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Your Ultimate Weekend Getaway to Hocking Hills, Ohio

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Hocking Hills, Ohio, is a hidden gem for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts looking for a weekend getaway. With its stunning rock formations, lush forests, and cascading waterfalls, Hocking Hills offers the perfect backdrop for a rejuvenating weekend retreat.

Rock House in Hocking Hills, Ohio

This 3-day itinerary will guide you through the best hikes, scenic spots, and activities to make the most of your time in Hocking Hills. From exploring caves to zip-lining through the treetops, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in this beautiful region of Ohio. So grab your hiking boots and camera, and get ready for an unforgettable weekend adventure in Hocking Hills!

Why Hocking Hills Is The Perfect Weekend Getaway Destination

Hocking Hills radiates a unique charm that draws in travelers seeking respite and rejuvenation. The natural beauty of its landscapes, from the majestic waterfalls to the flourishing forests, offers a serene backdrop for unwinding and reconnecting with nature.

Our 3-day weekend itinerary in Hocking Hills includes beautiful hikes!
Our 3-day weekend itinerary in Hocking Hills includes beautiful hikes like this one to Lower Falls!

The abundance of outdoor activities, such as hiking, zip-lining, and canoeing, caters to adventurers looking to explore and push their limits. Additionally, the quaint towns dotted throughout the region provide a glimpse into local culture and heritage, enriching your weekend escape.

With its diverse offerings and peaceful ambiance, Hocking Hills encapsulates the essence of a perfect weekend getaway in Ohio.

Bridge at Old Man's Cave in Hocking Hills
Bridge at Old Man’s Cave in Hocking Hills

Distance to Hocking Hills From:

Columbus: 53.5 miles, roughly one hour

Cincinnati: 131 miles, roughly 2 hours and 10 minutes

Cleveland: 193.8 miles, roughly 3 hours

Travel Tip: Cell service is very sketchy in Hocking Hills. Download your maps before you go because many spots do not have service.

Grab our FREE 3-day Hocking Hills Itinerary below:

Day 1: Explore the natural wonders of Hocking Hills

Start your day by immersing yourself in the breathtaking natural wonders of Hocking Hills. Begin with a hike to Old Man’s Cave, where you can marvel at the towering cliffs and cascading waterfalls.

Old Man's Cave in the wintertime
Old Man’s Cave in the wintertime

3:00 pm Old Man’s Cave

Address: Old Man’s Cave State Route 664, Logan, OH 43138

One of the most iconic hikes in Hocking Hills State Park is the Old Man’s Cave loop trail, which takes hikers into the gorge, past waterfalls, and popular natural marvels like the Devil’s Bath Tub.

Old Man's Cave is a must for any weekend getaway to Hocking Hills
Old Man’s Cave is a must for any weekend getaway to Hocking Hills

The one-way loop trail is approximately 1 to 1.5 miles long and begins at the kiosk at Upper Falls. Exiting through Old Man’s Cave is an option, making the hike roughly 1 hour long. However, hikers will have a variety of options to extend their adventure, with a trail venturing to Lower Falls, taking a spur trail to Broken Rock Falls, or taking the one-way 6-mile hike to Ash Cave.

The Old Man’s Cave exit ends at the Naturalist Cabin and Visitor Center, which has nice restrooms.

5:00 pm Check into the cabin or campsite

Unwind at your cozy cabin or campsite after your hike at Old Man’s Cave. The area offers abundant lodging options, including many great cabins and unique rental options for all group sizes.

Once settled in, I recommend having dinner at your cabin or opening a bottle of wine with a charcuterie board to celebrate your weekend escape.

The Library Treehouse at Among the Trees Lodging
The Library Treehouse at Among the Trees Lodging

A few of our favorite Hocking Hills rentals include:

Staying overnight in a Hobbit House.

Sleeping in the treetops in a tree house at Among The Trees.

For larger groups, check out the Manor.

For a truly cozy experience, stay overnight in a Tiny House.

Tiny Houses of Hocking Hills
Tiny Houses of Hocking Hills

7:00 pm Catch the sunset at Ash Cave

Address: Ash Cave 27291 State Route 56, South Bloomingville, OH 43152 

Ash Cave is one of the top things to do in Hocking Hills
Ash Cave is one of the top things to do in Hocking Hills

If the hike at Old Man’s Cave didn’t exhaust you, round out your evening by catching the sunset at Ash Cave. The paved gorge trail will take you to the mesmerizing recess cave adorned with a stunning waterfall. The one-way trail will then take able hikers up strenuous steps to the rim trail, leading back to the parking lot.

