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Must Know Tips for Attending Snowland at Great Wolf Lodge

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Once a year, Great Wolf Lodge transforms into Snowland, a magical winter wonderland full of snow showers, dance parties, and many holiday festivities. With daily visits from Santa, beautiful holiday decorations, and an indoor water park always at 84 degrees, Snowland at Great Wolf Lodge will quickly become a new holiday tradition.

Snowland at Great Wolf Lodge
Daily snow showers in the Grand Lobby during Snowland

Before you pack your swimsuit and book your room, check out these helpful tips for attending Snowland to help you prepare for a memorable weekend getaway.

What Makes Snowland So Special?

Snowland is Great Wolf Lodge’s annual holiday celebration that transforms the Lodge into an immersive winter wonderland. From November until early January, Snowland provides holiday entertainment for the whole family.

Daily Snow Showers at Great Wolf Lodge during Snowland
Magical indoor snow falls make for a memorable vacation.

The holiday season is the perfect time to visit as the grand lobby offers daily snow showers and visits with Santa Claus, along with themed crafts and activities such as “Twas the Night Before Snowland” Yoga Tails.

Twinkling lights, cheerful holiday decor, and an oversized Christmas Tree add to the allure of visiting during the holiday season. The staff is full of holiday cheer as they lead the kids through holiday stories, help them create jingle bells to bring to the dance party, or lead them in a fun round of trivia.

Take part in all the holiday festivities
Take part in all the holiday festivities

The Snowland activities and events are included in your stay at the Lodge. Take advantage of the Frosty Fest Family Dance Party every night at 6:15 pm and 9:00 pm for a howling good time. Become a holiday hero by solving clues at the Snowland Scavenger Hunt, or take one of the craft kits back to the room to create.

Themed activities to do during Snowland at Great Wolf Lodge:

  • Daily Snow Showers
  •  Snowland Story Time
  •  Visits with Santa
  •  Twas the Night Before Snowland-Yoga Tails
  •  Unique Snowland arts and crafts theme to the season – You can make them there or take a craft kit with you.
  •  Snowland Scavenger Hunt
  •  Snowland Trivia
  •  Snowland Bingo
  •  Character appearances
  •  Snowland Competition Games
  •  Frosty Fest Family Dance Party
  •  -Get Snowland Glam Ears for an upcharge
  •  -Get a Snowland Package for an upcharge
  •  -Get Specialty Snowland Cocktails in a souvenir cup
T'was The Night Before Snowland Yoga Tails
T’was The Night Before Snowland Yoga Tails

Does Snowland Happen At All Great Wolf Lodges?

Snowland celebrations happen at all Great Wolf Lodges across the country. We attended Snowland at the Great Wolf Lodge in Mason, Ohio, from which I will base my review.

Different Snowland attractions take place at the different lodges around the country. A life-sized gingerbread house may welcome visitors in one, while guests can participate in North Pole University in another.

Grab pictures with Santa Claus during Snowland
Grab pictures with Santa Claus during Snowland

A few of the Great Wolf Lodges offer a Snow Globe experience. During the Snow Globe experience, families will enjoy a private hot cocoa bar with all the fixings, cooking, decorating, and more. Mason does not currently offer the Snow Globes.

Are There Any Discounts For Snowland?

When discussing the pros and cons of Snowland at Great Wolf Lodge, one of the cons is that it can be costly for a one-night stay. Families can look to spend $350 and above on Snowland Suites for a night during a peak weekend. Never fear! We have some tips that can help you save money!

Look for Discount Codes and Specials

Only settle for booking a room with a discount code or taking advantage of one of Great Wolf’s many specials. Sign up for Great Wolf Lodge’s Voyagers Club to receive special discounts and know when big sales are coming.

Great Wolf Lodge Character Appearances
Character appearances are always a hit.

You can often get extra savings when booking a room for more than one night. Check the Coupons and Deals portion of Great Wolf’s main page.

Remember to check Groupon! Great Wolf is known to run specials over on Groupon. We have snagged a suite for $99 a night once!

Visit During the Week

One of the biggest money savers with Great Wolf Lodge is planning a visit on a weekday. Prices are often discounted to entice families to plan their visit during the week. If you are a homeschooled family, they will even offer special discounts on Home School Days.

