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Mowbot Of Cincinnati: What To Expect When Using A Robotic Mowing Service

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Are you considering a Mowbot to take over the mowing of the yard? Cincinnati is now home to Mowbot of Cincinnati, the city’s first robotic mowing service. This inclusive service not only provides you with the robotic lawn mower (aka mowbot) but maintains, installs, and watches over the mower all season long (April-November).

We have partnered up with Mowbot of Cincinnati to showcase how mowbots work, why they are beneficial to the environment, and what to expect if you use their service to mow your lawn.

Mowbot: Robotic Lawn Mowing
Mowbot of Cincinnati: Robotic Mowing Service

Mowbot of Cincinnati is a locally woman-owned and operated robotic mowing service. They provide the robot that exclusively lives and works on your lawn, the professional installation, and the ongoing maintenance to ensure a premium cut for your grass.

Why We Choose Mowbot Of Cincinnati

As a traveling family, it can be challenging to squeeze in time to mow the lawn. When I come home, the last thing I want to do is to mow the lawn for an hour, especially if it already looks like a jungle. I want to soak in every minute I get to spend with my family, and knowing that my lawn is freshly cut every day is one thing I can take off my plate.

Best of all, Mowbot of Cincinnati comes out to manage our mowbot while we are away. So if it needs its blades replaced, gets stuck on fallen branches after a storm or any other issue, the kind people of Mowbot of Cincinnati show up to correct the problem without me needing to be home.

Mowbot of Cincinnati
Robotic Lawn Mower That Is Kid Safe

Mowing the lawn is a chore that neither my husband nor myself enjoy, which had us initially looking at hiring a lawn service. However, after a bit of research, we chose Mowbot of Cincinnati because it is better for the environment. I have highlighted a few interesting facts about traditional mowers and mowbots to showcase the effects each has on the environment.

What Is The Difference Between A Traditional Lawn Mower and A Mowbot

Traditional lawn mowers

  • In the United States, lawnmowers use 800 million gallons of gas per year.
  • Traditional lawn mowers contribute to 5% of air pollution in the United States.
  • Two-stroke lawn mowers are particularly harmful to the environment and human health. This means that their intake and exhaust functions occur simultaneously, so fuel mixes with oil.
  • About one-third of the fuel is released as an unburned aerosol. These fumes have been found to increase the risk of cancer, heart disease, and asthma. (Two-stroke lawn mowers are being phased out around the world due to their emissions and are now unavailable in many countries. Some cities in the U.S. are trying to eliminate two-stroke engines, but it is not currently on a national scale.)

More Facts

  • The EPA estimates at least 17 million gallons of gasoline are spilled annually just filling lawn mowers. Gasoline contains harmful chemicals, including benzene, a known human carcinogen (causes cancer.) According to a study at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, “even the smallest gasoline spills can have a lasting impact.” Markus Hilpert, Ph.D., a senior scientist in the Department of Environmental Health Sciences in the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health says, “storm runoff gets contaminated with benzene and other harmful chemicals and can infiltrate into adjacent soil patches or form stormwater that may end up in natural bodies of water.” The vapors given off when gasoline evaporates and the substances produced when gasoline is burned (carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, particulate matter, and unburned hydrocarbons) contribute to air pollution. Burning gasoline also produces carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas. []
  • According to the EPA, using one traditional gas-powered lawnmower for an hour generates as many volatile organic compounds (VOCs) as driving a typical car 350 miles. VOCs are known to exacerbate human respiratory and cardiovascular problems.
  • Traditional lawn mowers can throw debris, which can be dangerous. Mowing on slopes is hazardous (mowers can flip). It can be loud for workers (require noise protection equipment,) dusty for workers, stirs up pollen (affecting those with allergies.)
  • “Gallon for gallon of gasoline used, the small gasoline engines found in lawnmowers, leaf blowers, and other power equipment pollute at a higher rate than other equipment and vehicles.” -[The California Air Resources Board] 