Overall, this must-do Hocking Hills trail is 1/2 mile long and will take roughly 40 minutes.

More Things To Do In Hocking Hills:

  • Grab dinner at Millstone Southern Smoked BBQ.
  • Listen to live music and sip wine at the Hocking Hills Winery.
  • Choose between 24 soft-serve flavors at Old Man’s Cave General Store.
Hocking Hills Winery
Hocking Hills Winery

Day 2: Indulge In Outdoor Activities and Local Cuisine

Awaken to the serene beauty of Hocking Hills and fuel up with a hearty breakfast at a charming local eatery such as the Hocking Hills Diner or grab a cup of coffee at Hocking Hills Inn and Coffee Emporium.

Dive into a day of adventure by exploring the region’s numerous hiking trails and scenic vistas. Choose from activities like rock climbing, horseback riding, or even ziplining through the forest

10:00 am Hike To Cedar Falls

Address: Cedar Falls · St. Rt. 374. Logan, OH 43188

After breakfast, hit the trails early, especially in the summer, before the heat of the day sets in. One of our favorite hikes is to majestic Cedar Falls. There is a new parking lot with ample parking, restrooms, and easy access to the trailhead.

Cedar Falls in Hocking Hills
Cedar Falls in Hocking Hills

The one-mile round trip hike will take roughly an hour to complete offering hikers picturesque views of sandstone cliffs, hemlock forests, and alongside Queer Creek. Cedar Falls is where Queer Creek tumbles over  Blackhand sandstone.

11:30 am Conkles Hollow Nature Preserve

If squeezing in another hiking trail before lunch is doable, head to Conkles Hollow Nature Preserve. As one of the few accessible trails in Hocking Hills, this paved trail takes you into the heart of one of Ohio’s deepest gorges. Conkles Hollow is full of scenic cliffs, recess caves, waterfalls, and more!

Conkles Hollow Nature Preserve
Conkles Hollow Nature Preserve

The Gorge Trail is a .5-mile out-and-back trail ideal for wheelchairs, strollers, young children, and anyone who appreciates nature. The trailhead to the Rim Trail is also located here. This more intense hike takes hikers to the top of the gorge for scenic views.

Conkles Hollow offers a paved trail that takes you through the gorge
Conkles Hollow offers a paved trail that takes you through the gorge

Tip: Where the Gorge Trail ends, those looking for a more moderate hike can continue onward to the Lower Falls.

1:00 pm Grab Lunch

For lunch, enjoy family favorites at a cozy cafe like TheFeed or pack a picnic to enjoy at one of the trails.

TheFeed: 428 E Front St, Logan, OH 43138

Grab a gyro from the TheFeed
Grab a gyro from the TheFeed

2:00pm Choose Your Own Adventure

In the afternoon, embark on a thrilling zip-lining adventure through the lush canopy or take a leisurely canoe ride along the tranquil waters. You choose your next adventure!

Hocking Hills Canopy Tours

Address: 10714 Jackson Street, Rockbridge, Ohio 43149

Hocking Hills Canopy Tours in Rockbridge, Ohio, is home to many exciting outdoor adventures, but nothing compares to the thrill of their first-class Original Canopy Tour! Fast, fun, and exhilarating, this 2.5 to 3 hour spectacular adventure offers nature lovers and thrill seekers alike the unique opportunity to zip through the treetops on a network of cables and adventure sky bridges suspended high above the forest floor, overlooking a cave, rock cliffs, the Hocking River, and other flora and fauna!

Float Down The River

Discover Hocking Hills by floating down the Hocking River. Whether you want to kayak, canoe or tube, plenty of river adventures are waiting for you. Hocking Hills Canoe Livery offers river tours and canoe, kayak, and raft rentals.

Add kayaking to your Hocking Hills Itinerary
Add kayaking to your Hocking Hills Itinerary

For those looking for even more family fun, check out Hocking Hills Adventures which offers river trips and a family fun center, complete with go-kart rides, an 18 hole miniature golf course and an arcade style game room. Look into their Family Fun Package that includes a canoe trip!