Split the Cost with Another Family

Another great way to save money is by getting a bigger room and splitting it with another family going with us to the Lodge for the weekend.

Wolf Den Suite
Wolf Den Suite

Are The Snowland Packages Worth It?

When booking your room at Great Wolf Lodge, there are many packages and extras that you can add. Honestly, it depends on your family. You know them best and how they would respond to any extras. Let me break down the different packages so you can see.

Snowland Package

The Snowland Package at Great Wolf Lodge runs around $42.00 in Mason and consists of the following:

  • One Snowland drawstring backpack
  •  One mystery plush
  •  One commemorative ornament
  •  One gingerbread house kit
  •  One Snowland glam ear

In my opinion, this isn’t a bad price for all these signature Snowland items. However, we have too many things cluttering our home, and the last thing I need is more stuff. Here is what I recommend to save money and make it memorable:

  • Purchase a gingerbread house or cookie decorating kit from the store and bring it with you. Keep it a surprise and have them do it in your room.
  •  Get the FREE wolf ears from the Buckhorns gift shop, and bring some holiday ribbon or snowflake stickers to jazz them up!
  •  If you want your child to have a souvenir, let them pick it out. That way, they are getting something they want, and it isn’t a mystery whether they will like it.

Pup Pass/ Paw Pass/ Wolf Pass

I have a love-hate relationship with the attraction passes at the Great Wolf Lodge in Mason. There are many unnecessary extras that I can bring to the Lodge myself, such as goggles and treats. Setting my Scrooge mentality aside, kids get excited over the little perks their passes provide, not to mention the extra discounts you can receive at different places throughout the Lodge with the passes.

Paw Pass Review
Paw Pass

Ultimately, the value of the pass will be based on what you feel your family will use and enjoy. Let me break it down:

Wolf Pass

The Wolf Pass is the most expensive, starting at $74.99 for all the below. I have the included items listed out and then how much these items are to purchase individually in parentheses:

  • One game of MagiQuest or ShadowQuest : ($25)
  •  $5 to spend at our Northern Lights Arcade: ($5)
  •  One Gemstone Mining Experience at Oliver’s Mining Co.: ($12.99)
  •  One small souvenir cup with/ your choice of candy from GW Candy Company ($10)
  •  One scoop of Bear Paw Ice Cream ($3.99)
  •  Choice of the classic wand, standard topper, or Magi belt ($19.99)
  •  One round of Howl-in-One Mini Golf ($7.00)
  •  One game of bowling at our fun-sized Ten Paw Alley ($7.00)
  •  One pair of Great Wolf goggles to enhance the water park experience ($10)

Paw Pass

The Paw Pass starts at $64.99 for all of the below.

  • One MagiQuest game ($25)
  •  Choice of the classic wand, standard topper, or Magi belt ($19.99)
  •  One scoop of Bear Paw Ice Cream ($3.99)
  •  One small souvenir cup filled with candy from GW Candy Company $10
  •  One Paw Points game card for Northern Lights Arcade ($5)
  •  One pair of Great Wolf goggles to enhance the water park experience is $10
Great Wolf Lodge in Mason Arcade
Great Wolf Lodge in Mason Arcade

Pup Pass

The Pup Pass starts at $54.00 for all of the following:

  • One Build-a-Bear animal (outfit not included) $38-$40
  •  One scoop of Bear Paw Ice Cream ($5)
  •  One Paw Points game card for Northern Lights Arcade ($5)
  •  One small Great Wolf Lodge Candy Shop candy cup ($10)

Know That Pajama’s Are A BIG Deal

When families are not splashing at the indoor waterpark, many are in pajamas, especially during the holidays. Families take great pride in matching seasonal pajama sets. I think I saw every set of Christmas Pajamas on the market during our visit.

Frosty Fest Family Dance Party
Frosty Fest Family Dance Party

The top spots to wear your pajamas are during the Frosty Fest Family Dance Party and breakfast the following morning. However, many guests wore their PJs the entire day, and no one batted an eye. It is your vacation, so be cozy, comfy, and warm!

