The Tin Shed at the Mohicans: A Treehouse Rental In Ohio
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The Tin Shed At The Mohicans: A Unique Treehouse Rental In Ohio

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Have you ever slept in a treehouse? The Tin Shed is one of many unique treehouse rentals available at the Mohicans in Glenmont, Ohio. This Ohio bucket list item is one that has topped the chart for years, so when an opportunity to cross it off became available, we took it!

The Mohicans offers a variety of treehouse and cabin lodging options near Mohican State Park. These treehouses make the ideal remote getaway that lets guests reconnect with nature. We opted to stay at the Tin Shed for one night during our scenic Ohio road trip for our tenth anniversary. Here is an inside look at the Tin Shed and what to expect during a visit to the Mohicans. This page contains affiliate links.

The Tin Shed at the Mohicans: A Treehouse Rental In Ohio

The Tin Shed At The Mohicans

One of the main reasons we picked this particular treehouse was its incredible design along the 100ft extension bridge. A favorite feature is the garage door that can open up, bringing the great outdoors straight into the living space.

The Tin Shed received its name after the locally renowned Tin Shed Garden Cafe on Alberta Street in Portland, Oregon.

The Mohicans have been featured on the popular Discovery TV series, ‘Treehouse Masters’, with its famous Little Red Treehouse designed by Pete Nelson. There are eight treehouses that guests have the opportunity to stay at, along with a unique Airstream Treehouse.

The treehouses are self-check in, meaning there is no interaction with staff. A code to enter the treehouse is sent to you prior to your arrival.

The Tin Shed at the Mohicans: A Treehouse Rental In Ohio

How To Get Into The Tin Shed Treehouse At The Mohicans

Follow the directions given to you in your reservation from The Mohicans. There is minimal cell phone service, and typing it into Google Maps will often result in a few wrong turns. The directions from the Mohicans were easy to follow. Yes, if you end up on a gravel road, you are going the right way!

There is a sign that greets visitors to the Mohicans and the designated treehouses that are off this particular drive. The Tin Shed is one of the first ones you will see. It has a designated parking area that is near the stairwell that is labeled Tin Shed Parking. Not to be confused with the main driveway that leads to the Grand Barn.

The Tin Shed at the Mohicans: A Treehouse Rental In Ohio

The Tin Shed Treehouse is unique in that guests must climb a 25-foot high spiral steel staircase to reach the extension bridge. The 100ft extension bridge then takes them out to the treehouse. The bridge does sway, adding to the adventure, and is the only way to enter and exit the treehouse.

PRO TIP: PACK LIGHT!! Keep in mind that you will have to carry your luggage up the stairwell and over the bridge. Pack only the necessities in a backpack and a day cooler to make it easier to haul.

Outdoor shower at the Mohicans

Is There A Bathroom At The Tin Shed Treehouse?

Yes! All the treehouses have plumbing, including a potty. The Tin Shed has an indoor and outdoor shower. The outdoor shower has privacy, so there should be no fear of offending the neighboring squirrels.

There is also an indoor shower with ceramic tiles. Bathroom soap, shampoo/conditioner, extra toilet paper, and towels are provided. The hot water tank is small, allowing for only one person to shower at a time before it fills up again. That is just the amount of time needed to enjoy another cup of coffee on the beautiful balcony.

The Tin Shed at the Mohicans: A Treehouse Rental In Ohio

A Look Inside The Tin Shed Treehouse At The Mohicans

After opening the front door, guests enter the cozy kitchen. The kitchen is stocked with all the necessities needed to make meals. There is a mini-fridge, toaster oven, sink, hot plate for cooking, cookware, dishes, and cutlery. There is NOT a microwave; however, there is a coffee maker, teapot, and wine glasses.

Kitchen area inside the Mohican Treehouse

Our dinner recommendation is to bring a charcuterie board to nibble on while enjoying a bottle of wine on the balcony. The balcony wraps around the entire treehouse, giving way to gorgeous treetop views.

Kitchen area in the Mohican Treehouse

The kitchen leads to a luxurious lounge space complete with a garage door that opens up to the balcony. During cold weather months, the garage door is not operational, and the treehouse has heaters to keep it warm. The entire treehouse is full of windows giving stunning views of the treetop canopy any time of year.

The Tin Shed at the Mohicans: A Treehouse Rental In Ohio

The loft of the Tin Shed is only accessible by ladder. Once in the loft, two queen beds look out into the treetops through a fabulous picture window. Outlets, along with a tiny lamp and nightstand, can be found in the loft as well.

Picnic area and firepit with the treehouses at the Mohicans

What To Bring To The Tin Shed Treehouse

Outside of the regular clothing and toiletries, here are a few items to consider bringing along for your Tin Shed Treehouse Rental.

  • DVDs. There is a TV in the treehouse; however, cable and satellite TV are not available.
  • FOOD! While coffee and coffee filters are provided complimentary, don’t forget additional food items such as creamer, sugar, spices, etc. Plan out your meals before arriving, as there are limited resturants in the nearby area.
  • ICE and a way to store it. There is not an ice maker in the treehouse nor a place to go and get ice. My recommendation: Depending on your stay’s duration, consider bringing a small cooler dedicated to ice.
  • Garbage Bags: There is a garbage can be located inside each treehouse with a single garbage bag. Guests are to dispose of all their trash by taking it to a dumpster near the Grand Barn.
  • Drinks. The treehouse does have running water, but if you fancy something other than tap water, ensure to pack a few beverages.
  • Firewood: The Treehouse does have a firepit and a picnic table.
  • Things to Grill: The Tin Shed does have a grill. Bring charcoal, foil, and all the fixings for a great BBQ.
  • Rainy Day Activities. Pack a game or two, a good book, a pack of cards, a puzzle, a magazine, and toys for kids in case of rain.
The extension bridge at the Tin Shed Treehouse at the Mohicans

Our Honest Thoughts About A Stay In The Tin Shed Treehouse

Crossing this bucket list item cost us roughly $450 a night during the first week of October. Hence, why we only stayed one night. I am grateful they offer one night’s stay because the experience is unique. Being secluded up in the treetops with little cell phone service is a serene escape.

Inside of the Ohio treehouse

Visiting With A Toddler

However, after visiting with our three-year-old daughter, I can’t say I would stay at this particular treehouse again until she is a little older. The steep ladder up to the loft was naturally her favorite, which led to a lot of anxiety. Once in the loft, a drop down to the kitchen below was another fear. My daughter will tell you it was a fantastic place to stay because of the bridge and the loft, but as the parent, I think I would look at the other Mohican treehouse and cabin options.

Stairs up to the treehouse

Visiting In The Rain

It rained the entire evening/night we arrived at the Tin Shed. While carrying our belonging up the stairs and across the bridge in the rain was not ideal, there are pieces of chicken wire on the bridge’s planks to give traction.

My husband’s fear of heights kicked in with the inclement weather on the bridge, which almost resulted in him staying overnight elsewhere. He conquered his fear and only made one other trip over the bridge, that was back to the car the next day. Once in the treehouse, he didn’t have a problem. The treehouse would only sway a little when someone was crossing the bridge.


The Mohicans

Overall, I would consider a visit to the Mohicans for a perfect Ohio Treehouse escape. For the money you spend, plan so that your stay is as stress-free as possible and that you spend time enjoying the treehouse. 

Save money by booking the treehouse with another couple and split the cost.

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The Tin Shed: A Treehouse Rental In Ohio

The Tin Shed at the Mohicans: A Treehouse Rental In Ohio
The Tin Shed at the Mohicans: A Treehouse Rental In Ohio