Why Mowbot Of Cincinnati Is A Better Alternative To Traditional Lawn Mowers

  • All of their robotic mowers use a battery, eliminating the potential of gasoline spills.
  • Robotic mowers work every day, taking a fraction of an inch off the grass at a time. The clippings return to the soil, decompose and provide nutrients to the grass. Over time, many customers report needing less irrigation and fertilizer.
  • The mowers are quiet enough to run at night, creating significantly less noise pollution. Health issues connected to noise pollution include increased sensitivity to stress, preeclampsia in pregnant women, hearing impairment, short-term raises blood pressure and increased blood viscosity. Long-term exposure results in higher rates of cardiovascular disease. 
  • The mowers produce zero direct emissions. They run on electricity, not fossil fuels. Disadvantages of fossil fuels include land degradation, water pollution, emissions, and contribute to global warming. More information here: 

Robotic Mowings Is A Huge Plus

  • Your yard looks freshly cut every day. What would you do with the extra time if you didn’t have to mow? Additionally, you can now go on vacation, keep your yard maintained, maintain the grass at your second home, etc. 
  • Landscaping companies, along with many other industries, are experiencing a labor shortage. When it rains (as it often does in Cincinnati) they have to catch up on mowing since they can’t work in the rain! Robotic mowing eliminates the need for hauling a truck, trailer, and heavy equipment all over town, which reduces the amount of fuel consumed city-wide! Leave mowing to the robots and give human landscapers more of what they need. Time! This means better customer service, improved productivity, and profitability. Robotic mowing is a win for everyone.
  • No more cross-contamination. Sharing lawn equipment can spread bacteria and disease to your grass. Mowbots live and work exclusively on your property.
  • Safe for kids and pets. Robotic mowers are not toys and children should not play with them.
robotic mowers

How Does A Mowbot Lawn Mower Work

Mowbot lawn mowers are battery-powered. They mow every day, taking off small amounts of grass. They use GPS, artificial intelligence, and underground wires to navigate your lawn and return to the charging station as needed.

Mowbots are kid-friendly/ pet-friendly and equipped with a sensor to stop mowing and redirect if something gets in their way.

Underneath the robotic mower

What Does A Robotic Mowing Service Cost

Get a quote today for how much it would cost to have Mowbot of Cincinnati service your lawn. Pricing will vary depending on yard size and installation options and is comparable to a typical traditional lawn care provider.

Mowbot Installation

The robotic mower works with wires that the team professionally installs around the perimeter of your lawn as well as other strategic locations to help the mower navigate narrow areas and cross sidewalks and/or driveways. The wires are buried slightly below the surface, similar to an invisible fence for pets.

Robotic mowers work on sports fields, farms, and other large open spaces like college and corporate campuses too! Large open areas don’t require any wire at all. The mowers work with GPS and satellite technology!

Mowbot Installation
Mowbot Installation

Installation Day

Plan to spend about 15 minutes on the phone walking through the installation process and reviewing a check-list with the company’s owner before the scheduled installation date. She will also make sure to answer all of your questions. 

The team will arrive at the mutually agreed scheduled date and time with everything they need to complete the installation, including the mower and charging station. You do not need to be home for the installation, although I recommend planning to be available for at least the beginning so they can walk you through each step in person. For example, we added a seam into our driveway for the wires. We had a brief challenge with the caulk. However, the team quickly addressed the situation and made things right.

Wires are placed throughout the property. While they may seem like they are lying on top of the grass initially in some sections of your yard, they settle into the ground, making them practically invisible and unnoticeable.

How Does Mowbot Handle Trees & Roots

Each lawn is unique so there is not a “one size fits all” formula. Generally speaking, wires are strategically placed to prevent the robot from bumping into your trees. Exposed roots will be avoided as well. There are other techniques Mowbot of Cincinnati uses to ensure the health and safety of your trees and the company owner will review all of this with you before your installation.