Don’t Miss The Sweet Treats

Add a little sweet treat to your visit by snagging one of their signature Snowland goodies. Festive cookies, cupcakes, and more line the dessert case at the Wood’s End Creamery. I often have to say “No” to many of the extras throughout the Lodge because you can quickly spend a small fortune.

Special Snowland Sweet Treats
Special Snowland Sweet Treats

The affordable treats here added a little holiday magic to our stay.

Indoor Waterpark Tips

Outside of all the special events happening for Snowland, the indoor waterpark is the main reason families flock to Great Wolf Lodge. The waterpark stays a balmy 84-degree year-round, making it the ideal staycation or weekend getaway.

Great Wolf Lodge Mason Indoor Water Park
Great Wolf Lodge Mason Indoor Water Park

During Snowland, the waterpark can get busy, especially during the Snowland weekends and when holiday breaks start kicking in. Never fear; we have a few quick tips to help you make the most of your waterpark time.

Take Advantage Of Early Check-In

One great perk about Great Wolf Lodge is getting access to the waterpark starting at 1 pm on check-in day. Even though your room may not be ready, your family can start their waterpark adventure! Pack a small bag to change, and you are ready. The waterpark does offer locker rentals.

Play After Check-Out

Check-out may be at 11 am, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to end. Families have access to the waterpark the entire day! Pack a bag with a change of clothes and spend the rest of the day at the waterpark!

Indoor water parks in Ohio
Bigfoot Pass at Great Wolf Lodge Mason

Have Food Delivered To The Lodge

Opting to eat at Great Wolf Lodge means you will pay a premium. They know that if you want to stay in the Lodge, you will grab a meal at one of their many restaurants, especially if your family is in the waterpark.

While we have eaten at all the Great Wolf Lodge in Mason restaurants, it is often more affordable and quicker to door-dash something to the Grand Lobby.

Pizza is a big one that many families will have delivered straight to the Lodge. The Hungry as a Wolf Pizzeria inside the Lodge is excellent, but things can add up quickly at $25 a pizza. Take advantage of local pizzerias that will deliver, including Papa John’s, LaRosa’s, and Pizza Hut.

Great Wolf Lodge Mason
Great Wolf Lodge Mason

Local Tip: Order pizza from a local pizzeria, then take the pizza inside the waterpark to enjoy it once it arrives. That way, everyone can stay in their swimsuits and enjoy the waterpark.

Keep Meals, Snacks, and Drinks in Your Room

All the rooms at Great Wolf Lodge have a microwave and mini-fridge, making it ideal for storing snacks and meals. We have brought sandwiches, bagels, microwavable meals, and even plugged in a crock-pot once for chili!

Pack snacks and drinks to the waterpark to avoid waiting in long food lines.

*Please note that rules can change suddenly, so always double-check to ensure you can bring outside food to the waterpark.

Bring Two Bathing Suits Per Person

That is a minimum of two suits per person! After having a swimsuit break at the waterpark without having a backup I immediately wrote this Great Wolf Lodge Packing List. Another perk of having multiple swimsuits is that you don’t have to shimmy into a cold wet suit to revisit the waterpark.

Great Wolf Lodge Packing List
Don’t forget your goggles!

Consider Bringing A Big Towel, Cover-Up, or Robe

You can check out towels inside the waterpark with the expectation that you will return them upon leaving. It is stated in the rules that towels are not to leave the waterpark area. Your wristband is then scanned upon returning towels to avoid a charge.

While some guests take their towels out of the waterpark, a staff member may inform you it is against policy. Instead of rolling the dice, I bring a robe or cover-up to wear back to the room. The hallways are chilly, and walking through them wet is not on my bucket list.

Don’t Forget To Bring Your Child’s Swim Gear

One quick way to put a damper on your trip is by forgetting vital swim gear for your child. Ensure you have packed all swimsuits, goggles, lifevests, swim caps, and floaties.

Snowland at Great Wolf Lodge Mason
Snowland at Great Wolf Lodge Mason

We hope these tips help your family enjoy the Snowland festivities around Great Wolf Lodge. It is a great way to spend quality time with your whole pack! If you are looking for experience gifts in the Cincinnati area, a Great Wolf gift card is always a good idea.

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