Tiny Houses In Hocking HIlls Ohio
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Why Tiny House Rentals in Hocking Hills Should Be On Your Bucket List

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Good things often come in small packages, including houses. The Tiny Houses of Hocking Hills are darling tiny house rentals that guests can enjoy while exploring the beauty of the nearby state park. For those looking for an affordable, unique Ohio adventure, Tiny Houses of Hocking Hills offers the perfect retreat.

We would like to thank the Tiny Houses of Hocking Hills for hosting our wonderful stay. As always, opinions are our own. This page contains affiliate links. 

Tiny house rental in Hocking Hills Ohio

Where Are The Tiny House Rentals In Hocking Hills

Hocking Hills is located in southeastern Ohio. There are nine state parks and forests that offer plenty of beautiful hiking, scenic views, and peaceful walks. The Tiny House Rentals are on wheels so can be moved, but two currently have found their home at the Campbell Cove Campground on Lake Logan. While the third is located nearby with a beautiful view of Lake Logan.

Choose From Three Tiny House Rentals

Three Tiny Houses are available for rent on Airbnb! The hosts are incredible, super thoughtful, and keep the tiny houses spotless. They offer contactless check-in/ check-out, which allows guests to arrive at their leisure anytime after check-in. Each tiny house is unique, offering a variety of layouts, and is relatively inexpensive, starting at $116. During our visit, we stayed in the Juniper. The other tiny houses are the Trillium and Gladiola.

Tiny Houses In Hocking HIlls Ohio

Special Offer 

Save $25 off your tiny house stay on visits from January 2021 to March 2021 by mentioning Consistently Curious in a message to the host upon booking!

The Juniper

After being confined in a house with my family for the past year, I was curious to see how downsizing our living space would be for the weekend. Upon arrival, my three-year-old daughter made herself right at home. The absence of television went unnoticed as free time was spent playing games, making up stories, and creating our own fun in between our hikes.

For those looking to connect wirelessly still, the wi-fi is excellent, with fast service.

Tiny house living

The stunning view of Lake Logan encourages guests to take advantage of the wooden deck by relaxing with a cup of coffee in one of the chairs. A fire pit lures visitors to gather around to tell stories, indulge in s’mores, and enjoy a relaxing evening. The outdoor string lights add a charming ambiance to the already cozy home.

View of Lake Logan

Step inside, where the tasteful decor creates a homely atmosphere that is overly inviting. Did I mention the floors are heated? It will spoil guests on cold winter days by keeping everyone’s tootsies toasty. To ensure guests are comfortable, the tiny house is equipped with a mini-split HVAC unit to keep it warm in the winter and cool in the summer.


Upon walking into the Juniper there is a big kitchenette complete with sink, a good size mini-fridge, microwave, induction stove (it is in the drawer above a step going into the living space). The kitchen is fully stocked will pots, pans, dishes, and any other essential cooking item.

Kitchen Area

A fully equipped kitchen will allow guests to create their meals in the tiny home. It is a budget-friendly way to save money while experiencing everything that the tiny house rental offers.

Little details that make guests feel more at home can be found throughout the tiny house. They have everything from various spices for cooking, sugar, salt, pepper, creamer, k-cups, bottled water, s’more supplies, popcorn, and having hot chocolate mixes in cocoa mugs.

The Bathroom

The Juniper offers a full bathroom with a shower. Keep in mind that the toilet is a composting toilet, so EVERYONE must sit down to do their business. Be sure to read the instructions for clarity on how to use a composting toilet properly. For families with younger kids, you may need to assist them.

Composting Toilet Inside tiny house

Another important fact is that water is limited. Keep shower time to a minimum to avoid running out of water. In the event it does happen, the host will come and refill the water tanks. They do check them daily, replenishing as needed.

Sleeping in a Tiny House

The couch in the living room folds out into a snug little bed in addition to the full-size loft bed. Linens for the fold-out bed are tucked away in the storage under the couch, so there is no need to bring your own.

Conversion Bed

Tips For Staying In A Tiny House Rental

  • Pack small! In tiny houses, space is not abundant. Pack only the necessities and in the smallest tote or suitcase you have. There are a few spots to store your luggage but do not overpack. If you bring in three full-size suitcases, chances are you will be keeping a few of those in your car.
  • Don’t think that the tiny house has enough room? I recommend checking out their other rental, The Barn Suite!
  • The drive to get to Hocking Hills State Park is roughly twenty minutes.
  • There are plenty of great restaurants within walking distance of the Juniper. We recommend La Casada; they offer carry-out margaritas!
  • Watch your head! It is easy to bump up in the loft! We didn’t allow our daughter up there unless she was supervised; however, after several bumps on the noggin, she was banned!
  • There is no ice available. If you enjoy ice for your drinks, be sure to pack some. There is not a freezer in the mini-fridge, so plan accordingly.
  • Firewood is available for sale at the campground or through the hosts. I recommend ordering a bundle when you book your stay, so it is there upon arrival.
  • Bottled water is provided. It can be found in the bookcase.
Inside the Tiny Houses of Hocking Hills

Things To Do Near The Tiny House Rentals In Hocking Hills

Take A Hike

Hocking Hills State Park is full of scenic trails for all experience levels. Whether it is venturing to Old Man’s Cave, taking a stroll through Conkle’s Hollow Nature Preserve, or taking in the beauty of Cedar Falls. One of our favorite hikes is to Ash Cave. The trail is accessible and perfect for toddlers.

Don’t know where to start your hiking adventure? Check out the Ten Best Hocking Hills Hikes.

Hiking with kids? This is an excellent guide for Hiking with Kids in Hocking Hills.

Ash Cave

Go Rock Climbing or Rappelling

Experience the thrilling side of Hocking Hills by going rock climbing. High Rock Adventures offer a variety of tours and unique experiences. Learn about High Rock Adventures Rock Climbing for your next visit to Hocking Hills.

Take Float Down The River On A Canoe

A variety of canoe liveries are available through the Hocking Hill region. It is a fun, enjoyable outdoor experience that is bound to leave lasting memories. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

Be sure to add the Tiny Houses of Hocking Hills to your Ohio bucket list!!

Another unique rental in Ohio are the Treehouses at the Mohican’s!

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Tiny House Rentals In Hocking Hills Ohio

Tiny House Rentals In Hocking Hills
Tiny House Rentals in Hocking Hills