Hocking Hills Children’s Museum

Address: 78 W Main St, Logan, OH 43138

Let imaginations run wild at the new Hocking Hills Children’s Museum in downtown Logan. If you are traveling with little ones, this spot is a great addition to any Hocking Hills itinerary. As frequent visitors to Hocking Hills, the museum offers families a great indoor alternative when the weather turns bad, along with being an interactive play space to discover, learn, and explore.

We give our full review of the Hocking Hills Children’s Museum, including the best ages!

Travel Tip: The Hocking Hills Frozen Yogurt Company is right next to the Hocking Hills Children’s Museum.

Hocking Hills Children's Museum
Hocking Hills Children’s Museum

Hike the Rock House

Many visitors come to Hocking Hills to immerse themselves in nature. Another great hike to add to your 3-day Hocking Hills getaway is the Rock House. The Rock House is one of the most unique hikes in Hocking Hills, Ohio. A tunnel-like cave in the cliffside lures hikers inside by offering incredible views out of its natural rocky windows.

Step inside the Rock House
Step inside the Rock House

Skim our quick 7 Tips for Hiking The Rock House prior to going!

7:00 pm Dinner at Cabin

As the day winds down, unwind back at the cabin. Pick up a pizza from Pizza Crossing, then relax by a crackling bonfire under the canopy of stars. Don’t forget to pack your s’more supplies.

Make your own creation at Hocking Hills Frozen Yogurt!
Make your own creation at Hocking Hills Frozen Yogurt!

More Things To Do In Hocking Hills:

  • For a sit-down dinner, head to 58 West.
  • Go moonshine tasting at Hocking Hills Moonshine.
  • Treat yourself to Hocking Hills Frozen Yogurt.

Day 3: Relaxation And Reflection Before Heading Home

Embrace a slower pace on your last day in Hocking Hills. Begin with a leisurely breakfast at your cabin or campground. Take a moment to reflect on the experiences of the past two days and savor the memories created.

hobbit house in Hocking hills ohio
The Hobbit House in Hocking Hills

Often times on the final day there is only time for one or two more activities before hitting the road. Whether you want to squeeze in one more hike or indulge in a massage, there is still plenty to explore in Hocking Hills.

The Spa At Cedar Falls

Address: 21190 OH-374, Logan, OH 43138

Consider visiting The Spa at Cedar Falls for a rejuvenating massage or facial to unwind before going back home. After your spa treatment, grab a bite to eat at the Kindered Spirits Restaurant (make a reservation).

Hike To The Whispering Cave

Making national news the Whispering Cave Trail has seen a surge of hikers seeking to check this natural wonder off their bucket list. The hike to Whispering Cave is a moderate 5 mile, one-way loop. The hike is home to a swinging bridge and a waterfall.

Spend The Day On Lake Logan

Address: 30443 Lake Logan Rd, Logan, OH 43138

Nestled within the beauty of Hocking Hills, the Lake Logan Marina stands as a beacon of leisure and adventure amidst Ohio’s natural wonders. Rent a pontoon boat and spend the day cruising Lake Logan and soaking up the scenic views.

Before departing, stop by a quaint local market to pick up some souvenirs or locally crafted goods to cherish the essence of your getaway.

Tips For A Successful Weekend Getaway In Hocking Hills

1. Pack light and strategically – Ensure you have essentials like comfortable shoes for hiking, layers for changing weather, and a camera to capture stunning memories.

Upper Falls at Old Man's Cave
Upper Falls at Old Man’s Cave

2. Plan ahead – Research and book accommodations and activities in advance to avoid any last-minute stress. Download maps ahead of time since service is not reliable.

3. Embrace nature – Take time to unplug and connect with the natural beauty of Hocking Hills by exploring the trails and enjoying outdoor activities.

Old Man's Cave Loop
Old Man’s Cave Loop

4. Stay flexible – While it’s good to have an itinerary, allow room for spontaneity and relaxation to truly recharge.

5. Support local businesses – Shop at charming local stores and dine at quaint eateries to experience the authentic charm of the region.

Hocking Hills Winery
Hocking Hills Winery

6. Enjoy the journey – Whether with friends, family, or solo, savor each moment of your weekend getaway in Hocking Hills for a rejuvenating and memorable experience.

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