a dramatic cliff with tons of rock formations giving the waterfall character.

Roaring River Falls In Cookeville, Tennessee
Chasing Waterfalls In Tennessee

The kids loved exploring the shallower upper portion of the falls before venturing to the base. There are some deep areas around the falls, so keep your eye on little explorers. The older kids loved climbing the big rocks around the waterfall, which can get slippery. Come prepared with proper footwear.

Roaring River Falls In Cookeville, Tennessee
A hidden gem in Tennessee!

Plan A Day Exploring Neary Waterfalls

Make out a whole afternoon of adventure by venturing to all these nearby waterfalls in the area. Pack a picnic and enjoy an entire day chasing waterfalls.

Waterloo Falls
Waterloo Falls In Tennessee

Flat Creek Falls ~1.10 miles

Upper Waterloo Falls~ 3.48 miles

Waterloo Falls ~3.58 miles

Mill Creek Cascades~ 3.91 miles

West Bow Falls ~3.92 miles

Upper Mill Creek Cascades ~4.31 miles

Dave Falls ~4.84 miles

Top Things To Pack For Chasing Waterfalls

Hidden Waterfall in Tennessee
Get that iconic waterfall photo at Roaring River Falls

One of the best pieces of advice for chasing waterfalls is to come prepared. Map out your day, have backup plans, and be ready to get wet! Here is a list of our top things to pack with you for a day of waterfall hunting:

  • Sunscreen
  • Bug Spray
  • Water Sandals 
  • A Towel
  • Change of Clothes
  • Bathing Suit
  • Dry Shoes and Socks
  • Picnic Lunch or Snacks
  • Water Bottle
  • Plastic Bag to Place Wet Clothes and Shoes In
  • Waterproof Case For Phone 
  • Phone Charger For Car
  • Printed Directions or a map. Service can be sketchy.

Looking for another great hidden waterfall? Check out Fallsville Falls in Ohio!

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Roaring River Falls: A Hidden Tennessee Waterfall

Roaring River Falls In Cookeville, Tennessee

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