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The Best Snacks To Enjoy At The Magic Kingdom

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The magical Disney trip of a lifetime has arrived, so don’t be caught without having a snack plan while visiting the Magic Kingdom! This list will help sift through the endless tempting snack options to find the best snacks available at the Magic Kingdom in Disney World. While any snack at the Magic Kingdom is better than a snack in your own home, there are some that just reign supreme.

Best Snacks At The Magic Kingdom


After planning out every detail of a Disney vacation, it is easy to overlook the snack credits on the dining plans. Many guests arrive at the Magic Kingdom with only one snack on their mind, the famous Dole Whip. While the Dole Whip is a top snack recommendation, there are many other tasty snacks that guests can score with their daily snack credit or purchase.

Be sure to check the Disney World Website on updates on what is open throughout the park before your visit.

 Keep reading to the end for a list of the best snacks to bring home from the Magic Kingdom.

What Is A Snack Credit

Guests who have signed up for a Disney Dining Plan (DDP) will have a set amount of snack credits per day that they can use throughout the park. Disney Dining Plan Snack Credits are usually worth between $5-$6 depending on what you order. Researching the best snack options at the different parks will ensure that snack credits aren’t wasted on mediocre snacks.

There is an art to knowing when to use your Snack Credit, and when to use cash. To get the most out of your Dining Plan is to utilize Snack Credits on snacks that are over $5.00 while paying money for anything less.

The Best Classic Snacks At The Magic Kingdom

A few of the best snacks in the Magic Kingdom are quite famous and are widely available throughout the park. Know that one can’t go wrong in selecting one of these popular items.

Mickey Pretzel -1 DDP Snack Credit

Best Snacks At The Magic Kingdom The Mickey Pretzel is a staple Disney treat that is warm, buttery, salty, and in the shape of our favorite mouse. These pretzels can be found throughout the park. Don’t forget that when using a snack credit for a Mickey Pretzel that you get both the Mickey pretzel and the cheese sauce for a snack credit.

Mickey Ice Cream Bar-1 DDP Snack Credit

The iconic Mickey ice cream bars are a popular way to beat the Florida heat. The creamy vanilla ice cream surrounded by crunchy chocolate is a nostalgic snack that is bound to put smiles on faces. They can be found on snack carts throughout the Magic Kingdom.

With the recent price increase, it is now a top contender for utilizing a snack credit on.

Popcorn Cart -1 DDP Snack Credit

Depending on the length of your stay, this may be one snack that is worth the investment. Popcorn is available in single servings, or guests can purchase a souvenir bucket. Refills for the bucket are $2.00 during the entire length of your stay. The popcorn bucket proves to be a great value as the snack is shareable and great to enjoy while waiting for a parade or fireworks.

As a bonus, different parks offer different popcorn flavors to add a little variety in your snacking. Just don’t forget to pack it before venturing to the parks.

A snack credit can be used for a single serving of popcorn or a refill of the snack bucket. In our opinion, this is not the best use of a snack credit. Snack credits can not be put towards the purchase of a souvenir bucket.

Dole Whip – Aloha Isle – 1 DDP Snack Credit

Dole WhipDeemed by many the best snack in all of Disney, the ever-popular Dole Whip often takes the top spot when listing the best snacks in the Magic Kingdom. This pineapple-vanilla swirl ice cream with pineapple juice keeps guests returning multiple times during their visit. The Dole Whip can be found at Aloha Isle in Adventureland and has mobile ordering available.

While the Dole Whip is the most popular item at Aloha Isle, they have a few other tasty treats worth trying such the upside-down pineapple cake, the Dole Whip with a Raspberry twist, and the Dole Whip Float. For those using a snack credit order, the float to maximize the credit as the float costs more.

The Best Unique Snacks At The Magic Kingdom

Disney World is not only a theme park offering world-class attractions and shows, but it is also a theme park for foodies. Scattered throughout the parks are one-of-a-kind treats, hidden menu items, and seasonal delights. The parks are constantly rotating menu items, bringing park goers an extensive variety of cuisine. While many have their personal favorites here are a few of the best unique snack options at the Magic Kingdom.

Golden Oak Outpost- Chili Queso Waffle Fries -1 DDP Snack Credit

Top Snacks In The Magic Kingdom
Photo Credit: Walt Disney World

This snack can often contend as a meal since it is on the heavier side. A heap of crispy waffle fries, doused with chili, and drizzled with queso is what one needs as they venture through Frontierland. Not only is this tasty treat one that is affordable, but it also qualifies for a snack credit.

Bacon Mac & Cheese Fries -Casey’s Corner – 1 DDP Snack Credit

Casey’s Corner is located on Main Street and is serving up one epic snack! A mound of french friends covered with gooey mac & cheese and topped with bacon. Other options include the chili-cheese fries and the monthly loaded fries special. Another popular item at Casey’s is the Corn Dog Nuggets! While the corn dog nuggets are not on the dining plan, they are quite good and shareable!

Egg Roll Wagon – Cheeseburger Spring Rolls

Have you heard of the famous Egg Roll Wagon serving up untraditional classics such as cheeseburger spring rolls and pepperoni pizza spring rolls? Guests flock to Adventureland to get their hands on these tasty roll-ups because Disney only makes a limited amount a day. Once they are sold-out, they shut the cart down for the day. Disney Snack Credits are not accepted here. However, these are too unique not to try!

