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A Local Mom’s Guide To Planet Snoopy At Kings Island

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Are you looking for insider tips on spending the day exploring Planet Snoopy at Kings Island? Then this article is for you!

Amusement parks can often be anything but amusing, especially with young children tow. As your inner child yearns to race off to the large roller coasters, the reality is you are spending the majority of your time in Kings Island’s Planet Snoopy.

Planet Snoopy at Kings Island
Planet Snoopy at Kings Island

Planet Snoopy features Peanuts-themed rides, shows, restaurants, games, and Kings Island’s famous blue ice cream. It is an excellent spot for the whole family. Once your child is tall enough or willing to ride the larger rides, they will always find their way back to Planet Snoopy for the ice cream.

This guide will highlight my visiting tips, what to avoid, and the best way to plan your day at Kings Island Planet Snoopy.

What Is Planet Snoopy?

Planet Snoopy is a Peanuts themed area for children at several Cedar Fair amusement parks, including Kings Island in Cincinnati, Ohio. Kings Island’s Planet Snoopy has made the golden ticket list for the best kids’ area along with numerous other awards.

You can find Snoopy and other Peanut Characters
You can find Snoopy and other Peanut Characters

It has gone by many names over the past 50 years, including; Hanna-Barbera Land and Nickelodeon Central. There is a reason Planet Snoopy is one of our Top Things To Do With Kids In Cincinnati.

When encountering long-time locals to discuss Planet Snoopy, you will need to know the following:

  • The Woodstock Express will always be known as the “Beastie.” A smaller version of the Beast, the world’s longest and best wooden roller coaster.
  • Many still hold a grudge that Kings Island has long removed the Smurf’s Enchanted Voyage Ride.
  • The Phantom of the Opera was an iconic haunted opera ride where Boo Blasters is now. To this day, you can actively hear parents say. “I wish they would make it to the Opera again,” as they exit Boo Blasters. For their 50th Anniversary, Kings Island is running a tribute to the ride at the Kings Island Theater.
  • Locals will claim that LaRosa’s pizza tastes better at Kings Island than at the restaurant.

Finding Planet Snoopy

The iconic Eiffel Tower and Main Street fountains greet guests upon entering Kings Island. To locate Planet Snoopy go to the right of the fountains. Two main entrances can be found between the Graeters and directly to the right of the Eiffel Tower.

What Is A Good Age To Take My Kids?

If your child is under 36″, I would reconsider bringing them as very few rides can go on because of height requirements. Especially if they have an older sibling riding rides, they would want to ride. Quite a few of the rides they can go on will require an adult to accompany them.

Peanuts 500
The Peanuts 500

List Of Kings Island Rides With No Minimum Height Requirement

  • Eiffel Tower (Must be accompanied by an adult)
  • Character Carousel (Must be accompanied by an adult)
  • Joe Cool’s Dodgem School
  • Woodstock Whirley Birds (Must be accompanied by an adult, no handheld infants)
  • K.I. & Miami Valley Railroad (Must be accompanied by an adult)
  • Kings Mills Antique Autos (Handheld infants are not allowed)
  • Peanuts 500
  • Peanuts Off-Road Rally
  • Snoopy’s Junction
  • Sally’s Sea Plane (Must be accompanied by an adult)

Food For Thought: Soak City Water Park has excellent options for littles under 36″ to enjoy, including a designated area for young children. If you have kids who can ride everything and one who can’t ride a lot, try to plan out your day so that they take a stroller nap while the older one rides!

Face Painting is available at Planet Snoopy
Face Painting is available at Planet Snoopy

What If My Child Is To Scared To Ride Anything?!

Before investing in a season pass or even daily tickets to Kings Island, I would test your kids on small rides at local festivals or fairs. That will give you a good indicator of how your day at Kings Island will go.

You know your child best. Our family rule is that you don’t have to ride anything; when you are ready, we will go. We will often warm up to slower-paced rides, go to the waterpark or see a show when our daughter isn’t in the riding mood.

When Is The Best Time To Visit?

I think the best time to visit Kings Island is on a Tuesday or a Wednesday. Crowds seem to be lower these days as many adults have gone back to work or have taken a long weekend. My second favorite time to visit is in the evening after 5 pm on a weekday. They are often not as busy, so grab dinner during your visit if you have a dining plan.

