Trammel Fossil Park In Cincinnati Ohio
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A Guide To Trammel Fossil Park In Ohio

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Trammel Fossil Park in Sharonville, Ohio, is a park that the whole family will dig. This 10-acre fossil park is one of few places in Cincinnati where visitors can safely dig for fossils and keep what they find! Round up the archeologists in your family for a day of adventure at Trammel Fossil Park. 

Trammel Fossil Park In Sharonville Ohio

Where Is Trammel Fossil Park In Ohio

Sign For Fossil Park Trammel Fossil Park is located off the beaten path in an industrial area of Sharonville. A large sign will direct you where to turn off of Hauck Rd onto Tramway Dr. The park is located at the end of Tramway Dr. Keep in mind the park looks deceiving as it consists of mostly an undeveloped hill.  

There is a parking lot with plenty of parking available. There is no charge for parking. 

Address: 11935 Tramway Dr, Sharonville, OH 45241

Does It Cost Anything To Visit Trammel Fossil Park In Ohio

Admission to Trammel Fossil park is entirely FREE!! Also, you can keep any fossils you find! 

The fossil park is open all year-long for endless opportunities to find buried treasures. 

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Trammel Fossil Park In Sharonville Ohio

About Trammel Fossil Park 

The R.L. Trammel family donated the park. Mr. R.L Trammel had been a developer in Sharonville and the surrounding area for over 40 years, including developing all the properties on Tramway Drive. When Trammel heard that schools as far away as New York were traveling to the park for fossil hunting, the family decided to preserve the parcel for future generations. 

The 10-acres of fossil-rich hillside and undisturbed natural woodland was donated to the City of Sharonville with the desire that it would be preserved and improved for educational purposes. Mr. and Mrs. R.L and Eilen Trammel celebrated their 58th wedding anniversary at the park’s dedication on September 29, 2003. 

Trammel Fossil Park In Sharonville Ohio

Navigating Trammel Fossil Park 

There are four formations throughout Trammel Fossil Park. To find fossils from the different formations, locate the designated sign to help guide you to the formation. The signs can be found on the informational billboards at the park’s entrance near the picnic tables. Since the plot of Trammel Fossil Park has never been disturbed, there is are tons of significant fossils in excellent condition waiting to be unearthed! 

Fairview Formation- Orange Sign 

This formation was named after the hillsides exposed at Fairview Heights in Cincinnati. The limestone layers in this formation typically range from 7 to 15 inches in thickness. Take a closer look to see ripple markets caused by water moving across the surface of the sea. Common fossils found in the Fairview formation are Bryozoans, Brachiopods (have two shells not similar to one another, Crinoids (sea lilies), and Gastropods (snails). 

Miamitown Shale – Purple Sign 

The formation lying on top of the Fairview is called the Miamitown Shale. The Miamitown formation accumulated in a trough, with the seafloor of the trough composing mostly of mud. Shells are quite common here along with Brachiopods, Gastropods, Pelecypods (clams), and Edrioasteroids (an extinct group related to sea stars and sand dollars).

Bellevue Formation -Blue-Green Sign 

This formation was named for the rocks first studied around Bellevue, Kentucky. The Bellevue formation reflects the time with the shallowest water when looking at the layering of limestone. Common fossils found in the Bellevue Formation are Bryozoans and Brachiopods. 

Corryville Formation -Gold Sign 

The fourth formation is the Corryville formation that is pack full of fun, exciting fossils. Fossil hunters will love looking for Bryozoans, Brachiopods, Crinoids, and Trilobites (an extinct group of horseshoe crab).  

what to bring to a fossil park

What To Bring To A Trammel Fossil Park

Any good archeologist should come prepared for their dig, no matter how big or small it may be. The terrain is rocky and steep, so proper footwear is encouraged. Sandals are not a good option because of how easy it is to slide and slip on the loose rocks. 

Here are a few other items to consider bringing in your backpack: 

  • Sunscreen. The park offers little to no shade. 
  • A bucket to collect treasures in.
  • Paint Brushes of different sizes.
  • A water sprayer filled with water.  
  • An extra bottle of water for the sprayer.
  • Shovels and spades.
  • Screwdrivers-big and little to help pick fossils out. 
  • A pickaxe for those older archeologists. 
  • A towel 
  • A drink and snacks.  

Free things to do in CIncinnati with kids

Tips For Visiting Trammel Fossil Park 

Before you pack up the family to come to find fossils that date back millions of years, there are few tips to keep in mind to ensure you make the most of your visit. 

  • Wear proper footwear. As mentioned earlier, the rocky terrain can be slippery, and the rocks can be sharp! 
  • Visit the park on a cool, cloudy day. Since there is little shade, it gets hot on the rocks. Be sure to pack water, sunscreen, and a hat. 
  • There is a port-a-potty in the parking lot along with a portable handwashing station. 
  • Picnic tables are available; however, they are not shaded. 
  • Before climbing the hillside, be sure to read the educational billboards giving a brief overview of the area, the fossils, and history. 
  • Consider wearing pants. Sitting and kneeling on the rocks can get uncomfortable and dirty. 
  • Enjoy the scenic view from the top of the park, however…
  • There are parts of the hill that are steep and treacherous for babies and toddlers. One wrong move could send them tumbling down a rocky slope. Keep smaller children in the lower portions of the hillsides. There are still plenty of great fossils to find there.  
  • If bringing a stroller, keep in mind that the only place you could take it is to the picnic and educational billboard area since it is paved. A carrier will be a better option. 


Free things to do in CIncinnati with kids  

We have found this to be one of the best free things to do in Cincinnati for the entire family. If visiting during the summer months, venture over to have lunch at a Cincinnati classic, the Root Beer Stand

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Trammel Fossil Park In Sharonville Ohio

Trammel Fossil Park Ohio Fossil Park