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Self Defense Classes for Women at Thrive Empowerment Center In Northern Kentucky

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Are you on the hunt for self-defense classes for women and teens? Thrive Empowerment Center in Northern Kentucky empowers women through their female-led self-defense education and therapeutic programming.

Womens self defense class
Women’s Self Defense Class at Thrive Empowerment Center

Self-defense is a vital skill that we all need to learn in case we are put in a situation where we need to defend ourselves or our loved ones. With a wide variety of self-defense courses being offered in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, the classes at Thrive are aimed at women by providing them with techniques and tools that they feel comfortable using.

This article will dive into why self-defense classes at Thrive Empowerment Center need to go on your to-do list immediately.

What Is Thrive Empowerment Center

Thrive Empowerment was created by two incredible women, Lindsey Ross and Lauren Bailey, as a space of encouragement, healing, and safety for all people, especially women, children, and marginalized groups.

Thrive Empowerment Center
Thrive Empowerment Center In Northern Kentucky

Lindsey and Lauren both possess a brilliant talent for teaching, each having longtime martial arts training and education in trauma. They take pride in being able to adjust techniques that work with your body, disability, or comfort level.

Empowerment Self Defense Course
Wall of Enouragement

The heart of Thrive is Empowerment Self-Defense (ESD), a unique and evidence-based approach to personal safety that acknowledges the statistical realities of everyday violence. More often than not, assault starts with minor violations and then escalates, and it’s more likely to be perpetrated by someone you know. While it’s important to always be situationally aware and prepared for “the stranger in the alley,” true self-defense is multifaceted. It includes recognizing the warning signs of interpersonal violence, effective boundary setting, and learning to use your voice and posture to move through the world safely and with confidence.

Where Is Thrive Empowerment Center

Thrive Empowerment Center is conveniently located in Covington, Kentucky, a few minutes off of I-75. Stepping into Thrive, guests enter a calm, welcoming space. Every detail has been thoughtfully considered, down to the bathroom offering resources and supplies for those who need them.

Self defense classes in Covington Kentucky
Thrive is in Covington, Kentucky

There is street metered parking during the day and free street parking in the evening.

Remove your shoes, step on the mat and be ready for a life-changing experience.

Address: 226 West Pike Street #2 Covington, Kentucky, 41011

They Come To You

 Book a session for a corporate event, school, college campus, or special event, and they will bring the class to you! 

Thrive Empowerment Center

We booked a session for a mom’s night out as a unique thing to do in Northern Kentucky to teach us self-defense skills. Upon taking the class, we are looking at taking another one because we left with a brand new outlook on how to defend ourselves, what to do, and how we can keep our families safe.

Why Take A Women’s Self Defense Class

After being in a situation that left me uncomfortable and fearful, I realized I had no idea how to defend myself, let alone my daughter. Thrive’s foundational course provides a toolbox of immediate mental, verbal, and physical responses to risky situations, from boundary violations and harassment to physical assault.

Women's Self Defense Techniques
Women’s Self Defense Techniques

By digging deep, we can see what boundaries we let people step over because we don’t want to appear rude or impolite. However, it is time to overcome these misconceptions of how women should act. Thrive offers techniques to handle these situations, from unwanted hugs from inlaws to someone encroaching on your personal space.

Above all, it is about keeping you and your family safe.

In each seminar, you will touch on all five safety principles of ESD—Think, Yell, Run, Fight, Tell—through discussion, role play, and hands-on technique practice.

At the end of each session, you leave with a fire in your belly that wasn’t there when you arrived. You leave standing a little taller because you aren’t held down by fear, and you leave empowered, feeling a confidence that you didn’t know was there before.

Womens Self Defense Class In Northern Kentucky
Womens Self Defense Class In Northern Kentucky

A Few Things You Will Learn

  • No is a complete sentence.
  • Awareness of your surroundings
  • Being assertive to protect yourself
  • Finding your warrior voice
  • Risk assessment
  • Techniques for fighting
  • Techniques for getting someone to release
  • Getting and giving support

What Type of Workshops and Classes Do They Offer

Get a complete list of programs and workshops by checking out Thrive’s Calendar.

fighting techniques through thrive
Learning fighting techniques

Empowerment Self-Defense Basics

A foundational 3-hour course that gives you that toolbox of responses and techniques needed in risky situations. This is the class I took, which I cannot recommend enough!

Tip: Three hours may seem like a long time, but trust me, it flies by. You will wish you could stay longer.

5-Week Series: Empowerment through Self-Defense (Wednesdays)

Dive deeper into self-defense’s five safety action principles as each 2-hour session explores a specific principle. Each week will focus on one of the different principles; Think, Yell, Run, Fight, Tell.

Self-Defense Course In Cincinnati
Self-Defense Course In Cincinnati

Campus Ready

Prepare young adults heading off to college by giving them safety skills that will help them step into their next chapter more confidently and safely. Through hands-on activities, role play, the presentation of real-world scenarios (such as dating violence, parties, and harassment both online and on the street), and the practice of verbal and physical techniques, they will learn how to assess danger, asset boundaries, fend off an attack and more.

Tip: Space is limited in these classes, so sign up early!

Stronger Together

A parent-child class that allows kids nine years old and up to join their mothers (or other female guardians) in a self-defense class prepared specially for them. The course teaches the safety action principles of Empowerment Self-Defense (Think, Yell, Run, Fight, Tell), and it fosters teamwork and open communication between parent and child.

Self Defense workshops and programs
Self Defense workshops and programs

Weekly Therapeutic Classes

Thrive Empowerment Center offers a variety of classes for those overcoming painful or traumatic life experiences. Learn to trust and feel safe in your body again with Body Love class. Experience a creative writing class in a judgment-free zone with Writing Reconnection. If you feel stressed, hit a few pads with a Punch It Out class.

If you are on the hunt for a Women’s Self Defense Class in the Cincinnati/ Northern Kentucky area, the classes offered at Thrive Empowerment Center are top-notch. In conclusion, I highly recommend you make yourself a priority and take a self-defense class to keep yourself and your family safe.

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Women’s Self Defense Classes At Thrive Empowerment Center

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