Planet Snoopy famous Blue Ice Cream
Planet Snoopy’s famous Blue Ice Cream

Here Are A Few Tips And What To Avoid:

  • Arriving when the parks open not only helps with getting a closer parking spot but also with lines. As it gets closer to 11:30 am, the lines start to pick up.
  • Passholders find visiting during a weekday evening a great time, as many families have retreated for the day.
  • Rainy days can clear the park out, making it easier to hop on rides. Bring a poncho.
  • Avoid holiday weekends such as Memorial Day and the Fourth of July. Those are high attendance days for the park.
  • Avoid going on Passholder Day if you have a season pass. You will be joining the rest of Cincinnati and neighboring pass holders.
  • Check Kings Island’s schedule. Their operating hours change to accommodate school schedules, such as going to weekends only in mid-August. There are a few weekend days when the park is closed to the public for private events.

Anything Particular I Should Bring?

I would pack for Kings Island as if you were packing for a trip to the zoo or any other outdoor event that requires a good amount of walking. A stroller is a necessity for little legs, especially on hot days. Kings Island does offer stroller rentals.

I recommend dressing everyone in lightweight, quick-drying clothing. Pack plenty of sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat, diaper bag, and you can bring in your child’s drink cup. I have a Kids Yeti that help keeps her drink cold during the dog days of summer.

Soak City Water Park
Soak City Water Park

If you are planning on going to the water park, check out our Water Park Packing List.

Tip: Kings Island has gone cashless. You can pay by Applepay, credit cards or transfer cash to a card upon arriving to the park.

Daily Ticket Vs. Season Pass

Admission to Kings Island is not cheap. As of this article, the price of a daily ticket at the gate was 85 dollars per ticket, with season passes going for $145 apiece. While admissions to Soak City Waterpark is included in your pass and ticket price, it can cause families to think twice before investing in passes. Two very personal factors will affect your decision, are passes within your budget and would you use them.

Winterfest at Kings Island
Winterfest at Kings Island

Note: Kids under the age of three do not require an admission ticket.

Kings Island Daily Ticket Saving Tips

Daily tickets are great for families who may be on the fence if their family will enjoy a visit to the park or out of town. Visiting the park can be a one-time event that happens on a special occasion or as a part of a staycation.

Tip: Don’t forget to budget for parking which is currently $25 for the day.

If you are planning on going the daily ticket route, here is how you can save money on your daily ticket price:

  • Purchase online. Not only are tickets 30 dollars cheaper they also offer a junior (less than 48″) and a senior rate (over 62). These options are only available online.
  • Ask a season pass holder to get your tickets. Season pass holders get a discount on tickets. They can purchase them online for $44.99 or at the gate.
  • Military families can save by getting $42 tickets. Active and retired members of the military and veterans can receive a discount online or at the park for up to 6 family members. *A valid military I.D. must be presented to receive this offer. 
  • Kids 2 and under are FREE and do not require an admission ticket.
  • Consider purchasing a combo or two-day ticket to get the most bang for your buck. Combo tickets include parking, admission, and even a meal.
  • Type in discounts for Kings Island tickets in Google, and many businesses offer little savings.

Tip: You can always upgrade your daily ticket to a season pass at the end of the day.

Get a photo in front of the Eiffel Tower at Kings Island in Cincinnati, Ohio
Get a photo in front of the Eiffel Tower

Kings Island Season Pass Benefits

Sign up for three seasons of fun when you purchase a Kings Island Season Pass. Pass holders get in for all regular season days, including Winterfest and Halloween Haunt. Access to the park for more than the summer months was a huge perk when deciding whether to get passes.

A season pass typically pays for itself after three visits. (That is compared with buying daily tickets online). I knew my family would use our passes at least that many times, if not more.

Halloween Haunt
Trick-or-Treating at the Halloween Haunt

A few helpful tips for season pass holders:

  • Get on the payment plan. Kings Island offers families the chance to utilize a payment plan so that they don’t have to pay for everything at once.
  • One perk of having a pass is coming and going without the expectation that we must stay all day to get our money’s worth. We can go to the waterpark for a few hours and then come home.
  • I’ll dive into the food plans a little later, but they are a great value if you spend a good amount of time at the park.
  • Parking is included with your season pass, along with Halloween Haunt and Winterfest.
  • Season pass holders get a discount on food and merchandise.

What Can My Child Ride?

The first thing you should do before heading to the rides is to take advantage of the FREE measuring station inside Planet Snoopy. Staff members will measure your child and give them a wristband with their height.

