Cincinnati Streetcar Tour : Create Your Own Epic Cincinnati Experience

Cincinnati Streetcar Tour : Things To Do In Cincinnati

The streetcar route stops along downtown Cincinnati’s most iconic landmarks, foodie scenes, and trendy boutiques. Developing your own streetcar itinerary is perfect for a fun group outing, a family day or a night on the town.  After scoping out the streetcar tours that were offered I decided to make my own Cincinnati Streetcar Food Tour for an epic birthday bash for my husband.  You can peek at our itinerary below. If you are looking for something unique to do in Cincinnati, I highly recommend putting together your own streetcar tour.


A Few Cincinnati Bell Connector Tips

  • Currently, the going rate for an all-day unlimited streetcar pass is $2.00 per person.  That’s right, two bucks! The fare is only $1.00 for 2 hours and $0.50 for a child’s 2-hour pass.Cincinnati Streetcar Ticketing Station
  • Download the app to make your streetcar experience as smooth as possible.  The app is CincyEZRide. Go to buy tickets. In the first box select Cincinnati Bell Connector (it is the last option),  Follow the prompts to pay for your fare and you are all ready to begin your adventure.
  • Fares can be purchased at the ticket vending machines located at each station. Cash and credit are accepted at the machines.
  • The trains typically run 12-15 minutes apart. However, we did experience a wait time of nearly a half-hour at one point.  Thank goodness the station we were waiting at was by Rhinegeist. We can only assume a streetcar was taken out of commission at it was near 7:00 pm.
  • When the streetcar approaches, it will come to a complete stop. You will then need to push the button on the door to open it.
  • Nothing is scanned and tickets are not collected as you enter the streetcar as you should have already paid prior to boarding via the app or ticket machine.  They do random fare inspections to ensure that riders are paying, and those found without a paid fare will be fined.
  • When approaching your stop, press the red stop button to signal to that you would like to exit.
  • The streetcar runs Monday-Thursday from 6:30 am to midnight, Friday from 6:30 am to 1:00 am, Saturday from 8:00 am to 1:00 am, Sundays and Holidays from 9:00 am to 11:00 pm.

Planning Your Cincinnati Streetcar Tour

Music Hall: Cincinnati Iconic Stops Along Streetcar Route

Don’t have any idea of how to even start planning this epic adventure? From family-friendly stops, a beer enthusiast tour, to eating your way through the city, we have come up with an ideal itinerary for you.  We are sharing our Classic Cincy Streetcar Tour below.  Get our Beer Enthusiast Tour, Family Friendly Tour and Cocktail Tour for FREE HERE!

Cincy Classic Streetcar Tour


Classic Cincy Streetcar Tour

We recommend parking in the Washington Park Garage or under Fountain Square depending on where you would like to begin your journey.  Don’t forget to double check how late the places you want to visit or open till. Often times restaurants close on certain days or are only open for dinner.


Mix and Match Your Tour

One of the best ways to plan your tour is by opening up Google Maps and honing in on places along the streetcar line. I wouldn’t plan on more than four or five stops for a fun-filled evening. That is how we discovered a few gems that you might want to consider adding to your next itinerary.

Cobblestone OTR

Located by Washington Park this corner bar has an intriguing history. The bar sits along Cincinnati’s historic horse-drawn streetcar line and is named from the cobblestone pavement that surrounds a good portion of OTR and Washington Park. The interior decor is streetcar inspired from photos to a streetcar on the bar. It only a few feet away from a current streetcar station which makes this an ideal stop!

Arnold’s Bar and Grill

Arnold's Bar and Grill in Cincinnati

Taqueria Mercado

One of the best Margaritas in Cincinnati


Cincinnati Streetcar Birthday Tour

For inquiring minds who wanted to know where all we went on Streetcar food tour here is our itinerary.  I completely planned it with the streetcar going in the opposite direction so we got to add some fun stops.

Cincy Streetcar Tour



Final Words Of Advice

Cincinnati Streetcar Tour: Fun Things To Do in Cincinnati

Looking for more fun things to do in Cincinnati? Check out our Unique Cincinnati Attractions!

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