Charging Station

Mowbot of Cincinnati will ask if you have a preference for the charging station’s location. Keep in mind that it requires access to a functioning outdoor outlet. Unlike a blender or hairdryer, the cord for the charging station is very long, so even if you only have one outdoor outlet, there is some flexibility where the charging station is placed. Self-parking is a crucial component of robotic mowing and Mowbot of Cincinnati will guide you through this decision.

Mowbot charging station
Mowbot Charging Station

How Often Does Mowbot Mow

The best part of robotic mowing is you choose the mowing schedule. Your Mowbot will cut your grass 7 days a week, rain or shine. You can change the schedule any time by sending a text to the company owner. Since your mower is connected to the company network, she can make all kinds of changes remotely! 

Mowing at night is a personal favorite because the Mowbot is so quiet that it won’t disturb anyone. Then that leaves the yard free for kids to play in during the morning and afternoon.

TIP: If you mow at night and park your car in a driveway where the mobot crosses, check under your car that it isn’t stuck before you leave! We have had that happen a few times.

Mowbot in the rain
Mowbot mowing in the rain

What To Expect After Installation

During the installation, the team will troubleshoot areas around your lawn to ensure an effective installation. Until the mower is out working for an extended period of time, it is difficult to foresee and prevent every potential obstacle. For this reason, Mowbot of Cincinnati schedules regular visits to check on the mower for the first few weeks after the installation, which they refer to as the set-up period. 

After those initial few weeks, your robotic mower should not experience hiccups unless someone forgets to put up a toy or a large stick gets in its way. After that, the Mowbot of Cincinnati team will be out for scheduled maintenance and to clean up and prep the mower and charging station for storage in November.

The mower has built-in sensors so it will turn off immediately if it feels like it’s being lifted, turned over or rolls even slightly outside of its boundary wire. The homeowner enters the individual 4-digit pin code to resume mowing. It only takes a few seconds to get your mower back and running. If you’re out of town, Mowbot of Cincinnati will restart your mower for you! 

Name Your Mowbot

One of the best parts of having a Mowbot is that they become part of the family. We named our Mowsby, but there are many creative names to choose from; Mowana, Sir Clippington, Mowgli, etc. So let those creative juices flow to think of an epic name.

A Gradual Change In Your Lawn

Since Mowbot cuts your lawn daily, the grass clippings return to the soil, decompose and serve as natural nutrition for your lawn. After a few months, the yard will begin to look more lush and vibrant.

Update: We have noticed a change in our lawn since we began using Mowbot of Cincinnati. Our grass would often dry out or have patches that would be lush. With the grass clippings acting as fertilizer, our grass is looking fuller and greener than years prior.

Kid Friendly robotic mowing services
Mowbot: Robotic Mowing Service

More Time For Family

One of the first things you will notice is that you have more time to spend with your family or doing things you enjoy. Having a well-manicured lawn daily is refreshing. Not having to carve out a few hours each week to maintain the lawn is priceless.

Mowbot of Cincinnati

Additional Thoughts About Mowbot?

In our honest opinion, Mowbot of Cincinnati was here a lot after the installation to get Mowsby up and running. They were a brand-new business at the time, and we were one of their very first installations. It was frustrating for me that it wasn’t the smooth beginning I was anticipating, but I’m so happy I stuck it out. Now Mowsby will only get stuck if something is in its way—either a fallen branch, toy, or large pinecone. The Mowbot cuts our grass 7 days a week, rain or shine, providing us with a beautiful lawn all season long. It is great not having to worry about our yard when we are home or away.

Head over to Mowbot of Cincinnati and be sure to tell them Consistently Curious sent you for a $25 referral credit! 

Mowbot services is a great gift for dad. If you are looking for additional gift ideas check out our Gift Guide For The Travel Loving Dad!

Mowbot Of Cincinnati: Robotic Mowing Service

Mowbot: Robotic Mowing Services