Measuring Stations in Planet Snoopy
Measuring Stations in Planet Snoopy

The wristband will keep them from being measured at each ride and will keep disappointment at bay. Nothing puts a damper on their day than waiting in a line only to be told they are too short or too tall to ride.

A Rundown Of The Planet Snoopy Rides

Peanuts Road Rally
Peanuts Road Rally

Character Carousel 

The Character Carousel is a kiddie carousel with horses and a chariot for seating. Guests must be 46″ tall to ride alone OR be accompanied by a supervising companion. Handheld infants can be in chariot seating. Guests over 60″ tall must be accompanied by a child and are not allowed to ride on a jumper horse.

Tip: There is typically no wait or a short wait for this ride.

Boo Blasters On Boo Hill 

If you want a break from the heat, pop into the Boo Blasters for an indoor air-conditioned ride. It is an interactive ride, giving guests a chance to shoot a laser gun at targets to score points. Some kids may find the ghosts, skeletons, loud noises, and darkness scary.

Boo Blasters on Boo Hill
Boo Blasters on Boo Hill

Guests must be 42″ tall to ride alone or accompanied by a supervising companion.

Personal Opinion: I found this ride poorly designed after they had to remove the Scooby Doo branding. It appears that someone painted ghosts on wooden cutouts with a ton of neon spray paint and then caught a deal on discount skeletons at Party City to create this attraction.

However, I will gladly go on this indoor ride to get out of the heat! 

Woodstock Whirlybirds 

Deemed by parents as the worse ride in the entire park, it is almost guaranteed that your child will love it. The Whirlybirds are little helicopters that take guests above Planet Snoopy.

Whirly Birds at Planet Snoopy
Whirly Birds at Planet Snoopy

Here is what you need to know:

  • While it may look like a lovely ride, the truth is the wait is horrendous. The line moves at super sloth speed, yet the kids will insist on waiting in it. For example, if the line is down the entire first long ramp, the wait will be a solid forty-five minutes to an hour. My rule is if there are more than ten families in line, we are not riding it.
  • The helicopters are mini ovens. During the summer heat, the helicopters turn into hot boxes, leaving you praying for a slight breeze to come in from the tiny slitted windows. You will leave a lot sweatier than when you arrived.
  • There are pedals in the helicopters that are there for show. They do not make you go faster and only make you hotter. Your child will often insist you pedal at full speed.
  • They make you put a strap across your lap that doesn’t connect to anything. It serves as a reminder to stay seated, but now it is just another thing making you sweat more.
  • Guests must be 42″ tall to ride alone OR accompanied by a supervising companion. Handheld infants are not permitted.
Inside the Whirly Birds
Inside the Whirly Birds

Woodstock Gliders

This classic theme park ride is commonly known as Flying Eagles, in which guests are suspended in a glider and use the fin to guide the glider’s flight. Guests must be 44″ tall to ride alone OR 36″ tall and accompanied by a supervising companion.

Woodstock Gliders
Woodstock Gliders

This ride does have a Fast Pass option as this is a slower-moving line.

Woodstock Express

Formerly known as the “Beastie” the Woodstock Express is the blue wooden roller coaster that has been giving thrills to guests of all ages for years. There is one big drop with turns and dips throughout the ride.

Guests must be 46″ tall to ride alone OR 40″ tall and accompanied by a supervising companion.

Tip: The Woodstock Express is loud since it is a wooden coaster. Coaching first-time coaster riders on what to expect will help make the first ride go smoother.

The Great Pumpkin Coaster

One of our favorite rides in the park for young kids is the Great Pumpkin Coaster. With two turns, great hills, and dips, there’s no better first roller coaster for kids! Best of all, parents can even go along for the ride.

Guests must be 40″ tall to ride alone OR 36″ tall and accompanied by a supervising companion. A child must accompany guests over 60″ tall.

Surf Dog

My daughter has always been a thrill seeker, and was devastated when she wasn’t tall enough to ride Surf Dog last year. (See my tip above about getting measured). However, this year she made the cut! Surf Dog is one of the biggest thrills in Planet Snoopy that attracts guests of all ages, so lines can get long.

Surf Dog
Surf Dog

Guests are load into a gondola that resembles a surfboard. The ride goes back and forth up significant inclines and over hills, all while spinning. If you get motion sickness, this ride will likely make you nauseous while watching it.