Cream Cheese Stuffed Pretzel- The Lunching Pad- 1 DDP Snack Credit

Stuffed Pretzel at Disney World
Photo Credit: Walt Disney World

Indulge in a warm fluffy pretzel that has is full of sweet cream cheese. In comparison, it may not look like a lot at first glance, but the combination is a match made in heaven. The Lunching Pad is located in Tomorrowland and does tend to rotate pretzel flavors to include other favorites such as the Pepper Jack Cream Cheese Stuffed Pretzel.

Cheshire Cat Tail – Cheshire Cafe – 1 DDP Snack Credit

Best Snacks in the magic kingdom: Cheshire Cat Tail

This chocolate-filled Danish twist topped with colorful icing pairs perfectly with their ice coffee to kick off a morning at the Magic Kingdom. This small cafe is in Fantasyland near the teacups.

The Friar’s Nook – Loaded Buffalo Chicken Tots

Tater tots take center stage as one of the best snacks to get while visiting the Magic Kingdom. The Friar’s Nook offers two types of loaded tots; buffalo chicken or creamy bacon macaroni and cheese tots. Disney snack credits are not available for these tots, but they are outstanding. Worth the splurge while visiting Fantasyland.

Gaston’s Tavern-LaFou’s Brew – 1 DDP Snack Credit

Many will claim that the cinnamon rolls are a must-have from Gaston’s Tavern, however each time we have ventured, we have found them to be on the dry side with not nearly enough icing. For a truly unique snack option, try LaFou’s Brew. A frozen apple drink with marshmallow syrup and a mango passion fruit foam. Gaston’s Tavern can be found in Fantasyland.

The Best Sweet Snacks At The Magic Kingdom

Storybook Treats- Peter Pan Float – 1 DDP Snack Credit

Best Snacks In The Magic Kingdom At Disney World
Photo Credit: Walt Disney World

Taking the internet by storm, the famous Peter Pan Float can found on Instagram feeds from around the world. It is a Lime Soft Serve with Sprite, topped with a chocolate feather. A refreshing twist to those looking for an alternative to the Dole Whip. Check out while visiting Fantasyland as a sweet ending to your day.

Sleepy Hollow- Nutella and Fresh Fruit Waffle Sandwich

The Best Snack In The Magic Kingdom
Photo Credit: Walt Disney World

The delicious fresh fruit and Nutella filled waffle sandwiches are one of the tastiest snacks you can enjoy at the Magic Kingdom. While they do not qualify for a snack-credit, the smell of freshly baked waffles will guide your nose straight into the store. Another crowd favorite is the Mickey Waffle served with powder sugar or strawberries and whipped cream. The Mickey Waffle with strawberries and whip cream does qualify for a snack credit and is a terrific use of a snack credit since they are one of the most costly snacks.

A Refreshing Smoothie- Auntie Gravity’s Galatic Goodies-1 DDP Snack Credit

Beat the heat with a cold, refreshing smoothie while strolling through Tomorrowland. While the flavors will vary, popular guest favorites include pineapple, mango, and passion fruit options. Guest receive a souvenir Mickey straw with purchase.

Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich – Plaza Ice Cream Parlor – 1 DDP Snack Credit

Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich At Disney World
Photo Credit: Walt Disney World

The Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich is quite a treat as the vanilla ice cream is pressed between two fresh baked cookies. The Plaza Ice Cream Parlor is the ideal place to snag gourmet ice cream. Another great snack option at the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor is one of their signature sundaes. The sundaes are one of the more expensive items one can get in the Magic Kingdom with a snack credit.

Another tip is if you are going to use a snack credit on an Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich, use it at the Magic Kingdom because the Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich is more expensive there.

Red Velvet Mickey Cake Pop – Main Street Confectionary – 1 DDP Snack Credit

Don’t visit the Main Street Confectionary without leaving with one of these delicious cake pops. While all the cake pops have been outstanding, the combination of moist red velvet cake, topped with two marshmallow ears, and dipped in milk chocolate is divine.


The Best Snacks To Bring Home From The Magic Kingdom

Best Snack options at the Magic Kingdom

A few of the best souvenirs we brought back from Disney World were edible snacks! Mickey Rice Krispy Treats, a handful of Mickey Candies, and other goodies. Whether you are looking for an affordable souvenir or want to bring back a taste of Disney World, there are plenty of great spots to pick up snacks in the Magic Kingdom.

If you still have snack credits remaining at the end of your trip, be sure to utilize them by buying snacks to bring home later. A few of the best snacks to bring home are from the Main Street Confectionery. Here are a few of our favorite snacks that double as a souvenir.

Candy Apples – 1 DDP Snack Credit

The best value and use of a snack credit are on these beautiful, delicious candy apples. They come dipped in a variety of flavors with varying designs. They make the perfect gift and don’t need to be refrigerated!

Rice Krispy Treats – 1 DDP Snack Credit

A classic staple to bring home is a Mickey-shaped Rice Krispy Treat, especially one drizzled in chocolate!

Fudge- 1 DDP Snack Credit

Fudge is found throughout the park and is easy to transport.

Trail Mix -1 DDP Snack Credit

A perfect snack to enjoy during your trip back home.


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The Best Snacks At The Magic Kingdom

Best Snacks In The Magic Kingdom