Guests must be 48″ tall to ride alone OR 42″ tall and accompanied by a supervising companion.

Tip: You feel weightless throughout the ride, and like you are coming out of your seat. For this reason, I hold on tight to my daughter, who is still tiny and may feel frightened.

Flying Ace Aerial Chase

The biggest roller coaster in the Snoopy kids area is the Flying Ace Aerial Chase. An inverted steel coaster is truly a high-flying adventure, known by my daughter as “the yellow coaster.”

Here is what you need to to know:

  • Guests must be 44″ tall to ride. Guests between 44″ and 54″ tall may need to be assisted on and off the ride.
  • Maximum Height Requirement: 78″
  • A shoulder harness with a between-the-legs safety belt secures each rider over the head and across the chest. This could make it difficult for larger guests to ride.

Kite Eating Tree

A great addition to the snoopy kids’ area is the Kite Eating Tree. A family drop tower slowly bounces guests back down to the ground. Guests must be 46″ tall to ride alone OR 36″ tall and accompanied by a supervising companion.

Tip: My daughter refuses to ride this because of the loud air compressors that go off while the ride is slowly bouncing its riders back to the ground. If noise sensitivity is a concern, this might be one to sit out.

Linus’ Launcher

Lay down and fly through the air on the Linus’ Launcher. Kids and adults alike will feel like superman as they fly through the sky. The ride is very short, making a long wait not worth it.

Linus Launcher
Linus Launcher

Guests must be 42″ tall to ride. Guests 36″ to 41″ must be accompanied by an adult.

Traditional Kid Rides

Kings Island offers a great selection of rides for little kids, including classics such as Charlie Brown’s Wind Up (kiddie swings) and Snoopy Vs. Red Baron (Planes), and Linus’s Beatle Bugs, lovingly known as the whip. For these rides, guests must be between 36″ and 54″ tall to ride.

Classic Kid rides at Planet Snoopy
Classic Kid rides at Planet Snoopy

Tip: Charlie Brown’s Wind Up is one of the first rides you see in Planet Snoopy and tends to draw a bit of a crowd at the beginning of the day. If arriving early, start with rides at the back of the park.

Charlie Brown's Wind Up
Charlie Brown’s Wind Up

Two other classic rides are the Peanuts Off-Road RallyJoe Cool’s Dodgem School, and the Peanuts 500, both rides that let kids sit behind the steering wheel. Guests must be less than 54″ tall to ride. Handheld infants are not permitted.

things to do at planet snoopy in kings island

More Amusement Park Rides

Snoopy’s Space Buggies is a fun ride that takes riders on a bumpy space ride. It does allow adults to accompany children under 36″. At 36″, they can ride alone. Handheld infants are not permitted on the ride.

Space Buggies at Kings Island
Space Buggies

Snoopy’s Junction is a favorite ride because it is a mini train ride. Guests must be 40″ tall to ride alone or accompanied by a supervising companion. Handheld infants are not permitted. A child must accompany guests over 60″ tall. I wish the park would add more aesthetics throughout the ride instead of gazing upon a few bushes and cutouts hanging on a fence.

Snoopy Junction
Snoopy Junction

Sally’s Sea Plane is a unique ride in that I was surprised guests must be 42″ to ride alone. After stuffing myself into the Sea Plane, I quickly understood. There is only one bar holding your child in that they could easily maneuver themselves to get out if they were upset.

Remember that Handheld infants are not permitted, and a child must accompany guests over 60″ tall.

Younger kids can go on a handful of other rides throughout the park, such as the Scrambler and the K.I. & Miami Valley Railroad and the Eiffel Tower. Check the park’s website for height restrictions.

Dining In Planet Snoopy

The dining highlight of the entire amusement park is in Planet Snoopy. The iconic blue ice cream can be found at Planet Snoopy Ice Cream. Visitors of all ages will find themselves in line to cool off with this Kings Island staple.

Enjoying Blue Ice Cream
Enjoying Blue Ice Cream

Tip: If you have small kids, ask them to split the ice cream cone into two!

I think the dining options are not the greatest in Planet Snoopy, especially if you have a dining plan. The Planet Snoopy Grill offers your run-of-the-mill theme park burgers, chicken tender, and fries. Families will flock to LaRosa’s on International Street, making wait times outrageous even on low attendance days.

There are also a variety of concession stands throughout Planet Snoopy selling cotton candy, snow cones, and other refreshments.

Tip: If blue ice cream is not a priority, check out Snoopy’s Snow Cones, which also offers soft-serve ice cream in different flavors.

Alternative Ice Cream Place: Snow Cones!
Alternative Ice Cream Place: Snow Cones!

Consistently Curious’s Top Dining Picks For Kids (All are on Dining Plan):

  • Coney Island Bar-B-Que -Offers generous-sized pull pork sandwiches, half a rotisserie chicken, ribs, mac-n-cheese, and the list goes on. It is a part of the dining plan and can easily feed an adult and young child.
  • Miami River Brewhouse– Here, you can get a double patty massive hamburger and tots along with various other great meals. Bonus: You can eat inside where it is air-conditioned.
  • Island Smoke House– Similar to Coney Island BBQ but is found in Soak City.
  • LaRosa’s Pizza– Kids love pizza, so you can’t go wrong with this option. There are a few locations scattered throughout the park.
Coney Bar-B-Que
Coney Bar-B-Que

Honorable Mention: The Festhaus, but only because you can eat inside and it is air-conditioned. I feel like the food I get here has always been sitting out way too long and isn’t fresh.

Dining Plans and Souvenir Cups

Kings Island Dining Plans

Dining plans come in four different options:

  • ALL Season Dining Plan for pass holders- This allows the pass holder to enjoy a meal every four hours at select restaurants throughout the park.
  • ALL DAY Dining Plan – Enjoy an entree and a side at select locations every 90 minutes.
  • Premium All Day Dining Plan for daily ticket holders. -Premium gives guests more options such as snacks and meals options that they can enjoy every 90 minutes. The Premium All Day Dining Plan also comes with a drink wristband.
  • Single Meal Deal- Enjoy a meal valued at $15.99, including an entree, a side, and a drink.

My family of three currently has only one ALL Season Dining Plan. We have found that we can easily split meals, and without a doubt, we will always need at least one meal every time we visit.

Tip: You need to use your meal plan at least ten times to get your money’s worth.

LaRosa's Pizza on the dining plan
LaRosa’s Pizza

Pro Tip: If you see people eating pizza at 10 am that is because of the 4-hour interval between meals for the dining plan. If you plan on spending more than four hours at Kings Island, time your meals so you can use your plan twice!

Planning Tip: If you are only coming for the day but plan on going from open to close, get the All Day Dining Pass.

Souvenir Cups

Drink plans now come in a wristband or a souvenir cup, depending on personal preference. Both plans give guests 15 minutes between refills. Drinks include Coca-Cola products, Gatorade, Lemonade, and Fruit Punch.

  • The wristband will be the best option if you don’t feel like hauling a souvenir cup around the park.
  • The cups are not dishwasher safe and need to be hand-washed.
  • Water is free. Staff will give you a small paper cup to fill up, but you will never have to pay for it unless you want bottled. If you only drink water, then I would pass on drink add-ons.

Other Must-Know Facts To Know About Planet Snoopy

Family Care Center

The family care center near Chick-Fil-A gives families a safe space to care for their children. The family care center can find helpful amenities for parents with infants and toddlers.

Guests can enjoy two large family restrooms, a nursing area with comfortable seating, several changing areas, and storage cubbies for nursing supplies. Other amenities include a full kitchen with a dining table and appliances for guest use and a small section for children to relax while beating the heat.

Kid Track

Kings Island offers a service to reunite separated children and parents with cell phones quickly. Please sign up for this service at Guest Services located at the front gate, the Help Center next to the Fast Lane booth, the Family Care Center across from Chick-fil-A, or Soak City Water park Guest Services.

Don’t Miss The Shows

Shows are scheduled throughout the day and can offer a respite to families looking to cool off. Peanuts Passion for Fashion is an indoor show that is a quick 45 minutes long with character photo opts afterward.

Shows at Kings Island
Shows at Kings Island

Catch The Fireworks

Kings Island puts on a spectacular fireworks show every evening at 10:00 pm. I found the best place to watch the show is from our car in the parking lot. After the show, we are ready to head home without battling the crowd.

I hope you enjoyed my local guide to Planet Snoopy. I hope to have more Kings Island guides out in the future but for now, be sure to check out my Top Things To Do In Ohio This Summer

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A Local Mom’s Guide To Planet Snoopy At Kings Island

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